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Date:Sun, 20 Feb 2005 19:44:48 -0600

Hi my name is Tom, I think it is good that you want to make your countries
government a democracy. Though America sounds like a good country witch it
is don't get me wrong! America is slowly turning into a police state. They
have passed an act where if you would have read that poem out in of the
white house or any building in America you could have been arrested. it is
sad it is called the patriot act its to protect our country from
terrorists, but it is also taking away our rights. If you speak any bad
things against the government you can be arrested, hell I am 13 and I
could be arrested for sending you this a-mail. People say, "owe how can
they read my emails, they cant do that its illegal." but your email could
have key words there looking for and they could get a copy of it. Or books
on bombs or against the government can be marked so right when you check
the book out or buy it, they have your phone tapped and their reading all
your email. And when they have you in jail they don't trial you and they
never have to. One man has been in jail for 3 years and they are probably
aren't going to trail him for another 10 years, and when they do get him
into fucking court what are they going to say you've been in god damn jail
for 13 years for using rights people in my family have fought and died
for, what in the fuck are they going to do to him hang him, that's still
legal in 5 states firing squad, the military can do that, "But that's
violating my 8th amendment, well to ban in these 5 states its not cruel or
unusual, and the militaries allowed to do that! If your country becomes
democratic speak out correct Americas mistakes make your country better
than ours.

If your country turns into a democracy it will want to have an election
but stay away from political parties it is still splitting this country
apart it caused this country to have a civil war, George Washington
addressed this in his farewell address (read washing farewell address that
is some of the best guide lines this country did not follow and regretted
it so, he was our first president.) you can have political parties but do
not have two major ones that people get into shot outs about I don't know
if I am making much sense but I am running short on time so..........



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say, this sounds like a bunch of kids jumping on a bandwagon and they have no idea where it's going. Osam, you are doing well to help your people; however, you cannot simply "say" something is happening. Also, being a refugee for 10 years does not mean you know what is going on in the internal workings of major governmental organizations. It simply means you know how awful it is to have to live outside of your homeland. If people are not helping you there, it's probably because it's not your country - after all, did your country help you? No, or you would still be there. The world is not a good place - I won't like about that - but getting crowds of people to say how much they hate the world isn't going to fix it, you're just going to get people to agree with you. It's the same as those in Iraq who would bring in Syrians and others to kill their own people, simply because they enjoyed living under a regime where they had their hands cut off for stealing or women were executed for not obeying a man. Logic ruled in those days and those men who would joyfully bully others do not like the idea of a world where there is a rule of law to follow. Why? The lose the money and goods they stole from others.

Now, if the UN is truly stealing and you have proof of it (concrete proof), not just people like the kid in my country who says, "I would be arrested for writing you," then find someone you can trust and give that information to them. As the first Tom (not the child) said, "It will do not good to just attack a major organization without real proof". It doesn't matter how many years you have away from your home - it doesn't mean you know what is truly going on. If you want someone to truly help, then you have to not only truly help, but do it logically and rationally.

If you are right, I truly hope you succeed. Best efforts, David

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Logically and rationally"....Osam is being both those things. There is no need to know the internal workings of an organization...all we need to know is the purpose of the organization. If that purpose is to help refugees that are registered with them, then we should all expect that organization to do just that. It's not Osam's job to conduct some sort of policy compliance or internal workings audit on the UNHCR. As a registered refugee who has not recieved the help he is due to recieve, all he can do is report any problems he has come across. Osam is not promoting complaining about the world. He is urging the world to fix problems, to treat human beings with dignity, and to seek truth and justice. Open your mind. It's too hard to provide concrete proof against big organizations such as this. Its sad when people can't just be 'logical and rational' and open their eyes to what is right in front of them. You always need "concrete proof". Osam is proof enough...a person who was supposed to benefit from donations made from all around the world, yet did not recieve anything. Once again, he is not alone and that is a big problem.

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