Friday, July 22, 2005

organized group

From: beargrease2@...
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 23:50:42 GMT

Dear Osam...

Before I delve any deeper into the refugee question, can you give me a paragraph or two on what an organized group of concerned citizens of the world can do that has not been done already? What is the plan of action that is more than petitioning rogue governments that do not listen? I assume that we want to correct the situation - not merely minister to the victims.
Are there policies of the free nations that need to be changed? Does any solution have to come through the U.N?
Thank you very much.
Cordially, N. Walker

From: SAM

Dear N. Walker,

Many people contacted me to ask me that important question: what we can do to improve the situation? Yes what the normal people could do? I'm working on a campaign now, it'll be under this title: 'Prisoners of the UN' there'll be a detailed answer for you question. I'll not give you only 2 paragraphs, but a long article. My work depend on 2 points:
1 understands the problem.
2 finding the solutions.

I'm good in first point and I can find some solutions but I can't work alone. I'm doing well now with my activities on the net. I have websites and books. I have my own system for campaigning. But all that aren't enough, I need more people and we need to work as group, I have many friends ready to do some thing, but we don't have plan fro the moment. I hope in the future we'll compose a group and put plan for our work.
I'm working now to publish my blog, and I'll publish some of my friend's replies. I like to publish your message on my blog with or without your email that depend on what you like, also I'm thinking now about publishing your message in my campaign. You'll read many replies from other people. I hope that will bring us all together and to make a teem. I hope you'll tell me more about.

Thank you very much.


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