Friday, July 22, 2005

on refugees

From: rameshindupalli2000@...

dear friend,
i recieved you in jesus winesses e-mail.i was surprised about your thought which never come to many peoples minds.As they believe they are donating
to help suffering people. this goes same with funds by charities in under developed nations.

these charity organizers act as kings in needy peoples areas,by giving
25%only as donation out of generous donations offered by many good donors, as poor needy have to depend for daily bread no
complaints will come up front.if it happens by a person like you, these classical beggars will persecute until they getawy from them far away. sorry to mix with refugee issue and charity issue
together.please,be in touch with me and my prefered

may God and Good,
support you for the,
dignity of human life.


From: KOBRIEN2@...
Date:Sun, 20 Feb 2005 19:44:48 -0600

Hi my name is Tom, I think it is good that you want to make your countries
government a democracy. Though America sounds like a good country witch it
is don't get me wrong! America is slowly turning into a police state. They
have passed an act where if you would have read that poem out in of the
white house or any building in America you could have been arrested. it is
sad it is called the patriot act its to protect our country from
terrorists, but it is also taking away our rights. If you speak any bad
things against the government you can be arrested, hell I am 13 and I
could be arrested for sending you this a-mail. People say, "owe how can
they read my emails, they cant do that its illegal." but your email could
have key words there looking for and they could get a copy of it. Or books
on bombs or against the government can be marked so right when you check
the book out or buy it, they have your phone tapped and their reading all
your email. And when they have you in jail they don't trial you and they
never have to. One man has been in jail for 3 years and they are probably
aren't going to trail him for another 10 years, and when they do get him
into fucking court what are they going to say you've been in god damn jail
for 13 years for using rights people in my family have fought and died
for, what in the fuck are they going to do to him hang him, that's still
legal in 5 states firing squad, the military can do that, "But that's
violating my 8th amendment, well to ban in these 5 states its not cruel or
unusual, and the militaries allowed to do that! If your country becomes
democratic speak out correct Americas mistakes make your country better
than ours.

If your country turns into a democracy it will want to have an election
but stay away from political parties it is still splitting this country
apart it caused this country to have a civil war, George Washington
addressed this in his farewell address (read washing farewell address that
is some of the best guide lines this country did not follow and regretted
it so, he was our first president.) you can have political parties but do
not have two major ones that people get into shot outs about I don't know
if I am making much sense but I am running short on time so..........


Digital Dynamics Conference, Osam

From: e.siapera@...

Dear Osam,

Thanks for your email. I am very glad you got in touch, as I had lost
track of you. I did a presentation at the University of Loughborough in
the UK in Nov 2003 referring to your successful online intervention in
addressing corruption in the UN in Beirut. I wanted to use your
internet-based interventions as case study to show the potential of the
internet for direct political action, and hence in furthering democracy. I
then planned to write the presentation as an article, but other things
took over (I had a baby!) and I left it. Now that you got in touch perhaps
you could tell me what you think about my ideas (although I am afraid some
of these ideas might come across as too vague and theoretical) and also
your new uses of the internet? Perhaps I could also interview you (i.e.
ask you specific questions - would you have the time and/or inclination
for this?)

I hope things are well with you.

Best wishes,

PS I see you have a Greek email address? Are you now in Greece? I am Greek
in origin (from Thessaloniki)...

Your newest crusade

From: imagesun@...
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 16:02:07 EST

This is an organization that is at least doing something. Maybe not exactly
the way you would like it to be done, but something. Getting donations for any
cause is all a matter of marketing, and the UNHCR way of marketing for these
donations works. Your way of marketing would get you no donations. The average
person doesn't see these buttons of these refugees, whom are being uprooted
from their homes and stripped of all their money and personal belongings to be
humiliating, they see it as tragic, and would want to help. It sounds to me
like you would like the help and aid that the UNHCR could offer, but attached
is a shopping list of rules that must be followed, or the favor is an insult.
What you don't realize or understand is that it is internationally considered
an insult to look a gift horse in the mouth.

From SAM
Re; Your newest crusade

Yeas, exactly, they're doing marketing. It's business for the. Good business, selling other pictures!
Maybe it's true that some people in the west don't think it's humiliation, but what if this act is illegal, I thought the people in the west respect the law, as they're civilized! For me, it's not only humiliation or illegal act but also a wrong way to solve the problems of the refugees since these problems bring money. Now one will change a profitable business. Tell me please, do you agree to publish your message in my blog

Thanks for your time.

organized group

From: beargrease2@...
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 23:50:42 GMT

Dear Osam...

Before I delve any deeper into the refugee question, can you give me a paragraph or two on what an organized group of concerned citizens of the world can do that has not been done already? What is the plan of action that is more than petitioning rogue governments that do not listen? I assume that we want to correct the situation - not merely minister to the victims.
Are there policies of the free nations that need to be changed? Does any solution have to come through the U.N?
Thank you very much.
Cordially, N. Walker

From: SAM

Dear N. Walker,

Many people contacted me to ask me that important question: what we can do to improve the situation? Yes what the normal people could do? I'm working on a campaign now, it'll be under this title: 'Prisoners of the UN' there'll be a detailed answer for you question. I'll not give you only 2 paragraphs, but a long article. My work depend on 2 points:
1 understands the problem.
2 finding the solutions.

I'm good in first point and I can find some solutions but I can't work alone. I'm doing well now with my activities on the net. I have websites and books. I have my own system for campaigning. But all that aren't enough, I need more people and we need to work as group, I have many friends ready to do some thing, but we don't have plan fro the moment. I hope in the future we'll compose a group and put plan for our work.
I'm working now to publish my blog, and I'll publish some of my friend's replies. I like to publish your message on my blog with or without your email that depend on what you like, also I'm thinking now about publishing your message in my campaign. You'll read many replies from other people. I hope that will bring us all together and to make a teem. I hope you'll tell me more about.

Thank you very much.

I just read your 'human-buttons' indictment

From: populistfront@...
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 17:03:39 -0800 (PST)

I believe you have made some very insightful points.
97 cents a year is more than pathetic, it is criminal.
It is dehumanizing. And it is typical of the
capitalist system. I urge you to check out

for analysis of the global crisis, and I also urge you
to join the International Socialist movement.

A couple of additional points. One, Angelina Jolie is
a rich capitalist wearing charitable face-paint. Like
many American celebrities, she gives a trifle and
keeps a treasure. Two, I received your email through
a conservative Democrat club listserv I spy on, and I
can tell you now that Democrat groups are a dead-end.
They are militaristic and self-serving, just like

Take care, and don't lose heart,
Naomi Groce

Human Buttons

From: rmlessl@...
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 16:45:36 -0600

Hello, Osam. I emailed these addresses about the human
buttons issue:

Here's a copy of the message I sent them:
I found out some things about your operation from this

I agree with some things he said. I think you are doing
something morally wrong in your representation of refugees
as all impoverished, and putting their faces on buttons on
your websites to get donations, most of the money of which
[he claims] doesn't go to the refugess. It would be okay to
use pictures, but not as "Send Us Money!" buttons. I think
it's disgusting that you would use 13-year-old pictures of
people doing something that's not even related to the
present issue, and who themselves aren't even related to the
current issue, and try to pass it off as a current "refugee
Just want to say keep up the good work.

Let's build that world together

From: pretcoregon@...
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 14:18:01 -0800 (PST)

Thank you so much for your powerful words and work. I have been associated with refugees (tutor, friend, professional sponsorship coordinator, teacher, lover) here in the US for more than 22 years and I have never seen someone who has so clearly spelled out everything as you do. I have brought asylees and refugees to share their stories to more than 50 agencies and groups in Portland, OR.
I was in a "peace group" that visited the UNHCR officers in Beruit, Lebanon a couple of years ago and I am very sorry that we never met. What was interesting was to find Kurds and Africans renting living spaces from the Palestinians in their camps.
I can say that most of us who worked with refugees do not get that much money in the US (in my agency), had to have other jobs to survive economically. But refugees and asylees have no idea how difficult life really is here until they arrive.
How can we hold these agenies accountable? Let me know and I will help.

Blessings to you!

Ann Kasper

[freecycleCambridgeMA] Human-buttons

From: fred.calm@...
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 11:00:57 -0500

Two points.

1. Your political message was inappropriate in a Freecycle email list.
(The leftist politics of the People's Republic of Cambridge are so
wacko that I'm not sure whether the message would find a sympathetic
ear or be rejected because it attacks a UN agency, the UN being one of
their sacred cows.)

2. The UN HCR is not the only UN agency to exploit and institionalize
refugees. UNWRA's even worse than the HCR.

Consider the noxious effects of confining people to "camps" and
calling their descendants "refugees" even after three and four
generations, of letting its ambulances be used to transport armed
fighters, of poisoning generations of schoolchildren with a
hate-filled curriculum, of providing a breeding ground for terrorists,
harboring terrorists and sanctioning terrorism.

your post on Jazeera group

From: filmfact@...
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 05:32:37 +0200

Dear Sir,
I read your post on Al Jazeera group and I am very most interested in your
"mission". I however would like to ask you one thing if I may? You
mentioned that you were based in Lebanon, yet when I traced your site
(forgive me for doing so, but one has to be careful now a days on the
net), I was taken to San Jose and Dallas.... Is there any special reason
for that? I am an Arab and I whole heartedly stand with the Arab world
and with all its victims and have much admiration for the ones who take
their battle and grievances to the net and especially to the Americans who
basically are an ignorant and rather uneducated people.
I hope to hear from you,

pictures of victims

From: dowithordowithout@...
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 10:27:56 -0700

Dear Osam Altaee,
I am sorry, but I can not agree with your stand on using pictures.
My daughter is extremely busy, a mother of four, and she has a job, and
she is going to college. So she never gets to watch tv news or read
anything like anewspaper, etc. The only news she gets is on the radio as
she drives to and fro. Yesterday she was here and saw a picture I had
saved and asked me about it. I told her it was a baby killed in the
bombings of Iraq. She was immediately interested. I told her all about
the terrible bombings, etc and showed her other pictures of children
injured and killed by them. Her heart was changed in an instant, and she
became, like me, ashamed of our country and wanting to do something to
stop it and help the victims.
People are brain wired to respond to pictures of other human beings. It
is good to put a face to the stories. It is giving proof of the claims.
I believe I am a person with great empathy, so in a way I am suprised that
I do not understand your views. I believe we should post pictures of the
victims everwhere!
Sincerely, Leah Hanson

Your Ebook

From: michaelhh@...

Hi there Osam

Thanks for your site and information about the situation of refugees.
Here in North America people are burdened with 'guilt' daily from the
'charities' but have little way of knowing the truth because the media
is highly prejudiced and rarely interested in showing us reality, more
interested in cultivating cash to keep the machine running.......

Im sure you know what I am talking about. Thank you for your strength
and clarity of words - I send you prayers and respect, that is all I
can do currently! I hope your situation improves - but perhaps you were
meant to be in this position so that you could be a voice for so many
who don't have one in the western media - those who do not speak
english or perhaps do not have access or skills with the computers or

I do want to read your ebooks! Unfortunately I am on a Macintosh
computer and I cannot read .exe files. (I know your ebook indicates
that it is in a zip format, but even after de compressing, it loads on
to my Macintosh as an exe, which is only readable by PC's.)

What mac users would need is a PDF or a Word Document (or simple mac
compatible text) compressed to a .sit file. I think that some macs can
uncompress zip files( if they have the right software) , but they are
not normally used on the mac. Still most important would be the PDF or
Word file and if your can compress it to a .sit that would be great.
If it is too much bother, that is fine too , but I just wanted to make
you aware of the problems that mac users might have if they wanted to
read your book!

All the best !
Michael HH

Thursday, July 21, 2005


From: anna.dimitrijevics@...
Date:Tue, 8 Feb 2005 10:55:44 -0000

Dear Osam Altaee,
I have just read your site at, and I was wondering
about a few things. Primarily, what do you expect the UNHCR to be doing?
Do you think there should be no organisation at all dedicated to refugees
in some form? Do you think it is better to improve the UNHCR or to discard
it alltogether? If the first, how would you improve it? I found that one
of your strongest points was that they could be using Angelina Jolie's
picture to collect money instead of that of the refugees. But first of
all, that could substitute one form of humiliation for another, if her
picture would only be used because she is an attractive woman: it
objectifies women the way you protest the objectification of refugees.
Secondly, she may simply not consent to her picture being used this way.
If the choice is between pictures of refugees or no pictures, and the
first of these leads to a lot more money being raised, would you not go
for the first? Remember, these people have no obligation to try to help.
Maybe they make mistakes while trying to help, but is that reason to rail
against them in this way? My point is that they are very likely not
offending intentionally, and they are making mistakes in good faith. This
brings me to my next point. You say you'd rather do without the less than
a dollar per refugee raised from private contributions with the help of
these pictures. This is inconsistent with you then accusing the UNHCR for
not providing better shelter than barns, better food than rice, and so on.
I am sure you appreciate that the UNHCR can't force governments to provide
more money than they are, all that they can do is appeal to the public to
supplement their funds, and try to maximise the resources they gain this
way - hence the emotional pictures. (As an aside, these pictures are
emphatically not used to humiliate, they are used to make people feel
guilty or sorry for refugees, and it is a lot more difficult to grab
attention and have an impact with visual representation of 'millionaires'
who are made stateless. The same style of pictures go for poor children in
Africa, Asia, Latin America or parts of Eastern Europe; for blind and
otherwise impaired people; domestically abused women and so on. It's not
that all these people are out there to humiliate everybody who is not
white, middle-class, Western and male - maybe their methods to raise
compassion are primitive and they can be objected to, but their efforts
could surely be appreciated.) And finally, your statistic is misleading.
The money raised from donations is not split per refugee, it goes towards
projects, and as such, can accomplish something, even if little. Even if
you don't see any of that money, but you know that somebody else's life
has been made better, would you say that other people should not benefit
if you are not benefiting?
I am sympathetic to your concerns and I think they should be voiced, but
in a more measured way.
Lastly, I should add that I've been a refugee myself, from the Yugoslav
All my best wishes,
Anna Dimitrijevics

From: SAM

Dear Anna Dimitrijevics,

You sent me an interesting message, I hope to write some comments but actually
many answers are in my ebooks.

"Primarily, what do you expect the UNHCR to be doing?" UNHCR must does
what its mandate speaks not more not less. The UNHCR now passed that
mandate (UN 51 convention) it now doing many illegal things. One of my
missions is to put the UNHCR on correct course. Now UNHCR is just charity
organization working to collect money from donors. I don't know what the UNHCR
doing with money for the moment!

"Do you think there should be no organization at all dedicated to refugees in
some form?" we need to know what 'refugee' does mean and we need to know
what he/she needs then we'll see any organization able to meet his needs or we
need action from one government or many. We need to define the problem and
then how we can solve.

"Do you think it is better to improve the UNHCR or to discard it altogether?" at
the first day when I started my mission, I made clear that my target is to improve
the performance of the UNHCR as away to improve the situation of the refugees
in the world and that exactly what I'm doing now. We must start with changing the
bad policies and procedures the UNHCR has now.

"If the first, how would you improve it?" the same as I did before and as I'm doing
now, with my campaigns. I invited the people whom working for the UNHCR to
have public discussions about our problem as refugees and they refused, so I
have only me campaigns. I helped to make many improvements in UNHCR's
office in Lebanon and I'll work for more.

About using Angelina's picture as human-button, first my idea wasn't about
Angelina only, but it was about: Pavarotti, Giorgio Armani and Angelina Jolie. I
didn't ask to use their pictures as human-buttons but I asked, "Does Pavarotti or
Giorgio Armani need these human buttons to make donations? If they need
these buttons and it's a good way for collecting money for the UNHCR, so why
don't they use their own pictures this way to bring more money in for the UNHCR.
Also about Angelina Jolie," I used 'Does and If" I think it's called conditional
speech or some thing like that. At any way I don't like any one to abuse any
human by any way.

"She may simply not consent to her picture being used this way" ok why?

"If the choice is between pictures of refugees or no pictures, and the first of these
leads to a lot more money being raised, would you not go for the first?" I'll not
agree to abuse humans for all the money in the world. We're civilized human
beings in civilized community. That way is not civilized by any mean or under any
excuse. The big problem in the world now is the misunderstanding about the
UNHCR, I feel sorry for that. You and other think that the UNHCR is there to help
the refugees but this is not true. One of my missions is to clear this
understanding with my campaigns. I'm working on 3 campaigns now and you'll
understand more. One thing sure that using these pictures to collect money is
illegal act.

"This is inconsistent with you then accusing the UNHCR for not providing better
shelter than barns, better food than rice" I' accusing the UNHCR with mistreat the
refugees by bad policies and procedures. The details in my ebooks.

"I am sure you appreciate that the UNHCR can't force governments to provide
more money than they are," our problem isn't the money, but we need money as
any human in this world. But money isn't our target. UNHCR thinks the problem is
the money and working to collect more money and that's big mistake. The
refugees are part of their communities and when they're living among poor
people so they're poor. Those refugees from Darfor were poor before the war
and that'll continue with them as the majority of Africans so when the UNHCR
showed a poor refugees in Darfur to collect money actually it used image of the
poverty and when people donate actually they donate because of the poverty not
because the refugee status. That action gave impression that all the refugees
are poor and they just need some money. I like to make some clarity in this point
with my campaign. In one of the pictures that they used as banner they wrote:
Nearly 20 million refugees worldwide, need you help, click here to donate. This
info isn't true not all the 20 million need money, maybe some of them; the
majority of the refugees living normally like any human being. With that banner
they made all the refugees look poor and their problem need some money to be
solved. I feel sorry for that. Why the help must be donations? Why it isn't another
kind of help? For example providing refugees with chances for work,
employment or any way enable the refugees to depend on themselves. Why the
UNHCR don't build factories for refugees? Why it doesn't help them to have
farms? I didn't hear that UNHCR asked the governments for money and the
governments didn't give.

"your statistic is misleading" these aren't my statistics, UNHCR published it not
me. I agree with you about the misleading. UNHCR published only the donations
with amount more than $100,000 and discarded smaller amounts. The reason is
like you spoke "The money raised from donations is not split per refugee, it goes
towards projects" that's 100% correct and I agree with you. It's easy for any one
to track big amounts but how possible to track $10 or $20? These human-
buttons are used to collect small amounts from $10 to $50 and it's hard for some
who donated such small amount to track or even to ask about the destination of
his money! The UNHCR didn't publish any statistic about these small donations. I
didn't find any statistic about these small donations and I hope one day I'll find.
Maybe you would ask them.

This is from the table I used with my campaign: NB: Only donor contributions
more than USD 100,000 are individually identified in this table. Strange, where
are the donations less than $100,000? Notice, these human-buttons collect
amounts les than $100!

"Even if you don't see any of that money, but you know that somebody else's life
has been made better, would you say that other people should not benefit if you
are not benefiting?" I like to see how possible for $10 or $20 came from human-
buttons to improve life of a refugee? I didn't see such thing, but even if I'll see
such thing I'll continue my campaigns to remove all these human-buttons.

"I am sympathetic to your concerns and I think they should be voiced, but in a
more measured way." What do you mean by measured way? Do you mean the
way of Saddam with Iraqis?

"I should add that I've been a refugee myself, from the Yugoslav wars." Did the
UNHCR help you by any way?

I'm happy and very thankful for giving all that time to read my article and to write
me back, I hope we will continue this discussion. I'll publish your message on my
blog but I'll hide you email, so more people will read and participate in this

Have nice time.


From: wan_li888888@...
Date:Tue, 8 Feb 2005 09:52:44 -0500 (EST)

I am an ethnic Korean Chinese.I am very interested in the subject of North
Korean refugees.I have been involved in helping them in the past but now
haved gained political asylum in Canada after being detained several times
in China,Cambodia and Vietnam, in the process of helping them. The UNHCR
is currently being pushed towards recognising many of the North Koreans as
refugees,especially the ones in China.This is a political issue and the
refugees may be used by different special interest groups who don't really
care about the well being of the people involved but more for use as a
toll to pressure China.I am concerned primarily about how the refugees can
be helped and the solutions that will help a large number of them.Now
there are tens of thousands of North Koreans in China who work just like
Mexicans do in the USA. There are only a few hundred that have been
rounded up by NGO groups and ran into Embassies buit those actions -aimed
at media sensationalism- have affected the lives of the many in China,with
police checks and crackdowns,deportations etc.I am just researching now
and have found some good information and plenty of disinformation too.

Please ask any specifics and hope you can share some thoughts.I believe
the sentiment in the UNHCR will be to use this for political purposes when
the time comes,perhaps around 2006.

Wan Li

More information of Your UNHCR Campaigns

From: "O'Seun \"Egghead\" ODEWALE" ddevilrex@...
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 17:54:23

Dear Truth Warrior (Mr. OSAM ALTAEE),
We read through your mails and posting on the net specifically regarding the UNHCR's dehumanising human-buttons as you have campaigned.
We were much impressed about the rather novel line of activism that you've chosen to thread and would like to have further information on your thoughts, ideals and actions. The West African Students' Union (WASU) is really hoping to be convinced through your mail as to why we should be part of your crusade to make the UNHCR to halt it's 'attack' on world refugees. Don't forget that we are in a sub-region that had passed through some devasting civil wars in recent years and our region is home to lots of refugees whose welfare the UNHCR offices in West Africa have seemingly shoulder to improve.
We shall be glad you could auspiciously oblige our request.

In students' solidarity,
PP: West African Students' Union (WASU)

Com. O'Seun A. R. ODEWALE mpin., mcsn., macs.
Secretary General,
The West African Students' Union (WASU)
C/o Civil Society Focal Point, ECOWAS Secretariat,
60, Yakubu Gowon Crescent, Asokoro District,
PMB 401, Abuja(910001)-NGR

Fellow Refugee

From: korn118b@...
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 19:18:53

Hello Osam I was a former refugee that came to Canada in 1996 fleeing the
war in the Balkans from Yugoslavia. I personally did not experience this
humiliation in that time because I was only a child then and me and my
family never really saw these human buttons but I am aware of their
advertising and I understand that it is humiliating and that they are
spreading the wrong messege about refugees and creating stereotypes.
Currently I cannot commit to "questioning the UNHCR" but I will try in the
future. I am wondering thought how you found out about that family in the
picture. Also I hope I am not tresspassing by asking a few questions about
Iraq and this current war. Here in Canada we are bombarded by CNN and their
lies and American propaganda and I am wondering if you could possibly tell
me about what was actualy happening in Iraq. Was life worse during Saddam's
reign or after the American "freed Iraqis" as they say. Also did their bombs
only hit "military targets" such as power plants and factories and military
bases as the Americans say they did or were there civillian bombings. I know
that in Yugoslavia when the American bombed Serbia during the Kosovo ordeal
they not only bombed the military targets which were actualy old factories
converted to making cars rather than weapons, power plants and such, but
they also bombed many many civilian targets such as residential buildings
and even a stadium. I'm not a reporter or anything I'm only 16 but I would
like to know the truth about Iraq.

Thank you


From: SAM

Dear Bojan,

I’ll try to answer some of your questions.
“I am wondering thought how you found out about that family in the Picture.”
I found that info in one of my search sessions here: who took that picture was working for the UN, not the UNHCR and that family wasn’t register as refugee and me never they registered themselves!
About Iraq, I am living in Lebanon since 10 years so it’s hard for me to give detailed picture about the situation there. I can just tell what the people whom came from Iraq recently told me. The situation there is worse than what it was at Saddam’s days. The majority of the Iraqis like to leave Iraq; the population of the Iraqis here in Lebanon is more than before. Many of my friends whom return to Iraq found it hard to live there so they return back to Lebanon. Some of my friends had bad situations now in Iraq, one killed himself, another one killed by shooting in the street, another one is paralyzed now and the others just trying to come here again. No one of my friend and the Iraqi refugees whom live here in Lebanon thinks about going to Iraq, and who thinks about going to Iraq now is just to visit his family and come back again as fast as he can! I don’t think about go to Iraq now.
In the war the Americans bombarded a lot of civilian places like houses, hospitals and schools. The causalities among the civilian were more than in the army. The front was the cities. It was hard to tell the difference between the army and the civilians! In some palaces every thing moving was enemy!
I hope I answered you. Now I like to about why you can’t ask the UNHCR, I like to know the reason. I like to have your permission to post your message in my blog with or without your contact details, please tell me if you like that or not. If you have more questions please fell free to ask me.


Thank You, Osam!

From: soblest@...
Date:Mon, 31 Jan 2005 07:47:57

Dear Osam,

I live in Tennessee with my husband and daughter. I received your letter
posted in the Yahoo group for Tennessee National Guard Families. If ever
there was a letter to compose for alerting Americans about what you have
been facing, this was the perfect choice you made. And I am most honored
and happy to have received your letter.

I have supported the freedom of Iraqi people and the mission our President
set on course from the very beginning, despite not having relatives in our
military. I have also been in communications with a 20 year old Iraqi
student living near Baghdad with her family. She has become like a second
daughter to me. I have worried and prayed for her and her family,
throughout. Osam, she has never seen life beyond the confines of the
inhumane leadership of Saddam, until now. She and all other Iraqi's
deserve nothing less than the complete freedom to pursue happiness, peace
and prosperity. And that has been my greatest wish, hope, prayer and
faith in God to deliver to all of you.

Throughout my course of supporting the deliverance of freedom, peace and
happiness to all of you I have been blessed with very many networking
connections. I will support your pursuit in every way possible, making
sure your efforts reach across our country. I have a personal website and
would like to have your permission to include links to your website, for
the purpose of extending support to you.

Two particular individuals I will be forwarding your information to will
be Tennessee's two Senators, Lamar Alexander and Bill Frist. I receive
regular emails from Lamar. I happen to live on the very street he lived
on while growing up through his childhood.

The subject of your efforts is one that is greatly familiar with the
Americans. Through the years, there have been many face-offs with
so-called humanity organizations, such as you speak of, who have operated
behind the same veil for their own means of support and survival. The
money always goes to the "Board of Directors" more than the intended
recipients. Our President is currently overseeing an appointed council
that investigates those organizations, bringing charges against them for
such activity.

I thank you for reaching out and finding ways to bring this awareness to
me. It will be a pleasure to assist you and support your efforts of
making this situation known to all Americans! I will pray for you. God
always has the last word, Osam. And it is always good. God always leads
the way and provides a path for one who wishes a wrong to be made right
and good. If it were not so, He would not have made it possible for me to
have received your letter. There is good reason behind your letter
reaching me. And I always abide when God presents situations to me.

Remain hopeful, with gladness. You will succeed!


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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


From: rxn@...
Date: Wed Nov 17, 2004 12:39 pm

hi, my question to you is
1. What is the motive of your claim here? that the UNHCR is using the moneyinappropriately? if yes, they are, isn't it illegal - isnt there a way toquestion how donations are being used?
2. If you are not getting any money, as you say, then is there a legal way toredress this solution?
3. Did the UNHCR specifically mention that donations were to be given torefugees directly? or was it more like payment for their administrative work?
4. What do you propose as a solution to your problem, or the problems ofrefugees in general? What exactly can be done? do refugees need money? wouldthat solve most of their problems?

Date: Wed Nov 17, 2004 7:32 pm
Subject: Re: questions

I'll try answer your questions as I can, put please notice that you can also send your questions to UNHCR as well to have more answers.1. My motive is my understanding for principles of the human rights as I'm an activist fro human rights, I felt that UNHCR abusing our humanity as refugees by using some refugees' pictures to collect money as human-buttons or banners. It isn't about the way the UNHCR will use the donations. The good proposes don't justify wrongs acts! It's hard to find the way that the donations spend with because UNHCR is very big organization and it has branches nearly in every country in the world. But mostly the governments donate to financial programs that run by UNHCR and the governments have its own systems to track the donations and in this case the UNHCR not able to use the donations for another proposes. This fact don't apply to the privet donations which come from individuals because they aren't able to track small amount of money, specially the donations that UNHCR collect from these human-buttons differ from $10 to $100 and these money could be use for any thing. This is important fact; I call this money as 'untraceable money' or if you like the invisible money.2. I didn't receive any amount of money from UNHCR in my life and they even refused to give me a paper with AA size! To be honest they just give me two cups of drinkable water in one day when I was thirsty, and a small paper 10*10 CM, that's all what I took from the UNHCR in my life. You can ask them via this email: I don't know what you mean by "then is there a legal way to redress this solution?" I hope you'll explain more.3. I think it's better to ask the UNHCR about that because I'm not the spokesman of the UNHCR. I hope you'll ask them via these emails:,,Hqpr00@Unhcr.Ch,,info@usaforunhcr.org4. The solution as it mentioned in the UN51 convention is one of these 3 points: · 1 return the refugees back to there original country when it possible (like in Afghanistan).· 2 Integration the refugees in the communities where they're living now (2d country).· 3 Resettlement the refugees in 3d country.I'm working now to bring more understanding about some policies and procedures of the UNHCR and I hope that we will improve the performance of the UNHCR by changing what are not good in these policies and procedures.I hope I answered your questions and I hope the UNHCR will answer you. If you have more questions please contact me any time you like.

you make sense

From: yrlivy@...
Date:Mon, 24 Jan 2005 16:05:36 -0800 (PST)

i read your message and it broke my heart. thank you for opening my eyes
CIRCUMSTANCE TO PRODUCE A BUTTON -- not even if it's the UNHCR! you make
sense. keep in touch.

Thanks and God bless,
Marie Violet "Ivy" Cuevas Yraola


From: Ann@...
Date: Sun Dec 5, 2004 3:20 pm

Thank you Sam for being you!
Dear Sam:
My name is Annie Armen. I am both the producer and host for Annie Armen Live (AAL) Talk Radio.
I respect, admire, and appreciate your mission of humanity, Truth, and how you come straight from your heart to our hearts.This is the reason why I am writing you this email, as I am all heart myself and as the mother of AAL Talk Radio,I make certain of bringing forth the truth, exposing all fraud, deception, lies that regrettably thrive in today'scorrupt society, all forms of abuse perpetrated on children, youth, and adults worldwide, and creating a LIVE forum where SILENT VOICES WILL BE HEARD.
The mission of AAL is quite simple: Stop the Silence Within, Stop the Abuse Throughout.AAL / AnnieBiotics was a vision of mine since the age of 10, and this program is completely independentof mainstream, corporate media for which I am most proud of. Just to give you an idea, I have invested morethan 50K in funds for over three years beginning with my television series production to finally bring it here.It has been a huge struggle, and never a dull moment - as this is my journey, and my vow to God that I will uphold my promise to him since the age of 10, and sealed my promise to him after surviving a horrible car crash(car completely totaled and raisoned on 09/23/04 right after my show) as He saved my life for this purpose.
Currently I produce and host 11 series on AAL.. You can view them underneath my picture on the show page.I've also included them below in this email to you.
I will be reviewing all your information more thoroughly, but from what I read, I am most proudto know of a fellow human being who will stop at nothing to bring forth the truth to protecthumanity! In case you don't hear this enough Sam, thank you for all that you are doing.Once my website is up, if you wish to link with me, please let me know. This is the leastI can do to help contribute to your noteworthy cause! Bravo dear friend as you are a TRUTH WARRIOR!
Most Respectfully,Annie Armen
Annie Armen, J.D.T.V./Radio Talk Show Host, ProducerANNIE ARMEN LIVEâ„¢ - "Let's Talk"P.O. Box 4399Glendale, CA 91222-0399(818) 731-0577آ آ Phone (Under Construction)
Listed Below are the 11 Series I Currently Produce and Host on AAL:آ
Sam, I always tell my supporters to continue clicking on AAL archives, and forwarding these archives to their respective network communities, far and wide.
Annie Armen Live Talk Radio carries ALL OF OUR VOICES, and it is about causes important to ALL of us.

[Art-of-the-Refugees] How are you all doing?

From: rboneza@...
Date:Sat, 27 Nov 2004 16:21:03 +0100

Hei Sam

How do you intend to fight the UNHCR. I am not against that but if you as
individual want to go to court with UNHCR, that will be a very long
process and a lost case in advance. Just be carefully about what you are
intended to do, that organisation is one of the biggest agency in the UN.
it has responsability to million of refugees. of course there are
internally problems or mangement problems on the field. But a single case
cannot jeopardise the missions of emergency around the world. the basic
idea is that mostly the refugees or asylum problems or stituation cannot
be imputed to UNHCR but to the respective governement of a country. that
means the agency is not responsable of you being a refugee. I will advise
you to work creatively with the UNHCR and other NGOs to better the
conditions of the refugees there. If you believe that the workers there
are corrupted so it will be better to contact someone else in the agency
(Complain about the UNHCR in the UNHCR). I know that is likely to work.


Rais Neza Boneza
Transcend Africa
Director T:AP Refugees Project

I Agre

From: Graham@...
Date: Tue Nov 16, 2004 5:02 pm

I agree that those pictures are degrading as well. When i saw the pictureof the cows holding up letters that spelt refugee that really blew my top. Thepictures that they're showing are humiliating and unnesscesary. They can justmake the cause known and still get support without showing such pictures.
I'm from Jamaica and i've seen on television when foregin countries willtalk about my country and show the worst parts of the it. I'm in working\middleclass and i DO NOT live in a zinc house nor do i have to go to sleep hearinggunshots. After Ivan i heard the advisory telling tourists not to come to ourcountry and when they showed pictures of the damages they only showed the worstdamages in the deepest parts of the country area. They didn't show the urbanareas nor the places where the hotels were which really infuriated me sincethat's where most tourist stay. If they had shown it the tourist would've seenthat Jamaica wasn't that badly damaged and I'm also angry that they used ourSTate of Emergency as another reason to deter tourist. Jamaica had made it clearthat it was only issued to keep looters off the streets and these looters weregoing after homes that were empty because the occupants evacuated so they posedno danger to toursits.
Sorry about my ranting but sometimes things like this really upset me. Isuppoort you 100% and believe the UNHCR sholud be ashamed of themselves. I mightalso send a message to my own government because despite being a Third Worldcountry Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean send our moral support for theprotection of refugees from all form of attacks and attack on privacy anddignity is no different. These pictures need to be taken down!
Wish you the best of luck with your work.
YoursSincerely, Sheena-kay Graham


From: kmakhloufi@...
Date: Sun Nov 14, 2004 12:24 am

What an informative and interesting post I read of yours on a Yahoo Groups privacy forum. Whenever I read things such as this, I think to myself, what is the world coming to? It never ceases to amaze me. Please continue your writing. Maybe not all of the "right" people will read it, but at least some one will read it. And maybe nothing will be done about it, but at least you did something about it. God help you

Your Website Dear Sir,

From: mrbnpet1@...
Date:Fri, 4 Nov 2004 11:29:00 +0900

I read your campaigns and everything. I appreciate your work and your
mission for the refugee. Just one thing I would like to ask; why are you
using unhcr as your web site?
Doesn't it belong to the UNHCR of the UN?
or is UMACR affiliated with UN or what? Please inform.
thank you.

Best regards,


To Whom it May Concern:

I herewith support the fight and struggle for man/woman to achieve
freedom, peace and justice.
How can I contact person in charge for communication coordination?

With warm regards,

From: sam@... .
Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2004 9:15 PM
To: mrbnpet1@...
Subject: Re: Your Website Dear Sir,

Hello Ika,

Thanks to contact me. I'll try to answer your question.

I think you're asking about my domain names:
and these sites don't belong to the UNHCR of the UN, but
its belong to individual persons. They just liked to help me so they paid
for these domains. And if like to know why I used them so the answer is
simple; I did because nobody took them before me. This is the rule on the
net. When I needed to have website I thought to have a domain name with
UNHCR and I searched the net and I found these names are available for any
one, so what is better than UNHCR's since I'll speak about UNHCR and I'm
refugee, only one is best and that was so I have it also the is in England because my friend who paid for it lives there.
If you ask why I use the name of the UNHCR the answer because that I'm
registered refugee with UNHCR in Lebanon and I have document with my
picture in my pocket with there name and their stamp on it and it's like
identity for me in real life so I can use it !
on the net if I want, simple isn't it?

UMACR isn't affiliated with any one, only me is there working on the
project UMACR and you had contacted me already, as I'm the person in
charge of the UMACR project. UMACR isn't organization but it an idea I'm
working to give it life but there are some people don't like it or like me
to continue in what I'm doing now so it's didn't have life now!

I hope my answer is enough for you if you have more questions please just
send me and I'll answer you.

We would like to help

From: 5wc@..
Date: Fri Oct 29, 2004 7:01 am

Dear Osam,
I just ordered your ebook, and I'm browsing through it now. Nice way of startinga writing career!
As President of the Fifth World Council (5WC) I would like to help your effortboth as a potential writer, who perhaps with a little help can become a NobelPrize winner for Literature one day, but also to get the truth out about thephoney United Nations. We are fully aware that the UN is nothing but a phoney,and they use poor refugees like yourself to collect money for their own fatwallets! Some of the best paid bureaucrats on the planet are UN officials, andnobody voted these jerks into office! We despise them, and we also know that thelast thing they are about is freedom.
The Fifth World Council (5WC) is a rebellious but lawful organisation that hatesthe UN and all it stands for. Our members, whether they be Fifth World nations(cyberstates) like TTF-Bucksfan, hippy communities like the Yonderfamily RainbowVillage, multinational organisations like NewRoot, or individual Fifth Worldnationals, all agree that we have to get rid of the UN, and substitute it withan organisation that is truly sensitive to the needs of decent, andfreedom-loving people.
I'm not a Muslim, but I do agree with you that exposing that woman, and withouther knowledge or consent, is not something you should do to a refugee, whetherhe/she be Muslim, or not. Here in America where I live there are also people whowould object to that who are not Muslims simply because one's basic Right toPrivacy is undermined. In the Fifth World we understand 12 Basic Rights, but themost fundamental among these are Privacy, Life, and Liberty.
Here's what I would like to do: I would like to place a clickable image of yourbook - not you! - on our website, so people can go to your website and orderyour ebook if they wish. Even if they don't order, you are still doing a greatservice by spreading the truth about the hypocrite UN, and we can only admireand support your effort as much as we can. We have a lot of traffic to our FifthWorld Portal, so it is very likely that this idea will help you, and perhapseven help pay for the maintenance of your websites. This is the website where Iwould like to place an image of your book:
If you are confused about what we are about, read this 5W Wiki (encyclopaedia)article about the Fifth World Council:
If you like my idea, let me know, and all I'll need is the website (URL) youprefer visitors to the Fifth World Portal to go to when then click on the imageof your book.
Yours truly,
Cesidio TalliniPresident of Fifth World Council (5WC)King of TTF-Bucksfan
PS: Perhaps the Fifth World Council may end up doing more good for the refugeesthan the UN, and were are a small and virtual, not territorial, organisation!


From: Richard@...
Date: Wed Oct 27, 2004 3:34 pm Subject: Hello!!

I have just gone through your article and I am very much fascinated with it. Iam a Bumese taking Asylum in India. Currently i am residing in New Delhi, thecapital of India. I left Burma because of the Military dictator's rampant HumanRights violation and repressive rule. We, Burmese refugees here in Delhi do havea lot of problems with the UNHCR. The UNHCR in their has no transperancy, truth,sincerity and honesty. I feel that UNHCR does not stand for the refugees but fortheir own sake. I would like to discuss with you more of the issue and may behave contacts with each other and would definitely appreciate to receive more ofyour writings.
Best, Richard.