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RE: Human-buttons

Sender: Joe Risher wolfnraven1969@...
Date: Mon Jul 25, 2005 9:56 am

Just a couple of things about your message. I wouldn't state that the
Muslem woman having her face exposed is a sin. I would say that the woman's
face being exposed is against our(her) religion and that the UNHCR's blatant use
of her like this is an insult to your religion. Not all religions are the same
and so what may be a sin for a Muslem may not be a sin for a Christian, Jew, or
any other religion. All that the UNHCR has managed to say by using her this way
is that they have no respect for her or her religion.
I have often wondered what is going on that would cause terrorists to strike
at my country. What have "I" done? Aren't "we" the peace-keepers? Aren't we
the ones that other nations call on most for help in times of need? Why would
these terroists attack us?
I'm beginning to see now how something as simple as button can instigate
feelings of helpless rage in need of SOMEPLACE to be let out. Myself am not a
Muslem, but that does not mean that I have the right to insult your religion.
UNHCR seams to think that just because they "are trying to help", that they can
step on anything without consequence. Even if all they do is admit to being
wrong and change their buttons, at least it's SOMEthing - which would be more
than they appear to be doing right now.
UNHCR isn't the only ones who are guilty of this sort of manipulation though
as you pointed out when you presented the picture of the children getting rice.
(There were several pictures that wouldn't show for whatever reason) The
pictures are being used to generate sympathy for the suffering for others and
generate donations.
Ok, I've got too many thoughts running through my head right now and I'm
starting to ramble on and on. I agree with you that UNHCR is wrong for using
this woman's picture since it is in direct conflict with her religion. Would
have been better if her face would have been covered? What about the face of
the other woman behind her? A daughter? Why isn't her face covered? Why isn't
she in what would be considered appropriate for a Muslem woman?

From: sam@...
RE: Human-buttons

Dear Joe Risher,

You wrote a wise message full of reasonable points. I like to comment on some points.

Joe: “I'm beginning to see now how something as simple as button can instigate feelings”

SAM: the button itself is simple but it’s one part of the UNHCR’s policies, I have good experience with the UNHCR and many people contacted me from other places outside Lebanon and like you saw in the picture of the children, the UNHCR don’t care about the feelings of those humans, I felt that by myself. I don’t want to remove these human-buttons not just because it’s sin in Islam but for what it represent as bad policy. Those whom work for UNHCR think that they have immunity and they have the right to do what they like with the refugees just because they (as they think in UNHCR) providing help for free, I mean we’re the refugee don’t pay for their service. I’m completely against this and I want to change it, we’re the refugee have all the rights to speak our opinions and to ask questions and have the answers, until today and for years those whom work in UNHCR are refusing to answer any question, not only from me but also from my friends whom contacted the UNHCR, and I hope you’ll contact them and ask them some question, I hope strongly you’ll send your message to the UNHCR and we’ll see if they’ll answer you. Please remember that the UNHCR represent the west and it works with support from the west.

Joe: “What about the face of the other woman behind her? A daughter? Why isn't her face covered? Why isn't she in what would be considered appropriate for a Moslem woman?”

SAM: The woman behind is young girl and some people think young girls don’t need to wear hijab, which differ by places and cultures. In Iraq mostly women don’t cover their faces. I’m still thinking about the picture on the UN cyber school bus, I don’t think those people in the picture were refugees trying to cross borders. I saw pictures of the Kurdish and there was massive moving for Kurdish in some days. Thousands of families moved in same time, but what we see in the picture just 4 persons look relaxed and without any baggage or any thing indicates about their situation they even don’t use heavy shoes to walk on mountains. I felt much obscurity in that picture. I hope the UNHCR will tell us more about it! I didn’t meant that using picture of woman uncover is a sin but using here as human-button and expose her publicly on the net is abuse for her dignity and this is the sin. I lived in Iraq and I know how much the Iraqis are friendly with foreigners and maybe those people in the picture were friend with the one who took the picture just as friendly souvenir not for official proposes and that is disgusting act from the UN and shame for us all.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.



Sender: Supporter of UNHCR
Date: Sat Jul 23, 2005 8:32 pm

Hello, Mr. Osam Altaee

I happen to be a member of a Yahoo! group, one which has no relation to the
email you sent. But it caught my attention, nevertheless. Solely because I'm a
UNHCR activist, and I speak in favor of all that the UNHCR has to offer. I do
feel a need to express my sympathy for your rough time, being a refugee, and
surviving a difficult tribulation. However, I don't quite understand your
negativity towards the UNHCR.

It's true you've been registered as a refugee under the UNHCR for 10 years,
correct? I find it necessary to ask: Would you have been able to survive without
the assistance of the UNHCR? Did you receive food from them? Shelter? Medical
care of any sort? If UNHCR is really that bad, why be registered under them for
10 years?

The funny thing is, you base your views on their morals on the fact that they
use Your campaign is mindless. It has no validity to the
survival of refugees. Are you saving a refugee's life by telling people to stop
using pictures as a way to promote their plight? You need to understand
something: I live in the United States of America and I know what it's like to
be a citizen here. I have the ability to watch people's attitudes around me. The
US is a very developed and prosperous country. People here need some sort of
visual aid to help them understand the nature of the situation. Otherwise, they
blow it off. People HAVE to see to understand. We see nothing of the kind here,
and it's difficult for us (most of us) to grasp the concept of a person who has
to flee their home amidst civil war or persecution based on the beliefs of a
singular group of people or individual beliefs. We don't use these pictures to
downgrade people's dignity...we use them so others can survive.

As far as the definition of a refugee: I know your arguments aren't legitimate.
I've read numerous times on the UNHCR website that the definition of a refugee
(roughly...this is coming from my memory) is any person who must flee their
country of origin to seek refuge or asylum in another because he/she has been
stripped of his/her natural human rights due to the inhumane attack and
persecution on a particular individual's race, religion, political beliefs, etc.
That clearly doesn't state anything about money. It doesn't mention their lack
of money due to poverty. Remember that a majority of problems begin in countries
with no solid foundation of governemnt...a nation still labelled as
"developing". Therefore it wouldn't be wrong to say that these people are in
poverty...because they are. But that's never put in such a definiton of a
refugee. Nothing I've read has ever stated, "Refugees are in Poeverty. All of
them." Just to clear things up even more, I've read some very touching stories
of people who have fled Colombia and retreated to Equador. Most of them were
very prosperous doctors at one point, until they were forced to flee. There's a
good example of someone who wasn't previously in poverty. Your argument about a
millionaire being labelled as a refugee: While I see the basis of your point,
you fail to understand that if they are still a millionaire when they flee and
become a refugee, I doubt they will be in need of the UNHCR's services, don't
you agree? But if they flee and lose everything they have...then they are
clearly a refugee in need of survival assistance.

And the fact that you haven't seen a cent of money from the UNHCR in 10 years,
is a good thing. They're not there to provide you money. They're there to help
you survive, and sometimes that means only the most basic of things. They can't
do it all. If they could, then there would be no refugees. But the point is that
they can keep people from taking their last breath. And sometimes, that's all
the dignity a person needs. The will to survive, the courage to make it more dignity than most people have around here. I look up to

You're taking a very wrong approach at trying to change something so minute to
the great cause that UNHCR has been making. You talk mostly of money and
people's pictures. Is this really something to worry about? To put so much
attention on? The UNHCR has their does every organization, as does
every individual.

You talk of the horrible conditions in camps and the lack of food. These camps
are heavens to some of these people. I'm sure they would have rather stayed in
their place of origin and died, because their house was burned down and they had
no food, right? See? That's absurd. They may not have everything in these camps,
but they do have a place to stay, food to eat, medical care, and some security.

In regards to the picture taken 13 years ago: who cares about the age of the
pictute? They were fleeing for the same reason. Who needs up-to-date, when the
plight of that particular family is the same as it is now. They're all seeking
human rights and a place to be able to survive. It's the universal plight of

But anyway, these are my opinions. I'm sorry if I upset you, but I wanted you to
thoroughly understand where I was coming from. And none of this will probably
change your mind, but at least I said what I believed.

Supporter of UNHCR

From: sam@...
Re: Appalled

Dear Supporter of UNHCR,

I’m not upset while reading your message but honestly it made me glad because you’re the first one in years who send me message to defend the UNHCR against me campaign and who connects to the UNHCR even if not formally. I respect the right of others to express their opinions and I’ll help to publish their opposite opinion as I’m doing with mine and I’ll write my comments and discuses some pints in your message.

UNHCR: “Would you have been able to survive without the assistance of the UNHCR? Did you receive food from them? Shelter? Medical care of any sort? If UNHCR is really that bad, why be registered under them for 10 years?”

SAM: I survive without any help from the UNHCR and even with their prosecution and their threats. Until today they’re refusing to do any thing for me. I was arrested 2 times and jailed fro 2 months because of the UNHCR! I registered with the UNHCR because I thought and still think it as link between the community and the refugees, now this link doesn’t work for me so I’m using the Internet to speak with community directly.

UNHCR: “The funny thing is, you base your views on their morals on the fact that they use pictures”

SAM: My campaigns do nothing with their morals or for personal problems. I made clear that I’m working to change some bad policies and procedures to improve the performance of the UNHCR. I’m not against using pictures to show the plight of the refugees but I’m against the Human-buttons and it represent very bad policy of the UNHCR not because it humiliating but more for one important fact that is: The UNHCR don’t have any right or need to ask for donation, I’ll speak more about this point in the future. I’m using pictures and the pictures are important to tell message. One picture is better than 1000 words. My campaign isn’t about pictures but it’s about the human-buttons and what it represents. I hope the UNHCR will use pictures of refugees in proper way so you and the others in the world will UNDERSTAND our problems before you feel sympathy for us as refugees.

UNHCR: “Remember that a majority of problems begin in countries with no solid foundation of governemnt...a nation still labelled as "developing". Therefore it wouldn't be wrong to say that these people are in poverty”

SAM: Article 1 of the Convention defines a refugee as "A person who is outside his/her country of nationality or habitual residence; has a well-founded fear of persecution because of his/her race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion; and is unable or unwilling to avail himself/herself of the protection of that country, or to return there, for fear of persecution."

Like you can see, the definition didn’t mention poverty or the development degree of the governments. Even Americans could be refugees like the chess championship Fisher! Any human could be a refugee, even the milliners, but I agree with you that the millionaires don’t need the UNHCR. Maybe you don’t know that not only the UNHCR working to determine the status of refugee, mostly this done by governments. A person is a refugee whether or not a legal eligibility procedure has already recognized that status. Governments set up status-determination procedures, for the purposes of determining that person's legal standing and/or rights and benefits, in accordance with their own legal system. UNHCR offers its advice as part of the agency's mandate to promote refugee law, protect refugees, and supervise the implementation of the 1951 Convention. The agency advocates that governments adopt a rapid, flexible and liberal process, recognizing how difficult it often is to document persecution. I think the milliners are able to deal with governments directly without any help from the UNHCR. Please look here:

UNHCR: “And the fact that you haven't seen a cent of money from the UNHCR in 10 years, is a good thing. They're not there to provide you money. They're there to help you survive, and sometimes that means only the most basic of things.”

SAM: How they could help a refugee to survive when they only told him provide us with a phone number to contact you when we want! My friend, they don’t care if a refugee will survive or not, all what they care about is the number of the refugees that registered in the office and that help the UNHCR to ask for more money. What are the most basing things?! They didn’t provide the refugees whom need to visit the office of the UNHCR with drinkable water till I started my campaigns when they changed the office of the UNHCR in Beirut and they put small refrigerator to provide the refugees with drinkable water at year 2002 before that and since 1996 there wasn’t any resource fro drinkable water in the office of the UNHCR. The refugees used to buy drinkable water from a small cafeteria across the street, and the coast was $1 for 2 litters and not all the refugees were able to afford that amount! Things started to change after I started my campaigns, this is what we need, we need to show all the community how the UNHCR deals with refugees and I’m working on that, I’m happy with the changes I made in the office of the UNHCR in Beirut and I hope I’ll do more in the future.

UNHCR: “that's all the dignity a person needs. The will to survive, the courage to make it through”

SAM: Human beings naturally have the power and the will to survive, but the dignity is some thing different because it’s depends on many factors like traditions and cultures. Maybe some thing makes you to feel humiliated but it doesn’t the same for others. I don’t think there is any connection between dignity and the power that push a human being to survive, the animals have this power and naturally the animals are able to survive certain circumstances better than humans do. Do you think the dignity pushed the animals to survive?

I like to tell you small story I heard from some one just came from Iraq last week. He told us about an event happened in the area located to south of Baghdad where the terrorists killed the Shi’a just because they’re shi’a. they stopped a bus on the main rood and they told every to step no picture of Imam Ali the most beloved sacred religious man for the Shi’a to save their lives. Every one step on the picture only one old man was at last when he approached the picture he went down and kissed the picture and the terrorists cut his head and let the others to go.

Now do you think that all refugees are ready to reduce their dignity to survive? And why the refugees need to accept humiliation to survive? Why the refugees need to pay from their dignity to survive and to get help from the UNHCR? Isn’t there a decent way to ask fro donation better that using human-buttons?

UNHCR: “You talk mostly of money and people's pictures. Is this really something to worry about?”

SAM: they used these human-buttons to collect money, I spoke about that point and other points in my campaign. I have many campaigns since 2002, each campaign was about specific subject. I published my old campaigns in my ebook ‘My campaigns’ you can download and read it from my websites. Maybe you felt my last campaign was about money because these human-buttons are asking for money without any other message. I don’t understand what the humans whom been used on these human-buttons are telling us. Could you think if you see one of these human-buttons somewhere without any link to UNHCR or refugees that those women are refugees? Jut some women holding babies stand on buttons with text speak ‘click here to donate’, I asked people whom knew nothing about refugees and UNHCR and they didn’t understand what these human-buttons stand for! I believe strongly that people will stay donate via clicking on buttons without any pictures for humans on the buttons, I don’t see any link between the humans on the human-buttons and the refugees, I even have doubt that they’re refugees at all!

UNHCR: “You talk of the horrible conditions in camps and the lack of food. These camps are heavens to some of these people.”

SAM: who on earth thinks the camps of refugees are havens! Do you have been in one before? If it havens so why we don’t make camps everywhere and all of us live in camps. Just question, did you read about sex abuse in the camps of refugees in Africa by UN workers? My friends the camps used to isolate the refugees from the rest of the community where the camps are located and some time as prisons or kill grounds, did you hear about the camps in Australia? It’s sad to see how easy to mislead people!!!

Please look here: this is just one example and you can search for more.

UNHCR: “In regards to the picture taken 13 years ago: who cares about the age of the pictute?”

SAM: one thing sure about this point, the UNHCR don’t care about any thing accept collecting money! But there are more people do care about many other things and I’m one of them. Misleading is misleading what ever the excuse will be.

Finely, I just like to tell you that I have nothing against the UNHCR as organization but as I’m human being and a registered refugee found that I have some thing to speak publicly on the net as the freedom of speech meant and part of my mission to help improving our situation as refugees via improving the policies and procedures of the UNHCR. I’m using the Internet to speak and discuss many points with all people whom have interest about the subject I’m speaking about, like I’m doing now with you, you didn’t upset me and I hope we’ll continue this discussion if you like. I just like to know what you mean by “I'm a UNHCR activist”? could you please tell me more about that?

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


Hello from the USA

Sender: Ms. Carson Sayers
Date: Sun Jul 24, 2005 4:42 pm

Dear Sir
I read your story with great interest and I understand hardship. I too am a
peace activist living just outside NYC. Where are you living now? I would like
to help you with your site. I don't want any money. I work in media and can
help you get your work out there.
all the best


Sender: dave justanotherfool77@...
Date: Sun Jul 17, 2005 10:34 am


I'm just writing to say that if what you say is true it sounds as though a major
atrocity is occuring with you and you seem very militant in pursuing this cause.
I can do nothing to help you. You as a reasonable individual must know this
correct? Who am I kidding ...
This submission is going to make me get more spam and you are probably tied to
some sort of insane porn spam nutzo loop. But tonight I just don't give a shit.
You see .....
I really would love to be apart of an organized effort that is interested in
justice and truth....but such an organization really doesn't exist because
everyone has an agenda and an approach which is sub-human and completely evil.
This is why we all will be getting showered with nuclear bombs in the very near
future ...bombs which come from the very organizations which pretend to be
interested in protecting common people and who pretend to really give two shits.
(aside from Godly intervention) This is a problem that goes way deeper then
politics ...greed ...and even patriotism...
It is spelled out on the backs of all who seek truth and attempt to seek out a
civil rationalism through a form of honest heart felt communication. I will
never sell my soul and I am just a father ...(my greatest accomplishment)
My greatest legacy is within the eyes of the beautiful children who I father and
love dearly. I am held down by personal vices ...but still hold to the truth of
who I am and what I am here for. I have 3 babies that are wonderful special
human beings and carry my blood. I pray they will not stray from the blood that
is within all of them. That blood is ...and an ability
to see through all of this complete fake, pious , self righteous , and most of
all ...lying ..system!
I have no cult agenda angle ...
I am a human being who has lost the ability to see the forest for the trees ....
I have a mental disability ...
I am lost in a pile of mazes and quirky redundancy ...
But I still KNOW in my being ...that you are all out there plotting
...conspiring ...and attempting to break me down.
I may be dwelling with one of your evil conspirers ..
You don't fool me ...
If paranoia is my gateway to truth then so be it...
It isn't paranoia when the evidence is overwhelming!
So tonight I take your pills ..
Eat your lies with honor ..and trust ...
And consume the consequences proudly ...
And only God knows what any of this means!


Asking Help

Sender: Mohamed Kalim k_mhd_@...
Date: Fri Jul 22, 2005 11:57 am

Dear Sir,
I am a Burmese Roingya Muslim from Arakan State. Because of heavy
discriminations Rohingyas in Burma by junta I fled to Bangladesh. Later I
entered into Saudi Arabia by holding a fake document. Later I got a domestic
workpermit here, but I was signed on a paper on the agreement of to submit a
passport which is a dream for me. But for a legalization my stay I signed n that
paper. Now it is more then 9 months that my work permit is expired. My employer
also forced me to get a passport from any where. So far A bought a fake pasport
from a person (Bengli) I fond him outside od Bangladesh conselor office at
Jeddah. When I submitted the passport the immigration arrested me by telling I
am a fake maker of Passport. The next day they brought me to a court for
judgement. I explained to judge as how I got the passport, why i bought from
where. I also told him as it is not reliable for our Burmese to get a legal
passport here. we claimed Burmese and asking forcibly passport is injustic for
us. But the judge tell me nothing and signed on a paper, after that I was taken
into the prison again. Two week later a Saudi National came to me ask my will
for release. On his assistance made me release but all my documents remained at
the office. The person who help me for release told me I must to submit a
passport if I want my work permit again with renewal. In this process, I needed
to give an amount bribe money which is out of my capability. But I ask some of
my friends and they borrowed me for my relese. Now I have owed debts and
otherwise need to give them a passport. Both are impossible for me in this
illegal status.

Finnaly I need your assistance by any possible way to recognize me refugee
status or to get passport for my crisis. No way I fond for myself except you. I
also know you sympathy will enough for me to survey myself and my other family
members who are inside Burma and depen only on me. We are aslo denied
citizenship rights in Burma since 1982. As stateless people getting a passport
is totally imposible for us without your concern. Plsease help me in you way to
what is possible.

I am counting the day for your reply.

Thank you very much for serving on human beings.


Mohammed Kalim

From Enlightened_all group

Sender: Sooli
Date: Sat Jul 16, 2005 5:26 pm

Dear Osam

Thank you very much for the message you have posted in the group. I admire the
people like you, and even even though my knowledge is not usually enough to do
the things I like to do, and also my English is not so good. But I really like
to know more about you and can be a little help if I can.
I am from Iran and at the moment I live in the U.K.
I hate wars. I have some poetry in English about wars and humans you may like to

Looking forward to hear from you

Your friend SOOLI


Sender: Lisa fancymama77@...
Date: Fri Jul 15, 2005 10:30 pm

....these images are the only things that get the attention of people with the
money to help. It is a digusting display of humiliation I agree, but most of the
people in the United States, Canada and other places don't think of the horrible
things that happen in other countries are real. They tune out the stories and
calls for help. By showing images, these people are forced to face reality.

I am unaware of the practices of the UNHCR - it sounds like you feel slighted by
them and I am sorry for that. I have forwarded your URL to others I am in
contact with and hopefully we can help in one way or another. (Unfortunately, I
am limited in what I can do here in Canada.)

My family and I sponsor a little boy in Rwanda and hope and pray that the money
I give is helping his family. I have made personal phone calls to World Vision
to inquire if he was going to be attending school and if he had school supplies.
(Just my way of finding out if things are going right there.)

My hope is that we are doing something positive for him and his family - thats
all I can do. What World Vision does with the money I send may be different from
what I expect. I have to have faith - as all of the people that give to the
organizations out there have to do.

Please accept my humblest apologies for what these people have done - I am
ashamed for them.

Mrs. L. Araujo

sam@... wrote:
Re: Unfortunately.....
Dear Araujo,

I’m not against using images of refugees, but I’m against using refugees as human-buttons to collect money. I hope you’ll understand me. UNHCR has another ways to ask for money but the money that come from these human-buttons aren’t traceable and it go to many accounts so I think it don’t use for the proposes it given for at first place. I spoke about and I’ll do more in the future.

You don’t need to be sorry for what they done with me or for the abuse they did for the women on these human-buttons, you have big heart and your help for the Rwandan boy is great help. I hope you’ll ask the UNHCR to remove the human-buttons and this will be another great help for the refugees. I hope we’ll become friends and stay in contact.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


Human Buttons

Sender: Joe Marty josephmarty@...

I appreciate what you're doing, but I'm curious as to why you started your
campaign against "human-buttons". Do you know someone who has been in one and
is mad about it? You mention that they have raised a grand total of under $1
per refugee, but I'm sure you know that the 20 million dollars doesn't just get
split up and given to individuals. It buys clean water, food, shelter, etcetera
to save the lives of the refugees. If I had the choice of being given clean
water and shelter to live, or not having people see a picture of me in the bad
situation that I'm in, I know I would choose to be given clean water and
shelter. I could care less if people see me, that being the least of my
problems, and since I'm with 20 million others in the same situation.
So, why is it that you don't think it's a good idea? Would it really be worth
losing 20 million dollars worth of life support to have your picture be kept
private? Have you talked with people who have been in these pictures and are
mad about it or something? And if you have, have they taken into account that
it's helping not only them, but 20 million other refugees who are in need of
help? Or are you saying they are not really in need of help at all?
Thanks for the work and the time you spend. Hope to hear from you.
From: sam@...
Re: Human Buttons

Dear Joe Marty,

I don’t know personally any person on these human-buttons; the UNHCR didn’t speak any thing about these humans at all. I searched much to fins any thing about them, I just found some info about the Iraqi women and I wrote that in my article. I hope you’ll ask the UNHCR the same question and I hope they’ll answer you.

They didn’t publish any fingers about the amount they’re collecting from these human-buttons! The $20 millions came from privet donors not from the human-buttons but I thought that those whom gave these donations did that because of these human-buttons because the UNHCR didn’t publish any thing about the money they received from these human-buttons. I hope you noticed that they used these human-buttons to ask for $10-100 and I don’t think it’s possible to solve our problems with that! The UNHCR clamed that their budget (1 billion$) isn’t enough so how could for $10 or $20 to solve a problem they wasn’t able to solve with millions?!

Please, notice that I’m speaking about refugees not poor people, we need to solve the problem of being a refugee not poor. When the community created the UNHCR they gave it clear target and that was to stop a human being from being a refugee and the community considered the refugee statue as an exceptional situation and it’s not possible fro human being to be in that situation for long time. The UNHCR must coordinate the efforts of the community to help the refugees to have normal life and to stop continue living as refugees. This is the idea. Now who is responsible of provide the refugees with their needs like clean water and food? The answer is all the community and the governments not the UNHCR. The UNHCR is not responsible for that and for the moment it doesn’t do any of that.

UNHCR is working now with the governments and many partners to provide the refugees with what they needs. There are more than 600 partners working with the UNHCR beside the governments. Most of the work done by programs financial by governments not the UNHCR. The work of the UNHCR is very limited. The UNHCR is just the coordinator not the major player. This is one of the truths that have been kept secret. I’ll write more about this point in the future.

To understand what the refugees need you must understand why they’re refugees at first place so you can help them. The UNHCR working to show us (the refugees) as poor people just need some dollars and this isn’t true. The refugees are the same as the other people where they’re living. For example they’re poor in Africa and rich in Europe. They’re all subject for the same economic situation. Here in Lebanon the refugees working and have the same wages as other workers! Everywhere is the same, the refugee doesn’t need to be a rich. UNHCR doesn’t exist to make refugee live as millionaires! It existed to help them to live as normal human beings poor or rich this don’t make any different.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


Human Buttons

Sender: Hugo Shepherd hugo.shepherd@...
Date: Thu Jul 14, 2005 8:27 pm

The corruption within the UNHCR to sell food that is designated for Refugees
must stop as must the Human Buttons you use to get money out of people in the
USA and the UK by putting appealing pictures of refugees on the buttons that
draw up credit card details.

I am totally disgusted with the UN for closing their eyes to this scam - like
their president Geoge W. Bush closes his eyes to helping African Boys or do
anything about the Climactic changes that where announced in the G8 Peace Summit
in Edinborough, Scotland recently.

Hugo Shepherd


Sender: Jeffrey David Kelly jeffreydavidkelly@...
Date: Thu Jul 14, 2005 2:00 pm

How are you doing. Fine I do pray. Sounds like you have had a rough life like
many in your part of our little world. I do hope that things are going okay with

What's your name? How old are you? Sexual preference? Are you into any sports,
hobbies, recreational activities...skating, surfing, motorcycles?

If you really want to learn a lot more about me on your own if you are
interested, go to my private website at:

You and your young friends feel free to e-mail me all you want. I've got a big
mouth and a passion for politics, but more about what is right and what is wrong
in this world, and what we all can do in our own little ways to fix things. Or
at least make things better for those who have little.

Nice talking to you. Take care of yourself and may GOD OR ALLAH bless you. Peace

Jeff K.

i'm interest

Sender: Fahrudin Jamil_chen@...
Date: Wed Jul 13, 2005 8:27 am

I'm from Indonesia, even that i'm not a moslem, I'm concern that bout that u
mean human button
is that true UNHCR is descriminate refugees by using their picture become human
Are they even don't get any permission to showing that picture???
That all i what to know..
May god bless n support all u're action.


Sender: Mary
Date: Sat Jul 9, 2005 5:56 am


This is the first time visiting you site. Very interesting I am sure I will be
back to read more I am american By american standards poor and find that most
american institutions that are to help do little to help. Americans thinking is
basically small. We seem not to get the big picture or the real world.
Thanks Mary
sam@... wrote:
Re: Life

Dear Mary,

Could I ask you about what does mean ‘poor’ by American standers? I just like to understand. I heard before that the Americans don’t have big interest to know more about other nations, I could understand because they have every thing in America so for what they need to look out side. But I think that now changed after Sep attacks, the majority of those whom contacted me are from America. The Americans started to understand that what happening out side is affecting them by one way or another and this will help us to improve the life on our planet.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

From: Mary Sasseen marysasseen@...
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 13:24:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Life

Hi Sam

I am a single mother of five and there father has
never helped support them I work at a blue collar job
and at times have had a hard time of things

I was not raised poor but for the last fifteen years
have been.

As far as Americans are concerned They (we) as a
whole either are taught, to believe if poor that those
in authority know more, or if not poor to look the
other way when it comes to poor, or issues that
concern others

American are arrogant creatures. Thinking that we are
the best at ever thing When alot don't even think.
The worst part is dog eat dog or get them before they
get you Sorry but disagree that Americans care what
is going on in the world after 9/11 It has made them
think having a war in another country destroying and
killing there will keep them from coming here So what
of the Innocent that die We didn't even know how many
Iraq"s have die in this war based on lies. Hell our
pres. bush still tries to connect going to war with
9/11 And Iraq had nothing to do with it Do you
really think Americans care how many Iraq civilians
have been killed Do Americans behave in there Normal
Racist Selves. By the way have so called coalition
troops and Iraq's that are fighting with Americans are
not part of the so called coalition I find this in
its self proof that we are ignorant This of course is
not all of us Some of us know every thing has the
action reaction thing World Wide



Sender: rene antonio a. arquiza reneantonioarquiza@...
Date: Mon Jul 11, 2005 7:08 am

how true is unchr is using refugees (human buttons) for profits. if true, then
what is the use of the donated money. or where is it going, is the world going
crazy or plain greed.

Your message on our e-group

Sender: Benjamin nocturnalitian@...
date: Sun Jul 10, 2005 2:51 pm


I've (somewhat tediously) read through your entire argument on the subject. I
have a few comments to make:

Firstly, I still have no idea how it is possible for myself, as a commoner and a
15-year-old without any profession or reputable status, to give aid to this
campaign. I must highlight that the e-group which you have joined is one used
for educational purposes. It is currently dormant, and was used by our class
last year for liaison and instruction-dissemination purposes.

Secondly, I admire your effort in writing out the entire mail, but it does get a
little chunky to read, and tedious too. You might want to break up your essay
into separate paragraphs/sections with appropriate sub-headings, as well as to
organize it a little so that we know where to look for the relevant information.
As a debater myself, I do, too, have haphazard arrays of thoughts which I jot
down in a huge flurry. But my classmates often tell me that they don't usually
bother to read through my long e-mails unless I organize them properly.

Thirdly, I completely support and admire your cause. I am an avid writer, and
here in Singapore we are trained to write formally. Should you need any help
iterating your intentions in a diplomatic, convincing and formal manner, I will
be more-than-glad to offer my humble aid. I do recognize the fact that you may
have reservations about employing the assistance of a possibly-puerile
15-year-old so I'll leave it as that.

I guess you should be able to scour enough introductory details about myself
from the above.


from: sam@...
Re: Your message on our e-group

Dear Ben,

I’m happy to read you thoughtful message, it’s hard to imagine that it wrote by 15-year old boy, I’m proud of you. You taught me some new words; I hope you noticed that English is my 2d language. I think you can rewrite my article to make it not tedious article.

I like to know more about you and what is your native language. I think you can support my campaign by rewrite my article and send messages to the UNHCR.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


From: Ben Chow
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 00:09:01 +0800 (CST)
Subject: Re: Your message on our e-group

Dear Sam,

First and foremost... It's my first time corresponding on an international basis and on such a formal level, and I must remark that I feel honoured to be involved in such a liaison :)

Well I think why I responded to your appeal in the first place...

I don't think this topic hit me as hard as some of the other topics currently revolving in my mind, but more of, I found your lengthy discourse rather informative. I don't think I'd ever viewed all these propagandistic appeals for aid from this light, but upon reading your arguments, it dawned on me that this was not something pedantic to be overlooked.

In fact, I'm rather surprised I actually hit the "contact" button and began typing my mail as I usually take a backseat, discussing issues casually and out-of-context with my parents and classmates. But I'm glad that I did, after all, and I hope to offer my support constructively in addition to learning more about the inworks of the UNHCR. Glad to know that

I must applaud your laudable standard of English, as a Lebanese, and your valiant battle against UNHCR. It's very heartening to note that people actually do care for the rights of others, especially in a world whereby everything seems to be controlled by economical statistics.

Thanks for clarifying the definition of a refugee. I never really thought much about the life of a refugee or what it was like to be one before, but I daresay the conventional strings were probably subconsciously attached to the term "refugee" at the back of my mind.

With all the hubbub about aid distribution (especially with the recent Tsunami crisis in my neighbouring regions) I am also particularly interested in finding out more about how all this aid collected by all these organizations is disseminated and what all those figures reported perfunctorily in the newspapers actually mean. I particularly loved your sarcasm over the 90-cents-a-year incident. :) All this money certainly has to go somewhere! So where exactly does it end up? I think much of the world who is shielded from this would concur in wanting to know more about this too!

Well, in Singapore, our national language, theoretically, is Malay (our history involves us once being part of the Malay Archipelago). Being a Chinese, I am obligated to learn Chinese in School. However, I come from an English-speaking family - my Dad and Mum primarily converse in English at home. Here in Singapore, English is also the primary working language of science, business and technology, and it is a compulsory first-language in schools. Even our mother tongue (Chinese for me) only takes the status of a "second language". I also used to take French as a third-language, and hence can speak and write (very) basic French :)

About the publishing of my mail, I'm perfectly fine with it.

I do admit that school work does cramp up the lives of Singaporean students a lot, especially those in the better schools, but I promise to try my best in undertaking any writing tasks you may require.

About your article, I think it's fine to leave it as it is for now. But in addressing mails to the UNHCR, I could probably try to phrase and insinuate your intentions more tactfully :)

Keep up with the good work, truth warrior!



from: sam@...
Re: Your message on our e-group

Dear Ben,

It’s nice to hear from you again, I’m very happy to read your message and think in same time that you’re just 15 years old. You fascinating me with your writing. I’m receiving many messages every day and mostly from English-speaking people but not all of them able to write like you, you must be proud of yourself.

I’m not Lebanese buy I’m an Iraqi refugee living in Lebanon for the moment. I thought myself to speak English. I’m working now to bring more understanding about our situation and our problems as refugees in the world. I hope that we’ll improve the performance of the UNHCR. There is a lot we could speak about the policies and procedures of the UNHCR. One of these policies is the about the donations, I think that the UNHCR don’t need to ask for donations for many reasons. I spoke about some of these reasons in my article ‘Human-buttons’ and I’ll write more in the future. I hope we’ll stay in contact and I think you can help now by send message to the UNHCR if you like and I hope that they’ll answer your message. Here are their emails:,,Hqpr00@Unhcr.Ch,,,

I hope we’ll have more cooperation and be friends without formal language. I wish you the best in your life.

Peace upon you and thank you for your understanding.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Your e-mail

Sender: bob ralston shaqinnotstird@...
Date: Sat Jul 9, 2005 9:37 pm

Dear Sir,
With all due respect I find your rantings rediculous in the current relevent
state of affairs.
First of all the UN is a pack of theives and professional politicians and you
know it. They could care less about you or your all be it legitimate concerns
for the dignity of Muslim people.
But I have a concern. The religion of Islam is said to be the religion of peace.
So wise and smart.
If that is the truth then answer me a question my good man, why do these
terrorists continue to attack their own fellow muslim people and innocent
citizens of other countries ????
Why do the "Leaders" of these Muslim countries steal from their own people all
the aid and profits from business both legal and illegal?
Why do they allow terrorist training camps to operate in their countries?
Why do so few of the "Good" Muslims stand up and demand that people stop
committing acts of terrorism in their name?
Why don"t the people of the religion of peace expel these people from their
I will tell you why, because you actually approve of and condone their acts. It
is this reason that makes people care less and less about your concerns. Your
peoples lack of compassion and respect for your fellow human beings (especially
women) that makes your point sound so idiotic. Why would you care about this
Kurdish womans dignity? She was being gassed by Saddam and nobody in that
country gave a crap about her or her people. Least of all the neighboring
countries. They were completey cut off and left for dead. Not to mention the
status of women in your enlightened religion.... they dont have the right to
chose their own mate or seek education.... hey I have an idea, lets bring back
the dark ages and we can all be happy!!!!
If you are truly Iraqi you should be back in your country fighting for your
freedom and making a better world for you people. Maybe that would be more
useful than crying like a baby about pictures on the internet.
I mean really it all boils down to what you do after all.... not what you think.
For example.... as an American.... we were opressed by the King of England
because we wanted to be treated fair by the parliment and the King. They refused
and slapped taxes and troops on us. WE decided that we would rather be dead than
opressed. We fought for our freedom and won. Do you have any idea how that must
have felt to actually have been part of winning the right to chose your destiny?
WE have defended our freedom time and again to the point of helping out other
countries that we feel deserve the same kind of blessings we have enjoyed. We
stand ready to help anyone that seeks this for their country. We have fought and
died by the Hundreds of thousands for the cause of freedom in other countries
and we are still regarded as imperialists because we are so powerful. Have you
ever wondered what makes us so powerful????
I will tell you what it is.
IT is freedom!!!!!
So go and fight for your country.... go and do something that makes a
difference.... go so my fellow Americas can come home and stop spilling their
blood for your countries cause... go and give of yourself instaed of taking from is your chance your god is watching what you do ... do not
disappoint a man of honor rather than shame.
Remember the best way for evil to prevail is for "Good Men to do nothing"
So I ask you are you a good man????
Are you???
Prove it!!!!!
Sam wrote:
Re: Your e-mail
Dear bob ralston,

I agree with you about the UN.

Islam like the other religions calls for peace and love between humans, but the religion not every thing in the life. There are many things in the life control our behavior. We’re the Moslems don’t fellow our religion’s instructions as the same for the Christians and Jewish, like we some time work against the law for example. The Moslem is a human being and he became Moslem because he born for Moslem family. Do you thing the Moslems are the same Moslems whom lived before 1000 years and do you thing the Christianity is the same like what it was before 1000 years. We’re sons of the present and the past is just history. These whom kill now with name of Islam don’t represent the Islam or the Arab. If the regional is good to provide peace and good life for the humans so why the God created more than one religion? We have evil more than what one religion could overcome.

When you think about the terrorist you must think about the circumstances where they’re living and to understand what they faced in the past 100 years just look the history. They didn’t become terrorists just because they’re moles. I hope you can read my ebook ‘The truth warrior’ I spoke about this subject.

“Why would you care about this Kurdish womans dignity? She was being gassed by Saddam and nobody in that country gave a crap about her or her people”

That doesn’t give the right to the others to abuse here just because she was victim of Saddam or we all like Saddam. People in Iraq don’t have freedom to express their opinions at that time but many felt sad for what Saddam did.

I agree with you about what make America strong ‘freedom’ and we’re the Arabic like to have freedom especially in Palestine.

I’m peaceful man and I refused to fight in the Saddam’s army and I’ll not fight in any army. I don’t like to kill people and I don’t think that’ll make me bad man. I can’t return to Iraq now for many reasons and I hope to have the chance to help my people there but without fighting. I hope you’ll read more about me here:
I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


From: Bob Ralston

Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 10:33:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Your e-mail

Enough said.

If you truly want to make a difference for the 'True" followers of Isalm you should be willing to do whatever it takes.

If the muslim people do not stand up and expell these terrorists from their mosques and not allow them to preach hate and death then as you now see the terrorists will begin to attack muslim people more and more.... as you know if you won't stand up to a bully who is trying to intimidate you it just encourages him to do it more.

But this is basic common sense that you learn in the school yard as a child. Politicians want to do things using diplomacy and this fails ultimately because it assumes that the other party is honest and trustworthy. How many politicians that you know of match that description? Exactly....
So it is up to the people not the leaders to change the world for the better.
Starting with yourself and talking to everyone you know about what must be done to stop this terrible trend towards complte collapse of civilization. Because if you cannot convince the muslim people to change this you will be completely taken over by the false muslims and we as free men will have no choice but to take action to protect ourselves as is our right to do from this awful and perverted attempt to dominate the world by death and terror. After all it doesn't take a brave man to blow up a bus full of kids and old people going to work or school does it?

It takes a coward who has chosen not to think for himself and instead will take orders from leaders who don't have the courage to do the very thing they ask of other men. Why do you think Osama Bin Hiding is on the run and why do you think he is hiding?

He is a coward and he won't put himself on the line as a human bomb to prove he really beleives in his cause... because in the end he only seeks power liek all other politicians.. he is no better than the people at the UN .

Worse maybe even but no better.

What does it gain the world if the muslim faith is promoted at gunpoint? What does it teach us? Only fear and resentment to start and then hatred and violence in the end. That is why muslim countries cannot function as democratic because people will ultimately chose to be free to decide for themselves.What a waste of human life this all is. No hope of a better tomorrow and a trail of death and pain left behind tears and anguish. No greater love has any man than that he should lay down his life for his brother Jesus said. What does that really mean? I think it means that if you are willing to sacrifice yourself for another persons benefit it shows true love for that person. Why must Americans die in Iraq ? Because we love the people of Iraq. Why do we love the people of Iraq? Because they are our brothers and sisters. Would they die for us? No not right now but if they were free to choose they might see the point..

It's a small planet nobody has all the answers but there is something in the air that is bigger than a religion or a philosophy . It is impossible to put into words but every act of love for your fellow man or sacrifice to make a better world for everyone says more than any book ever can. Don't you agree?

No subject

Sender: Bolanle,Yinka-Babalola estwal2002@...
Date: Sat Jul 9, 2005 3:49 am

Although i'm not a moslem, the gravity of the atrocities commited by the UNHCR
all in the name of humanitarian services to victims of wars and natural
disasters accross th globe is saddening.I've gone thru your
but i still can't comprehend why u are seen as a threat to the UNO.Do you have a
semblance to, or are you affiliated to, or sponsored by any terrorist group?That
aside, if all u actually do is reveal the dirty secrets of the UNHCR as you have
tried to convince the entire world,why hasn't any of the key players in the
international community come to your aid?Moreover,do you have with you,people of
like minds with whom you pursue this cause for justice?I ask this particular
question because i don't see the possibility you successfully fighting this
cause ALONE.


Sender: Jacquede
Date: Sat Jul 9, 2005 2:21 am

I understand, you are a great worrier,the truth has always been there,we as
phantoms of this world have choosen not to look at it,(it does not pay us
money).The rulers of this world do not care about you and I.It has been this way
for many years, and it shall be the same for many years.My friend, this is all
about, who conquest who,who dictates to who, and who controls who.It has been
this way, and it shall be this way for many years.History repeats itself, how
true.Sadly to say,not until we have a third world-war, we will not make any
progress,we are not far away from it.
We are phantoms of the past, and the past is catching up with us all.The
decisions have to be made.(the decision has already been made).
I do not see, this society of us making such decisions, to change the evil into
kindness,into truth.
I was born and raised in europe.Humanity is on the path to destruction.

My heart goes after all those who suffer, into the hands of the DICTATERS.

From: SAM
Subject: Re:Truth

Dear Jacquede,

I think you’re right, but what ever they decided I’ll stay myself and work for what I think it righteous. Their decision will work if we accept it. Our enemy is ourselves and our thoughts. Please don’t give up and give them the chance to use yourself against you. There are lot that we could do even if our part is very small comparing with universe, the life is just small segments, each one of use can do his part even if he’ll not success but many will success and the life continued for thousands of years and it’ll continue even if we’re (the phantoms) aren’t there. I’ll continue working on my part and I hope you’ll do also.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


peace for everyone

Sender: pia skovbo jensen piamichael@...
Date: Thu Jul 7, 2005 8:12 pm

hallo i do wish peace and love for everybody in this world, we are all the same
, religion and politics dosent matter, love and kindness and understanding

women's dignity

Sendr: Edward edwarda@...
Date: Tue Jul 5, 2005 10:43 pm


I welcome your focus in reforming the UNHCR and returning some dignity to the
refugees. however I find your critique of the display of their pictures
hipocritical and I cannot be silent when i see a sin. Please apologise to the
woman in the photo and remove her picture from your site. I understand that you
are trying to correct the sins of UNHCR by displayed and drwaing attention to
her photo - but one sin cnnot be used to justify another - whether it be murder
or indignity, we must seek to rise above hipocracy and the temptation to
monopolise the moral high ground. Perhaps you can replace the pictures with
links to the UNHCR sites, that way, when UNHCR stops displaying the pics, you
links will break automatically and the indignity need not be doubled by your
Still, thank you for your work.

"As I’m a Moslem and I am sure the UNHCR haven’t asked the
woman’s permission to display her picture publicly like they are doing now,
I am asking them to respect the Islamic religion and apologize to the woman and
remove her picture immediately. Also I am asking each Moslem person reading this
article to express their concern about this sin, which is being committed by the
UNHCR for the sake of this woman and her family. Every Moslem knows what sin is,
and it is also a sin to be silent when you see a wrong being committed. I am
asking each Moslem to contact the UNHCR and express your opinion as we are
guided to do by Islam. I’m asking Moslems particularly and all members of
other religions generally, to express concern about the abuse of refugees
because all religions are based on respect for the dignity of all humanity."


Sender: kenneth mkw_1200@...
Date: Sat Jul 9, 2005 6:33 pm

Your article was very good. You know the media is controlled by a few. So they
will use what they have to get what they want. The main problem is that the
people are separated. We are divided and conquered. Programmed. The soldiers in
the war alot of them don't agree but are scard of prison. We need to all find
common ground and come together. While we are divided they are together. Unity
is the start.


Sender: Blüm Marcus ysedcft2002@...
Date: Tue Jul 5, 2005 1:08 am

Dear Mr. Osam Altaee,

thank you for your email about refugees in the middle east that reached me by
hasard in an yahoo group about personal ads.

WE, the menkind are not blind for the problems and the suffering of many people.
I collected as a former young journalist in lot of free time in the last 15
years several hundred boxes with medicine, medical equipment, clothes, used
glasses, food and so on for many needy people in several countries in afrika,
turkey, east europe and the balkan and also for humanitarian clubs in my own
town, Kaiserslautern in south west Germany. I continue to collect humanitarian
material that I can send to needy people and to collect money for local clubs
that care direct succesfull for needy people in poorer countries.

I know that arabs or muslems are offended easily in questions of religion and so
I think that you have right to expect that the UN does not use fotos of muslem
women, if they did not agree that theese pictures are published in the internet.
On the other hand, pictures show the poverty and the need and only textes in the
media will not reach the hearts and souls of the "rich" inhabitants of the
earth, but pictures that show what happens. By the way, in my own eyes, such
pictures are not against the dignity of people shown on the pictures, but show
their dignity.

I wish good luck and good health to you and every human in need. I´m sorry to
say that I have no interest to read all your textes, also because I get tired if
I read to much in English that is not my native language. To excuse me I want to
let you know that I have already 4.000 books in my apartment, but no tv-set or
broadcast, because it would make me silly.

Two years ago, I send several letters with 10 US-Dollars to five german
nongovernment organsiations in the irak to help the civilians. Thats all I could
do for you and the iraqui peolpe, because I have not much money to live.

The refugees of the world are not forgotten in my life, I feel for you and wish
you good health and better days, enough to eat, clear water and a home and a

If you still feel offended by the UN because they use fotos of refugees, I would
like to send you an excuse in the name of the people who are responsible for

with kind reagrds

Marcus Blüm, Germany

requesting humanrights to see my problems

Sendr: abdifateh
Date: Sun Jul 3, 2005 12:36 pm

iam refugee in eritrea
iam somali
my brother is sick up to 99 up to 200
general health of eritea give him
we take medical board to unhcr protection in asmara
she take medical board one name is sadio
sadio is working unhcr but eritrean wamen
she said go in to camp massawa
and iwill tell you when come to answer in head office in geneva .
we comeback to camp 2003
we come of unhcr office in asmara and asking the medical board of my brother
than she said idont seen but iam asking to anther protection names reachel
reachel there is not any document in your document
maneger kabbe bernande said now sadio there is not her but i will tell him
now go to your camp up to now there is not answer from unhcr in asmara
now iam requesting humanrights to see my problem of my brother.
my e_mail

I want to act...I have issues to express as well...I am based in

endr: Rabelani Daswa rabedaswa@...
Date: Sat Jul 2, 2005 4:04 pm

I am a member of the newcheguevara yahoo group...I saw your email sometime
ago...I did not go through it very well untill today when I realised that the
issue is very sensetive and crucial to be dealt with right awy..
I do not know how much support you have got on thenet yet but my adddituon to
your campaign and fideya against corruption and inhuman reap offs is that we
should unite and go against it in a united way..not only muslims in particular
but also all the humanitarieans utalitarians of the world so that we may even go
physical and practical.

Work through the Amnesty International and other relavant government offices
across the world.

Let me hear from you first and then we can work from there.....

peace in the world.
rabe daswa


Sendr: daina
Date: Tue Jun 28, 2005 3:42 am

hey i saw the message you posted in our group and it is very interesting. I am
grateful for the internet b/c we can use it as a means to let people know what
is going on in the world and it is great that you were able to find us. Let us
know about the things that are happening there in Lebanon and we can pray for
you and your country Sam.


Sender: Maya Banawy
date: Sat Jun 25, 2005 7:59 pm

Hi Sam,I do admire you for what u r doing ,and all your books,I am a refuge to
the UK myself,and i do have a story to tell,I teach now at a school for
refugees,and I meet a lot of Kurds,whom I do respect so much and admire,u people
r so kind and have suffered a lot,may god help you to gaine your fredoum,wish
you all the best....Maya.

Felt like writing

From: Subhajit Mandal good_dn@...
Date: Sat Jun 25, 2005 8:41 am


I am impressed by the work you are doing. There are two things I wanted to say.

1. The pictures must be used. At this state of poiverty and low life.......does
the filling of the stomach comes first or your dignity? Rich people have no
heart. Its only through these pictures can you convey to the real world the
actual state you are living in cause we in some remote country otherwise will
not know what is going on and those wiht no heart might just look at the
pictures and donate something. As crude it may sound but this is the only way of
publicity that can get you donations.

2. The only way I can think of helping you is through forwarding this
mail........and creating awareness......If there is anything I can do further do
tell me.....I a boy of 20 have visions and if the visions earn me a lot of money
I will not forget you.

May GOD be with you......Although I don't beleive in Him....but I am sure He is
in your HeaRT

sam@... wrote:

Re: Felt like writing

Dear Subhajit Mandal,

I'm not against using pictures to show some thing. Pictures are messages and can tell a lot, but the problem is when they used it in wrong way. They tried to show that all the refugees are poor and they only need money and this isn't true. I even don't think that these pictures are for registered refugees. I want the UNHCR to tell the truth, UNHCR isn't there to help the poor but only to help the refugees even if they are rich, and it does nothing with money. There is another organization working to help the poor and no one else used human-buttons but only the UNHCR did that. I even don't think that the UNHCR have the right to ask for donation because it the responsibility of the governments to support the UNHCR financially, UNHCR asking for donations to reduce the contribution of the governments. Each $1 comes to UNHCR save a government $1. These human-buttons working to help the governments not the refugees!

It'll be great help if you forward my article and if you contact the UNHCR to tell them about your opinions.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.



From: subhajit mandal good_dn@...
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 07:56:37 +0100 (BST)

Subject: Re: Felt like writing

You can surely publish my mail if ytou want to.
I have no idea as to how the money flows or how much
of it passes on to the rightful people.
But yes one thing I would surely stick my voice to and
that is all the money that comes irrespective of the
source, must go to the needy, the refugees WHO

on the contrary its these rich refugees who must be
contributing to the welfare of the downridden one
cause they are from the same boat.

Do kindly send me the web page address where you have
written about the distress of the refugees and I will
forward it to all my friends.


From: John johnasdfasdfasdf@...
Date: Thu Jun 23, 2005 8:13 am

1. Why are your websites owned by someone in Austrailia if you are living in

2. why is your book an .exe file and not a Pdf?



From: SAM

1. 2 of my sites are hosted with a company located in Australia. The net is international and you can be everywhere and have site hosted any where in the world. I always look for cheep company to host my sites and the place isn’t matter since people everywhere are able to see my sites.
2. Pdf needs lot work and the programs to make pdf are expensive. I like to work with html because it’s like doing websites and it’s easy. Html is more attractive than pdf.

I hope you’ll like my answers, if you have more questions just ask me.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.



i need help

Sendr: ernest arinze
Date: Sun Jul 3, 2005 4:54 pm

there sir
im nigeria citzen seeking asylum in malaysia ,i was asylum on march 29.2005 i
was arrested on 5th may 2005 on my way to unhcr office to complain my sickness i
was present my ref card apointment to police he over look it told me here is
malaysia no UN power.i was send to lock up police for 14days i cant contact
anybody even UN send me to court geoge me as ilegal imigrant sentence
me 2months in maximum prison i have serve finish. i was realised now telling me
to go back to my country which i run away 4 police is still
sarching for UN asylum i dont know where to go ascape from this nation malaysia
bcz if i arest again it dubble my sentence plzz i need help to quit here .any
country that regard UN im ok to stay .i dont work here is out of people help i
eat .upon my suffer from africa i came from .now i enter jail 1st time bcz im
asylum in malaysia .plz i need help b4 i dei join my father past away .thanks

best wish

From: Stephen sulf20022003@...
Date: Wed Jun 22, 2005 10:45 pm

I pray for God guidance on your behave.
Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for victory in your struggle.
Take care & watch . your back

Friday, February 16, 2007


From: sophiapoesia@...
Date: Wed Jun 22, 2005 7:04 pm

The most powerful moment in a warrior's life is when he lays down his sword.
Because I live in a country that promotes self determination, I am determining
for myself how I can best help your valient efforts for truth. When there is
nothing left for you in this world except for God, then God will be all you
need. Don't worry so much about your women. Their names are safe in the mouths
of those who love them. Love them. Love changes everything.
Sophia Echeverria