Friday, July 22, 2005

Digital Dynamics Conference, Osam

From: e.siapera@...

Dear Osam,

Thanks for your email. I am very glad you got in touch, as I had lost
track of you. I did a presentation at the University of Loughborough in
the UK in Nov 2003 referring to your successful online intervention in
addressing corruption in the UN in Beirut. I wanted to use your
internet-based interventions as case study to show the potential of the
internet for direct political action, and hence in furthering democracy. I
then planned to write the presentation as an article, but other things
took over (I had a baby!) and I left it. Now that you got in touch perhaps
you could tell me what you think about my ideas (although I am afraid some
of these ideas might come across as too vague and theoretical) and also
your new uses of the internet? Perhaps I could also interview you (i.e.
ask you specific questions - would you have the time and/or inclination
for this?)

I hope things are well with you.

Best wishes,

PS I see you have a Greek email address? Are you now in Greece? I am Greek
in origin (from Thessaloniki)...


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