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From: kolawole@...
Date: Tue Oct 26, 2004 10:31 pm

i will like to salute your courageas a refugee at the same time an activist. iam a geology student in nigeria and also a member of a group that campignagainst hiv aids.i saw your maill through our group address and i inist omailing you personally. i want you to be informing me about the latestdevelopment in bringing peace to this world and especially your own effort insoliciting for the refugees,
yours sincerely kolawole looking forward to read from you soon

iraqis will soon be free

From: zam@...
Date: Wed Oct 27, 2004 4:30 pm

Hello SAM,I hard that you are an iraqi living in lebanon as a refugee, you have don something very wonderful by developing your self through you publications,keep itup.soon we shall be campaining for true democracy in iraq and your contact ishighly needed so contact me with my email adresses.Thanks very much
yours zam c abraham


From: sabinmn@...
Date: Tue Oct 26, 2004 10:04 pm

I readed your email. I finnaly understend. You have made a difference.The Romanian people now knows.

This may help-

From: Marsha@...
Date: Tue Oct 26, 2004 5:24 pm
Hello, My name is Marsha. I am an American. I just read an article you wrote and went to your web-site. I thought that I have a constact that may be able to help out.They make sure you recieve the profits from goods sold etc. I am sure they are not perfect but I bet they could help you get the word out and maek some money to fund your peace work and for nessessities. I hope this helps. as well Marsha (I am working on my website now and will be adding much about fair trade and peace) May I add a link to your site? If so, what would you like it to say? And which URL address do you prefer I use?
"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."GandhiMake sure your vote counts on Election Day.


From: nar@...
Date: Sat Oct 23, 2004 1:58 am

Namaste,thanks for your kind information please send me this kinds of informationbecause I am very new on this field so I need som information.
Now we have a great festival call dashain, people are coming there home tocelebrate this festival, and Deepawoli also coming soon.
nar bahadur Tandan KshetriExecutive
DirectorNew rural Development CenterTulsipur Muncipality City-5,
DangP O Box: 12839Kathmandu,

Respect and dignity

From: Georgina@...
Date: Thu Oct 14, 2004 7:55 am

I really appreciate you efforts, and understand you dilemas, i alsodisagree with this disrespectful, tokenist attitude. Thisis the letter i wrotethem:Dear UNHCR,
I am a student currently working on a research project, interviewing refugeefamilies in Australia. While it is the case that these people are kept inpoverty even in western countries, due to language barriers, lack of education,no work experience, qualifications not being recognised and social isolation,not to mention other disadvantages, such as starting off in debt, and the traumaof coming from a war situation. It is still the case that poverty was not thereason for them leaving their home to begin with. In fact i would argue that itis "first world", western countries, trying to gain control of the resources inthe third world, that is creating wars, and displaced persons. In fact, it isthe need for growth in capitalist economies, which means that free tradepolicies are promoted, and globalisation and exploitation of poorer countries(rich in resources, but made poor through dept to the IMF/ world bank) occurs.Therefore it is disgusting to imply, that by taking tokenist amounts of moneyback of the western countries, will solve any poverty crisis in the "thirdworld" or help refugees find security and peace.For this reason I seriously recommend that you reconsider your approach. Whileaid to poor countries is necessary, perhaps we should stop exploiting them,taking their resources, and undermining their way of life, which is moresustainable to begin with. Perhaps we should be promoting respect of otherculture, and ways of living, and perhaps we should be reconsidering our ownposition, and how we are creating this poverty, through the uneven distributionof wealth and resources, which cannot be resolved with a free market economy,which does not allocate resources efficiently to areas needed, rather to areaswhere profits can be made. This actually undermines the ability to continue, aseventually there won't be enough consumers, and we won't be able to produceenough. Resources are finite, we must be investing in new forms of energy, andpressuring corporations, rather than working on levels being effected by this.We must change that which is creating poverty and wars and refugees, namely theunsustainable nature of capitalism.Thank you for you time.SincerelyGeorgina Watney(student and researcher for St. Vincent de Paul Society, Australia)

Refugee email

From: John@...
Date: Wed Oct 13, 2004 10:57 pm

Your email on the refugee situation was very helpful pointing out themisunderstandings that people have when considering other cultures, notto mention refugees themselves. Thanks for sharing your story, andwillingness to stand up for what you believe in.
I'm sure there are counterpoints to your statements, but it is not myplace to raise them. I admire that you have taught yourself to readEnglish and are making an effort to draw attention to the world'srefugee problem.
Here in South Florida we have many refugees who are not poor, but agreat many who are, too. Most come for political reasons, and notpoverty, and make wonderful citizens once they are absorbed into oursociety. Unfortunately, Lebanon and other areas of the world do notseem to allow refugees to take an equal place in their society, furtherexacerbating the refugee dilemma.
I am trying to gather together others around the globe who feel an innerurge to speak out and get involved, just like you. I hope you will joinus. You can find out more at
Best of luck to you in your fight for human rights and dignity.



From: phonosemantics@...
Date:Mon, 04 Oct 2004 12:33:59 -0500

you have sent a message asking to be added to the waata_chis
discussion list concerning the Yahgan language. I always check out people
before adding them. All references to you on the WWW concern your books-
you don't seem to have any interest in native american languages. I have
to conclude that I am the target of a mass mailing. I'm not happy with
this, since actually I'm somewhat sympathetic to many of your ideas which
I read.

Hey, lots of people try to make a few bucks off their pet projects. The
problem is that this is exactly what the UN is doing too, as well as many
supposedly charitable organizations. One sets up a problem and asks for
monies to be sent. And nobody is the wiser if some or all of the money
never makes it to the supposedly intended.

I myself have discovered a church-based fraud of major proportions dealing
with Somalia refugees. An old ex-girlfriend from this church married a
Somali immigrant, who has been funnelling aid money, all in the name of
helping minority Christians in Somalia. Since the shit hit the fan there
more recently these people have disconnected all their phone lines and
won't answer e-mails, and their organization people here in the US didn't
want to answer any questions I had. First I thought- gee maybe they were
there and have been killed (whether or not they were legitimate). Then I
saw the guy on TV news here a couple of weeks ago pretending to be a black
Muslim farmer whose family he said were slaughtered by the Janjaweed.
Funny that this supposed farmer had such good English, with New Jersey
accent patterns to boot. That was the last straw for me.

I don't know whether these folks are independent criminals or are working
for governments or the UN. All I know is that even if there is genocide
going on there there is also all this criminal activity- and good TV
public relations to get people to open their wallets. Even if the US
government is not directly responsible, it is clear they must be aware of
all this. What a bunch of horse manure. Probably the Somali government is
just as bad- a nice land grab by the militias whether they directly
support it or not.

I'm sorry you are as upset about all this as you are- the one thing people
never seem to conclude from all their observations is the real truth. Shit
floats. Good people never rise to the top, only the selfish, the criminal,
or the crazed, if they have charisma and either good personal skills or an
organization. Power, money, freedom from laws applying to their own
behavior are their goals, and they want the people on the bottom to pay
for it, and like it. Many if not most of these folks get a real kick out
of taking candy from babies- head games, organized psychodramas around the
innocent, blackmail syndicates (very highly organized and big numbers of
people involved, not the isolated individual blackmailer TV and books
would have you believe). A recent report by a California think tank
estimates that the Russian Mafia alone controls assets worth AT LEAST half
a quadrillion dollars. They looted the former USSR and used the money to
buy into the "free world". Now they are everywhere in the US- insinuated
into corporations, organizations, government, educational institutions.
Not a really new thing, but with the power of a former state behind them,
giving them unprecidented access everywhere.

Putin in control in Russia, Austrians and Germans in or potentially in
important political positions here in the US. And so on. They are eating
up the former smaller criminal groups- the US Italian mob, for instance,
are going to jail or marrying into the Russian families. Hollywood is now
filled with money from these people being laundered by stupid low quality
movies that never see a theater, an old trick since big budget (or
supposedly big budget) projects are perfect. So are big government science
projects (or in Universities), and so on.

This is true everywhere- it doesn't matter what the country is, the
religion, the gender, the race. People are alike in this regard. Only the
details vary. Even if we got rid of all these folks (hard to do since they
control the money and the communication lines) their ranks would just be
refilled by the next generation. Only by changing human nature itself
(pie-in-the-sky genetic engineering, since its obvious from experiments
like Socialism and Communism that talking solutions based on upbringing
won't do squat re power structures and psychology) will this change. Maybe
one day.

In the meantime don't be a party to this crap. If you really feel strongly
take a bold stand without giving in to the easy path these people took.
And stop trying to get on inappropriate mailing lists without first
looking to see what the heck they are about- I'm trying to save a dying
language, without a penny in outside help.

Jess Tauber

refugee status..

From: kamoihelelani@...
Date:Sat, 25 Sep 2004 00:41:45

Hi Osam, very interesting article you wrote on the tragedies faced by
refugees around the world and specifically in your instance I believe,
refugee status in Lebanon. You are, it appears, a very intelligent man, so
are you able to support yourself via the internet and contacts thereby. I
know other refugees for the most part aren't as sophisticated as you are
to afford them this advantage, so how are they able to survive . Are they
helped somehow by the Lebanese government or supported somehow by
altruistic groups ? How are you able to have access to a computer and the
internet, since that would require some resources (i.e. private home,
library, school etc.). Just curious and trying to learn more about your
efforts. Thanks,

working together?

From: Dirk_A_Wolf@...
Date: Sun Sep 12, 2004 7:57 am

Hello, My name is Dirk Wolf, and I am the head of a group called the
United Citizens Alliance. We are currently trying to bring about some major
changes in the world, including a global bill of human rights. Given your
efforts in the arena of human rights, I thought you might be interested in
joining forces in some way. I can cetainly use all the help I can get.

I have a website under construction at it is still fairly
rough around the edges, but it as a copy of the Guarenteed Rights of Personal
Liberty, which is the "bill of rights" I mentioned.

I look forwad to hearing from you.

Dirk Wolf
Hegemon of the
United Citizens Alliance


From: cbrouillet@...
Date: Wed Sep 8, 2004 7:42 am

Your article was fascinating- wish I could help. I'd actually like toabolish war/injustice and hopefully that would ease the refugee problem. I'velearned that the highest levels of government are very corrupt/criominal- so nowI'm trying to expose that and hopefully that will help the world situation-
my press advisory that I'm sending out today-
Blow the Whistle on Cheney, and the 9-11 Cover-Up!
“I will name Vice President Richard Cheney as the prime suspect in the massmurders of 9/11 and will establish that, not only was he a planner in theattacks, but also that on the day of the attacks he was running a completelyseparate Command, Control and Communications system which was superceding anyorders being issued by the FAA, the Pentagon, or the White House Situation Room;
“I will establish conclusively that in May of 2001, by presidential order,Richard Cheney was put in direct command and control of all wargame and fieldexercise training and scheduling through several agencies, especially FEMA. Thisalso extended to all of the conflicting and overlapping NORAD drills -- someinvolving hijack simulations -- taking place on that day.”…
Michael C. Ruppert, publisher of, author of Crossing the Rubicon- The Decline ofthe American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil,in a San Francisco speech at the Commonwealth Club on August 25th
In light of the new evidence about Cheney’s active role in the planning andthe execution of the 9-11 attacks, the theme of the San Francisco September 11thRally/March has been expanded to- “Blow the Whistle on Cheney!,” a full page adin the San Francisco Bay Guardian will appear September 8th, laying out thelatest revelations, since official complicity in 9-11, remains one of the most“censored stories of this century.” The annual Protest Rally/March from thePanhandle (between Oak and Fell @ Ashbury), up Ashbury, down Haight Street toGolden Gate Park to Speedway Meadow for the 6th Annual 9-11 Power to thePeaceful Concert will begin at 10:00AM and the March is scheduled for 10:15AM;The original theme is AGAINST the 9-11 Cover-Up, Lies, Crimes, War, StateSponsored Terrorism, a Global Police State, and FOR Truth, Peace, Justice andCompassionate Impeachment.
The damning evidence on Cheney, helps clarify the truth about the strangebehavior of Bush on that day. Cheney was in charge and in direct control of theSecret Service, which is why “they didn’t rush Bush to safety.”
Michael Ruppert will speak again at the September 9th New York- 9/11Citizens' Commission: "The Omission Hearings"; co-chaired by CongresswomanCynthia McKinney and Catherine Austin Fitts. Citizen organized InternationalInquiries into 9-11, researchers, authors, have coalesced into a Global 9-11Truth, Peace, and Justice Movement. A recent Zogby poll revealed that half(49.3%) of New York City residents and 41% of New York citizens overall say thatsome US leaders "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or aroundSeptember 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act.” 9-11 educationalevents are being organized for California, New York, and throughout the world.See for details.


From: ali_haider@...
Date: Wed Sep 8, 2004 1:10 pm

Dear Sam,
First of all I would like to say that you one strong man and very brave to fightagainst the UNHCR and would courage you for your work.
Coz we public who Donate millions and billions of money and as we see that stillthe poor people who are really in need of shelter are not getting.
Well I think you are strong man who really has the guts face them in the Humanright and Human respect.
Well I wish you all the best and wish that one day you will reach at the topwhere all human being gets their right and respect.
Once again thank you for opening the world eye and letting them know what UNHCRis doing to poor refugees.
God bless
Hind Haider

Your campaign for remuving the pics

From: octav@...

Greeting sir and respect for your way of thinking and expressing

yourself! I am not a refugee so I cannot say I understand what you feel

or what you are going through.. Still, allow me some points of


When you say „I'm very sorry to discover that the UNHCR have the same

policies as Saddam Hussein, the tyrant of Iraq!”, are you really

serious? I am a student in Political Science and I must tell you that only

similar things can be compared. And a sovereign state is by no means

comparable with a UN agency. You should take into consideration the fact

that the UNHCR’s budget is formed from voluntary donations from the UN

states… and that they have done a world of good to many refugees. Did you

ever tried to see the world from their perspective?

I am not saying that they are rights and you are wrong! But Saddam

killed maybe 800.000 Kurdish people in his Anfal and relocation campaigns.

You mean to tell me the NHCR did the same???

I totally agree with you on the fact that they should not use the

pictures of refugees without their consent, because this violates their

right to privacy. But when you say that displaying images of Muslim women

without the „Burq’a” veil is a sin, in my view that is just another

patriarchal, narrow-minded, male-centered idea! I mean, how can you talk

about human rights and still believe that making women wear a veil over

their head and even face is legitimate?? And don’t give me the „this is

our culture” speech because I heard it too many times before. I am not

a Muslim, but I read the Koran. I also read the Torah and the Bible.

And in none have I found that it is God’s wish that women wear veils over

their head or face! Maybe you know, maybe you don’t know, but in

traditional Christian orthodox communities women also must wear a veil over

their head, so that other men cannot see their hair… I think it is

something that belongs to the past now.

Of course, we can have a discussion about traditional societies and

their advantages, but never will you convince me that not allowing the

women to get an education and to see how it is to live in a equal society

is the only means of protecting them from the evil world out there. I

am not a women so I don’t really have an informed opinion, but neither

are you, so I’d say it’s a fair argument.

Now, I’d like to learn some more about your views because I was

positively impressed with your ideas and I wanted to post your “article” on my

NGO’s we-site, but when I saw your stand on the veil I changed my mind…

Still, as soon as I will get in touch with somebody from the UNHCR I

will ask him or her your questions!

Best regards and good lock! May Allah be with you!

Re: Your campaign for remuving the pics
Frome: SAM

Dear Octav,

I welcome your observations and I’m very happy. I received many messages about my last campaign but all was support messages. You’re the first one who mentioned some opinions and try to discuss some points with me. I’ll try to comment on the points that you mentioned in your message.

“UNHCR have the same

Policies as Saddam Hussein, the tyrant of Iraq!”, are you really


Yes my friend I’m very serious, and that not my opinion only but that what all the other refugees think here in Lebanon. I’m just trying to bring their voice to the entire world. There are some bad policies in UNHCR and I’m trying to focus the light on these policies. Not only that but I’ll accuse the UNHCR of committed crime against humanity at least in one document event; you’ll read the details in my ebook ‘REFUGES FARM’. I hope you’ll read my book and to help me with some legal points regard that subject.

About comparing the policies of Saddam and the UNHCR.

When I speak: “Saddam has bad policies depend on punishing every one who dare to speak against him”.

When I speak: “UNHCR have bad policies depend on punishing every one who dare to speak against them”.

Here I think that I’m comparing the policies not the persons or the type of the punishment. In Islam killing one human is like killing all the humans. 1 or millions is the same, killing is killing on human or more. If you kill one human you’ll be killer and you’ll stay killer even if you’ll help millions.

“and that they have done a world of good to many refugees. Did you

ever tried to see the world from their perspective?”

No they made the world worse for refugees. You’ll read very detailed and documented example in my ebook “REFUGEES FARM” what you read in my campaign is nothing about UNHCR if you’ll compare it with what in the ebook.

But Saddam killed maybe 800.000 Kurdish people in his Anfal and relocation campaigns.

You mean to tell me the NHCR did the same???

I didn’t speak that they did like Saddam, but I spoke that they have the same policies like Saddam and they didn’t kill that amount of people yet because they didn’t have the same tools. Saddam has the tools. I’m trying now to prevent that for the moment. They killed some refugees and many refugees had died because of them. They tried with me personally. My friend when I see some people at risk and when I see some people get killed in front of my eyes and when they’re under my responsibility. When I see all that and I do nothing or even speak some thing to stop that or even to prevent that from happing in the future so I’ll be killer. I’ll show you many documents about that in my book.

But when you say that displaying images of Muslim women

without the „Burq’a” veil is a sin, in my view that is just another

patriarchal, narrow-minded, male-centered idea! I mean, how can you talk

about human rights and still believe that making women wear a veil over

their head and even face is legitimate?

Sorry but I didn’t speak this! This is completely not correct. This what I spoke: So what do you think now about the UNHCR using pictures of Moslem women on the net as a banner and as a human-button to collect money where millions of men could see her!!! That is a very big sin in Islam. And: As I’m a Moslem and I am sure the UNHCR haven’t asked the woman’s permission to display her picture publicly like they are doing now, I am asking them to respect the Islamic religion and apologize to the woman and remove her picture immediately.

I didn’t speak like you put in your message: displaying images of Muslim women

without the „Burq’a” veil is a sin. I mentioned the veil as an example for what the some Moslems thinks about exposing the face. But I mentioned that exposing that woman without her permission is a sin. Notice that I didn’t speak ‘without a veil’ she has 2 covers on her head and the UNHCR used the picture like it’s. I consider the veil is personal matter and every woman has the right to wear or not, that isn’t my business. But to use a picture of refugees like they doing now to collect money is humiliating and they redacted nearly 20 millions refugees in these pictures. These pictures representing others and me we don’t agree and that. Now if they used these pictures to bring help for these humans in these pictures exclusively, that’ll be another matter but like you see they generalized the idea about the idea that the refugees are poor and in need for money. Show me please one human being on earth doesn’t need money! We’re all in need for money, that’s for all the humans not only the refugees. Believe me we need understanding and security before the money and what they’re doing now will not bring both of what we need.

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t know, but in

traditional Christian orthodox communities women also must wear a veil over

their head, so that other men cannot see their hair… I think it is

something that belongs to the past now.

I know about that, I saw many times in the movies the women in funerals put veils in western countries. I think it’s relating to the dignity of human not for religions. We as humans use cloths to bring more respect, good cloths show every one that you’re respectful. Mostly the cloths give some impression about the human. Vail like the hat its just messages.

but never will you convince me that not allowing the

women to get an education and to see how it is to live in a equal society

is the only means of protecting them from the evil world out there.

My friend I’m humanist not religious or politician man. I consider the veil as any other personal matter. Any woman has the right to wear or not. In my family one of my sister wear vail and the other not, they just do what they like. For us it’s just a piece of cloths. But the problem of veil now in the world became subject to attack the Moslems. The majority of girls and women don’t wear it now, but when the west used it for political purposes like in France. At any way this is not my subject. But I think that I need to rewrite this part of the article.

I hope the people of the UNHCR will answer you. Please could you tell me the way you’ll use to contact them? At nay way they didn’t answer any one whom contacted them. I wish you good luck with them.

Thank you for your care. I hope we’ll have more cooperation. And please, could you tell me more about you.



World Portrait

From: sociocracy@...
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 18:03:44 -0500

Dear Sam,

My name is Mariëlle Jansen, I live in the Netherlands (also called Holland). I have been a volunteer in the field of assistance to refugees for many years, so of course I was touched by your email 'If you are a human', which I received through the Australian Quest 2025 list.
This email reminded me of an article I read in the September issue of 'Internationale Samenwerking', a magazine that is published and spread free of charge by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs (dept. of Development Co-operation).
This article dealt with an organisation called 'World Portraits', which is creating awareness about the need to recognise copyrights of people in third world countries whose photos are used for campaigns etc.

World Portraits was started by BAS VAN BEEK, who works with the photo department of largest Dutch press agency ANP (Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau). I think he would be the person you need to contact.
I looked up the web site and found this address at

Wishing you all the best in your campaign,
Sincerely, Marielle


From: venuszendy@...
Date: Sat Sep 11, 2004 5:18am
Frome: venus Saldaٌa venuszendy@y...Hello my name is Venus Zendy Saldaٌa Garcia, I´m 27 years old, I´m from Trujillo Peru, I´m student of Social Communication in the University and next years finish the carrier.The intention of this letter is present me before your Institution as possible voluntary. I have vacations three months - January, February, March- in the University and I like me work, learn, help to yours. My English is regular but present I learns more English and too German. The August months I was vacations and I worked in the jungle of Peru with Indigenous Community. Fantastic experience !! I think that born the help to other people !Please consider me petition ! ! AttentamenteVenus Saldaٌa G.

Editing ebook

From: rosannarac@...
Date: Sun, 08 Aug 2004 04:35:16 +0100

Hi Sam, my name is Rosanna. I am interested in helping proofread your ebook. I am a Masters graduate in International Education Development from Columbia University in New york. I have taught English for several years to foreign students from all over the world and taught english abroad in Egypt so I feel I can help you with the proofreading. Please let me know what I need to do to get started.


Free Ebook

From: "Valerie & Michael"
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 21:05:43 +0800

Hello Sam
my name is Valerie. I am a scientist and have had a number of articles
published in my field. I am also a person who cares about others in the
world, in particular refugees and all those fleeing terror.
I would like to help you with your book. I do not have much time, so do not
know how fast I can be, but will try to do a page here and there. You can
accept or disregard my suggestions as you like. I do not need or want any
recognition, and i hope your work gets finished and into the public sphere.
You have done a truly wonderful job.
All the best to you
valerie gearon

interesting but,,,,

From: andy emailinandy@...
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 02:10:53 -0700 (PDT)

I read some of the pages..the format/spelling ect was fine for the most part....more of a journal diarie than a book although it could be made into a movie script, if it were not part of an overall problem virtually everywhere to some degree. Most people are grinding through their everyday routines, and only take the time to be entertained in a way that allows a mental "escape" from the tragedies withinn our being group.You obviously are committed to sincerity and fairness, and every bit helps. I have a humanitarian site and was actually surprised at how many have similar issues and concerns. I have taken a pure logic approach, as a way to be "all inclusive" . All religion, philosophy, cult, and movements have always been about the connection of our being group. Ironically we could not be separate if we lived to be 500 years and tried. All being groups have a thread to each other and a thread to "bliss" the vastness of vast and the smallness of small to the
center of self can nly be perceived as "blissful euphoric wonderment" and is the exact same for every realization of existence experience. There are 2 possible inevitable eventualities ...extinction or connection, the question is how much misery until one designation becomes irreversable...Everyone feels alienated and wants to belong...the rest is action<>reaction of power, vanity, greed and non-inclusiveness creates the "pain behind the eyes". as it increases in one of us so it does for us all...and as ones eyes are made to "twinkle" , we all perceive relief. Eventually brain wave mapping will prove guilt or innocence, as the technology is already in the works. This should help some but we have a long way to go still to evolve into a cummulative synoptic paragon. As humans we produce more than enough food and shelter, actually 1/2 the food ends up in waste...its too bad the power worm ones in our group are too weak to be sincere, fair and compassionate.
I hope this was inspiring and encouraging,
sincerely andy marez


From: mothnflame@...
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 07:44:18 +0100

I would be happy to proof read some of your stuff. I lived in Turkey for 4 years, and studied
near eastern literature, so I spent a fair amount of time translating works back and forth from
english to turkish. I wish I had time to learn arabic... maybe later in life.
But I'm a fairly good writer, so maybe I can help.

I think it is very important to get stories out about real people in Iraq, I'm looking forward
to reading your stories.

your request regarding proofreading

From: annielu38@...
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 03:28:59 +0100

Hi Sam, I belong to the yourwritingchoice yahoo group, and I just read your message.
I would be happy to help, I am not anyone professsional but I am a writer,
and always have been, if you know what I mean. I am very good at grammar, spelling,
proofreading. I also believe in helping others out in their sincere endeavors,
because I travel my own Way, and only me and Jesus are on my road. In other words,
I do not believe organized religions are of G-d, they are of man and are political.
I have a yahoo group called The Temple of the Crown (crown referring to the crown chakra),
which is You are welcome to join if it suits you.
I am also creating a site with the same title as the group, trying to spread a message to
others that says "stand firm in your faith, seek G-d for yourselves, within yourself".
I could help you out and in return, if it is not objectionable to you, my message,
I mean, then a little nonstrenuous promotion would be extremely appreciated. Let me know.

annie duran

I am willing to proofread anything!

I am willing to proofread anything!

From: tanyathamkruphat04@...
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 02:52:56 +0100

Hi, I saw the email you sent out to people about proofreading your book. I am willing to do it.
I don't need any kind of money compensation at all. Actually, I am looking for any kind of
editing and writing experience I can obtain. I am about to do my M.S. in Communication Studies
with a Journalism concentration because I plan to be a news writer here in the U.S. How do I
get started? You may email me back at the following email address.Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Tanya Thamkruphat

Proof Reading of Refugees Farm

From: mydmermaid@...
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 19:56:13 +0100

This is Mayada from Egypt. I'll be happy to help u in proof reading ur book.
However, i do not promise a very fast help because i work and study for my M.A.
in English and Comparative Literature. I'll check the book and start working on it
as soon as possible. But I have just a small question; u said u r Iraqi, however ur name
is Sam which is not an Arabic name... so?

Hope to hear from u soon and good luck in ur project!


From: SAM
Marrhaba Mayada,
My real name in Arabic is: عصام the voice for my name as my mom pronounced is Osam.
I used Osam on my book the truth warrior Osam Altaee. The small children mostly calling me
samsam and some of my friends doing that also. One time I worked for Belgians here in Lebanon
and it was hard for the to pronounce Osam so the called me sam. I'm using SAM as my nickname.
I hope I had answered your question. You're welcome if you have more questions.

I'll be happy if you look in this page: there're links to
download the work for the ebook 'refugees farm'.
There are zip files contain the work, you can download what you like to read and to work on if
you like.
I'll be happy to hear your opinions and comments soon.

Thanks for your help.

Refugees farm

From: hutchlj@...
Date: 12/7/2004
I will help you with editing as long as your books are used for peace and not war, fostering respect and not hatred. There will be no cost to you.
I am an American who would like all people of all races, color, ethnicity, and religion to respect one another and get along for the betterment of mankind, who also happens to be a writer.
You can reach me at hutchlj@... My website is in the development stage, but you can view what has been built at

Friday, February 04, 2005


Welcome to my blog. Here I’ll post some of the replies that I received regard my campaign ‘Human-buttons’ and I’ll post my replies also.
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