Wednesday, May 24, 2006

God bless you

From: borisspassky@...
Date: Wed Jun 22, 2005 7:31 am
Subject: God bless you

Dear friend:

I understand your situation, I know all the problems that are living the
refugees around all over the world, they are discriminated and live in painful
situations, but only God has the power to change their lives,

God bless you



From: olatundearoloye@...
Date: Tue Jun 21, 2005 4:51 pm

Your Message and links were posted to my Group, presumably by you.
It would be "off-topic," but people need to know that there is a World out there
that requires them to look beyond their narrow-minded and selfish concerns.

This is why the refugees are in the mess they are in today.
Those who are ignorant of Higher Reality Truths will say, "Oh, those poor
refugees! Pity them! It's not their fault!" Oh yes it is.
Every wasted moment contributed to the tragedy. Each person who died or became a
vagabond because of whatever crisis of War, Famine, Plague, Natural Disaster, or

People like myself try to rally appropriate effort BEFORE disaster hits, only to
find ourselves laughed down and shouted down. Our efforts mocked and vilified.
Later on,people ask the stupid question,"WHY DID GOD LET THIS HAPPEN TO US?" Or
have you not read the messages in my Group, OBJECTIVECHRISTIANITY?

It is not right that aid intended for refugees should be stolen, and to make
matters that much worse, the very same people whose images are used to obtain
the aid get a small fraction and even nothing. It happens all the time. The
refugees should know that, and come up with far better ideas than begging and
relying on others to just go out of their way to do the Right Thing. How many
of the refugees were themselves engaged in feeding, watering, clothing, treating
and housing refugees before they needed the same?

This is what my religion is about.

All Natural [Materialistic] Human beings are in a SPIRITUAL condition directly
analogous to the condition of refugees. You can probably no more heal yourself
supernaturally thanasick refugee can healthemselves medically for a similar
reason - you have not earned the spiritual "money" to afford the necessary
treatment. You are in the same spiritual analogue of that situation the material
refugee finds themselves in for the very same reason: when you should have been
preparing for the time you would need these didn't.

You need to remedy that situation, and you will be in contact with people who
need the sort of spiritual help only I am currently labouring to supply. Those
dwelling in nice safe stable societies will never be able to muster up the will
to make the Hard Choices and Quality Decisions to manifest the SPIRITUAL POWER
needed to end these sorts of crises, not only in their own lives, but fo rall
Mankind for ever [Luke 8:14].
The conventional Christian ministries are part of the corrupt system that has
caused these crises and will never tell the refugees The Truth that will make
them free. they too are the servants of Oppression.
I have no restriction on my mouth: no one can fire me or shut down my church if
I don't toe a Party Line.
I have nothing to gain or retain, while the refugee has nothing more to lose,
and can as well spend his or her time in doing a few simple but powerful
spiritual exercises that will enable them to take control of their lives and
spend them as they see fit.

I am quite serious in what I say.
It is my understanding that you are in communication with people in peril of
their lives, who have lost family already, all their property, societal
position, justice, even their health.
I say that I have a real solution to all these problems- one that works HERE IN
This is not about "Trust in Jesus because he will make it all better in Heaven
one day!"
You have seen with your own eyes how "Jesus" treats those who trust in him.
"The meek shall inherit the Earth- this is usually a very small piece of it-
about six feet deep."

I do not have time for "My Kingdom is not of this World," and I do not think
that you do, either.
If you are prepared to mean business, you know where to reach me.

-Olatunde Aroloye

From: sam@...
To: olatundearoloye@...

Dear Olatunde Aroloye,

You spend much time to write me your message and tell me your opinions, I agree with many points in your message. I just like to comment on some of them.

I don’t think that the refugees are responsible for their situations, my as humans some time they have little options but mostly our choices are limited. Like for any human, some refugees have better chances than others. I felt that you mixed between poor people and the refugees and also between the victims of natural disasters. According to the UN51 convention the refugee means some one has real fear from prosecution, not from disasters. At any way this definition has been widen to include different situations. There is big misunderstood for the meaning of refugee. People think that the refugee means some one poor but I can tell you that not all refugees are poor; mostly they’re like others in the communities where they’re living.

“How many of the refugees were themselves engaged in feeding, watering, clothing, treating and housing refugees before they needed the same?”

Here in Lebanon all the refugees depend on themselves to get their life needs, the help from the UNHCR is very little and limited.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.



your posting on yahoo groups

From: chris@...
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:11:23 +0100
Subject: your posting on yahoo groups

Forgive my posting, but what are you doing cross posting into yahoo groups that are NOT topic related to your thoughts?

What exactly is your problem? It feels to me that you are of the impression that firstly, the UNHCR owes you money and etc, and secondly, what is with your obsession re 'human buttons' (the photo links that the Official UNHCR website uses)?

As well as being factually incorrect about the Muslim woman having to wear a veil (show me where it is written in your scripture that a woman has to cover her face - it does not say that! That's a misnomer propogated by the loony fringe of islam, the same ones that won't let women vote, drive cars and make them walk behind the man) your comments regarding the photographs used are insulting and do nothing to support your campaign.

The pictures used are representative of the people who the UNHCR are representing, they do not have to represent the actual people in a particular crisis.

I would also think that the use of as a domain name is rather suspect too - you are not an official representative of the UN, the UNHCR nor any other UN affiliated organisation, and the use of their name could be viewed in rather suspicious terms.

I read your webpages with interest, but there are no factual statements, no evidential proof, just someone who has a thing about the pictures and how money might be distributed!

The e-books, whilst being of some limited interested from a human perspective, do not really add any support or creedence to your supposed campaign!

Stop posting into groups that are of no interest to you or your campaign

From: sam@...
To: chris@...
Subject: your posting on yahoo groups

Dear chris,

UNHCR an organization created by the community to coordinate the efforts the community is providing to help and support the refugees in the world. No body authorized the UNHCR to use pictures of the refugees to collect money! Also UNHCR is responsible to show the real problems of the refugee to the public (not only our poverty). I know that there are many kind of help but unfortunately we got nothing and in more UNHCR has many wrong policies and procedures. I started my mission before years to improve the performance of the UNHCR, as I’m refugee have good experience with the UNHCR and as human rights activities. The human-buttons is just bad policy and it must stop, what UNHCR get from these human-buttons is worthless if you compare it with the contribution of the governments.

About the women in Islam, I didn’t spoke it must wear vial but I spoke that in Islam and in our community we have tradition to protect women from show themselves publicly, what the UNHCR doing now is exposing women without them permission to collect money and that abuse for their human rights as human being. In my opinion that caused harm to our cases as refugees. There is another point, the info about the refugees must stay confidential and the UNHCR doesn’t have to share any info about a refugee with 3d party without permission of the refugee. This is legal point and those refugees or who represent them have the right to take legal action against the UNHCR but I think that those people not registered refugees with the UNHCR so it’s misleading act and must stop.

I wanted people to think and ask about the subject and that’ll bring more understanding. I didn’t speak that all the women must wear veils, but I’m against abuse there right as human beings. The woman was wear a tradition vial according to the custom in here area, but using her as human-buttons is abuse for her rights. No one have the rights to use pictures of people like this! Do you know that only the UNHCR doing that on the Internet?!

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.



You Go Boy!!!

From: twowheelinguy@...
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 03:19:29 +0100
Subject: You Go Boy!!!

I read with interest your email that you canvassed to my motocycle club. I don't necessarillary agree with everything you have to say but I sure agree with your human right to say it and am amazed at the raw power the internet has given you to say it to the audience you have been able to reach. It's no wonder that the powers that be want to shut you down. You are one radical dude and I take my hat off to you for standing up for what you believe. I'm wouldn't doubt for a second that your every transmission is being monitored by the CIA and or some other spook and if this email is being read by some misguided agent of our new evil empire, I just want to remind you guys that you are sworn to uphold the constition of United States. The same constition that is designed to protect the rights of the people to speak thier minds, whether we agree with them or not.

I am sure of one thing, I doubt very seriously that the U.N. is acting in the best interest of the people they claim to be helping. Very few leaders of society act in the best interest of the society they are suppose to represent. I guess it's just human nature to act in ones own self interest and that's unfortunately what most leaders do at the expense of the weaker people they are suppose to be representing and helping.

Anyway, "YOU GO BOY" and keep giving them Hell. The world needs more Truth Warriors because even though "the truth is painful", "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!" And like they say in the great state of New Hampshire, "Live Free or Die!"

Peace be with you!

From: sam@...
To: twowheelinguy@...

Subject: Re: You Go Boy!!!

Dear Carter,

I'm very happy to read your opinions about me. I agree with you that I'm under observation from many authorities but nothing bad happened for my friends or who send me messages. It's very strange what you think about the authority in your country and maybe you have reason and I hope you'll be save. I'll continue my activities and stand firmly to show my opinions and achieve my targets.

"Live Free or Die" I like it.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Peace upon you.


From: twowheelinguy@...
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 07:54:15 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: You Go Boy!!!


Feel free to publish my comments. Please use the grammatically corrected version below. It was late when I typed that and there were a few typographical mistakes that I fixed.

Good luck.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

pictures and untruths

From: pambruce@...
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 11:47:05 -0500
Subject: pictures and untruths

Hi. In 1980-81 I worked in Somalia Africa with the refugee crisis there and experienced the same thing there. You know, the untruths about showing just one picture and not the whole picture. This is good what you are bringing up. The people at UNHCR need JESUS. Jesus is called the truth. I have been praying for Somalia ever since I have been back. And I thank you for working on these untruths.



From: sam@...

Subject: pictures and untruths

Dear Pam,

Could you please tell me more about your experience with Somali refugees and about your opinions regard the UNHCR?

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.



From: pambruce@..
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 14:22:39 -0400
Subject: Re: pictures and untruths

Will be glad to. This is very touchy thing. Have to gather my thoughts.

And it was in the 1980's. Things may have changed for the better? Am

hoping you can help with this too and not be witnessing to any untruths. My

memory as to names etc are bleary. I was serving with International

Christian Aid in Somalia East Africa. Will be in touch. In Him.

Best, Pam Harris

God: Christian's & Muslim's

From: jeff@...
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 13:29:29 -0500
Subject: God: Christian's & Muslim's

Hello Osam,

I am, with great interest, reading your biography and struggles on your umacr website. Being an Iraqi, I am assuming that you are Muslim. I do not regard myself as technically a Christian (I'm simply a monotheist - believe in God), and have recently been in conversations with Christians regarding the nature of God. (btw, they would never type God's name in full, they write it G*d, I guess out of fear from Him <- notice how I capitalize the "H").

Anyway, they (some Christians) apparently feel that Allah (Islam's god) is different from God (their Christian god). Is he? Asking for your thoughts from someone who respects all religious beliefs and believes in freedom for all of them, even Athiests. Godspeed,

- Jeff in West Virginia, USA

From: sam@...
To: jeff@...
Subject: Re: God: Christian's & Muslim's

Dear Jeff,

In Islam we believe that God is one for every human and we have respect for all prophets as we have for our prophet Mohamed. We’re not afraid from mention the name of God (Allah). Allah is the creator of the live and all the humans. So we respect the other 2 religions the Christianity and Jewish.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.




From: jeff@...
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 02:43:03 +0600
Subject: Re: God: Christian's & Muslim's

Hey Sam,

It's good to hear from you. I thought the UN might have shut you down again. Glad they haven't. Sure, yes - you have my permission to post my comment on your blogspot, BUT, please keep my email address private just between us. Please do not post my email address. Thank you.

- Jeff, WV, USA

your work - and questions

From: c.wagner@
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 07:37:30 +0100
Subject: your work - and questions

Dear Author:

you have had a tragic life but made the most under terrible circumstances! Like you, I dislike the UNHCR and big organizations who won't actually help individuals.

I'm a German and had a VISA - but because of some bizarre Dept. of Homeland Security error in their data, I keep getting arrested every time. Once, they abandoned me in the desert - no taxi and the next bus came by 5 hours later. Anyhow, the little guy's rights get often ignored.

Returning from Germany, my U.S. wife had locked me out of the house (I had paid for 100%) and destroyed all my personal belongings besides taking over my place of work, too. (4 networked PCs, all contracts etc.). Okay, so we meet in court. She tried to blacken my name by filing for a TRO, Temporary Restraining Order. And once a woman claims that, no way can a man continue living under one roof with her IMHO.

3/22: the judge explains that her application has no grounds to be granted => she bursts into tears and voila, it's granted "without prejudice". The judge had "no time to hear this" and a new judge would sort it out in a month.

4/14th: I hadn't been served, so the new judge explaines the need for "personal service". I couldn't say a single word!

5/12th: still never served, this fact was completely ignored. So i got 6 months' based not on any facts or evidence (like a Police Report). Besides, I have a letter and e-mails which were written after the filing and they speak for themselves. Most importantly, I can PROVE a dozen perjuries.

She forged my signature, somehow cashed my "3rd party checks" (my bank wouldn't do that).

Anyhow, foreigners and the Constitution don't get along. What's the meaning of "Constitutional Rights" if even a Superior Court ignores basic procedures?

So I have left the country and got a job.

So even if you ultimately succeed and are allowed to enter a country, you might still get victimized.

All the best!



From: sam@...
To: c.wagner@

Subject: Re: your work - and questions

Dear Chris

I feel sorry for all that treble and I hope you’re ok now. I didn’t find your question so I hope you’ll ask me again.

Thank you very much for your advice and I hope to hear from you soon.




From: c.wagner@
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 16:00:43 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: your work - and questions

Hello Sam,

does the UNHCR see all imigrants as a mass to be ruled

/ dealt with? So they don't care about the i n d i v

i d u a l person's fate?

Have you written your biography? That would be very

interestign and inspirational for others! Not many

have your strength - most probably become apolitical

or simply exhausted and retreat into their private


Q: how would you deal with the procedural situation of

never having been served papers? That means one is

totally in the dark! One cannot defend oneself because

one hasn't been able to read any accusations... I

thought that maybe you have experience with


Thanks and keep up the good work!



From: sam@...
To: c.wagner@

Subject: Re: your work - and questions

Dear Chris,

“does the UNHCR see all imigrants as a mass to be ruled

/ dealt with? So they don't care about the i n d i v

i d u a l person's fate?”

No, UNHCR doesn’t deal and look for all migrants. It deals with some from special nationalities whom their countries registered remarkable violations for human rights or have wars. Mostly the UNHCR deals with individual cases.

I didn’t understand your other question, please could you explain more?

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.



Your Rainbowroom post

From: goldenstar575@
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 00:42:33 -0500

Hello Mr. Altaee:

As have so many others before you, you have suffered much; and not for any wrong done by you! But do not look for peace or justice, because they are not to be found. As the days pass, you will look back and see these times as the good days. Evil shall grow on earth until it has run its full course, there is nothing, no one who can stop or change that.

There is much that could be said, but being from Iraq, you are most likely a muslim, and would not believe me. Most even here in the USA do not know or understand the truth, though they are free to do so (for now) but it is changing, and what people call freedom is passing away quickly. What you see now in Iraq is only changing one evil for another. Do not expect good or freedom to come from this change of power.

We have fallen even from what we were when I was young, many still look at the USA and think we have freedom here. But they do not see those freedoms crumble each day, they do not understand how fast this whole world is falling. What are we to do? Start yet another war? Against whom this time? And how many more of our young men and women must die for nothing in yet another war? The USA is already so deep in debt that it would take lifetimes of very high taxes to try and pay that debt. Yet many nations think we should come running to their aid, we should pay to build their nation up. They had better understand that the days of crying to the USA for help are over, it is the USA who will be crying for help before long!

The end of this world as we know it will soon come to pass, you may not believe that now, but no one will doubt it before long. I will not preach to you, if you want to know my beliefs, you can ask. You do not have to be very old to see that what I have written is true, or know much about the USA to see that is true too. I do not look down on your efforts, they appear to come from a good heart. But no one is going to make this world a better place except God himself! A person's eternal future is far more important, we live on this earth for a moment and pass away like a puff of smoke, but there is no end to eternity. If we must suffer for a time, it will be over soon, but if we must suffer after this, it will never be over!

At one time I talked of peace, freedom, liberty and so on, but they are not to be. Hate, anger and war grow with each passing day. The times we thought were so bad when I was young, are now called the good days, and longed for. I guess I should end this letter, before it becomes an e-book. If you would like to talk more, you are welcome to write.

Glory Christensen

From: sam@...
To: goldenstar575@...
Subject: Your Rainbowroom post

Dear Glory Christensen,

I can agree with many points in your message, but I can’t understand your pessimism! With all the hardships in my life and living with nearly nothing, I never lost my hope and I still believe that one day we’ll have justice, peace and freedom. I don’t like politics and I don’t like it much. Maybe what you spoke about USA is true; when nations became very strong it’ll destroy itself. The history told us this, but I like the USA to stay strong and help in improving the life on earth, we need leaders and you, as Americans must play that rule now. I hope you’ll lead us to the safety.

We can’t give up on peace, freedom and justice because what else we’ll have. I hope you’ll be optimistic and work again for the best in the life. I like to know more about you and have cooperation with you.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.




From: goldenstar575@
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 15:24:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Your Rainbowroom post

Mr. Altaee:

You may use our letters in any way that will help you out. It is good that

you try to work toward peace and freedom, for yourself and others. You are

in an area that can sure use both, though I don't think you will see


Peace and freedom in Iraq, Iran and the area around them has been very

rare for thousands of years. It is a part of the world that too many want

and no one has been able to hold on too. It is the home of two of the most

famous empires in the world's history, and is where everything will come

to a head at the end of this age.

In the 1930's USA went through a bad depression, those who could see it

coming and prepared for it lived through it without too many problems, the

others suffered much, and some even killed themselves after loosing all of

their wealth. It is important to be able to see bad times ahead, and

prepare for them while there is still time to do so.

The "Great Depression" was a hard time for the USA, but it was nothing

compared to what is in the future for many parts of this world. We

approach the end of an age, now is the time to learn what must come to

pass and prepare for it. The USA will not be playing any part in what is

to come, one or more events will take place which remove us as a world

power. At this time no one knows what those events are, but it is not hard

to see this government crumbling around us. Maybe those who do not live

here cannot see it, but it is best they learn the truth and look to

someone else for help, it will not come from here much longer!

A nation rises out of nothing, does what God has planed for it, and

disappears back into the dust from which it came. That in itself, is

neither good nor bad. The USA has been able to help others during its time

as a world power, though it has hurt many as well. The work God had

planned for us is finished, we have played our part in world history. Now

others will arise, most from Europe; especially the part around the

Mediterranean Sea. Before long, this world will see the once great empire

of Rome rise again, even now you can see the nations that were under its

power coming together.

I look at the past to see what has been, the present to see what is, and

to God's Word to see what must surly come to pass. It is not hard to see

all of the pieces falling into place, this age will end shortly, though I

doubt I will see it I try to spread the word. Now is the time to prepare,

not after it is already too late! No one waits until winter to gather a

store of firewood.

The end of this age is a time like this world has never seen before or

will see again. It will not be a good time, many will cry out for peace

and freedom, but it will not be found. Even so, it is not wrong to work

for them. We should do whatever good we can for those around us, it may be

a few of them will remember in our time of need; if not, God remembers.

When I was young, even though there were wars and hard times for one

nation or another, it was a far better time. From talking with old folks,

they had the same thing to say. This nation, and the world as well,

continues to get worse with each passing year, not better. Now, even the

weather no longer follows the cycles it should. Long droughts occure in

years that should be wet, while other areas are flooded that should be


It would be easy to continue on for a long time with all that is taking

place around the world, but this is enough to show all is not well, and

will get much worse before we have any hope of better times.

This is not really a matter of whether there are good or bad times ahead

of us, but what will each of us do with the few days we have been given.

They can be used for good or evil, each of us must choose. Our life is

only a moment in time, here for a day then blown away by the winds of

time. God gives gifts and talents to each of us, how will we choose to use

them? These are the questions each person must answer after this life is

over. I know I spent too many years trying to hide in the background, and

let people do whatever they wanted. But to do so, is in a way to join them

in their deeds.

I do not spend much time in public, as little as I can most of the time.

The inter-net has become a way to speak up for what is right to anyone who

will listen. It is also a way that someone like myself can even speak to

the world, something impossible until a few years ago. Without the

inter-net and PC's, you and I would never have met, or the other friends I

have made around the world. Many looked at the inter-net as something

evil, but it will be what we choose to make of it. We can choose to use it

to spread God's Word, to try and bring a little peace to this world in the

same way others try to use it for evil purposes.

Thank-you for answering my letter, it will be good to hear from you again.

Glory Christensen.