Thursday, July 21, 2005

More information of Your UNHCR Campaigns

From: "O'Seun \"Egghead\" ODEWALE" ddevilrex@...
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 17:54:23

Dear Truth Warrior (Mr. OSAM ALTAEE),
We read through your mails and posting on the net specifically regarding the UNHCR's dehumanising human-buttons as you have campaigned.
We were much impressed about the rather novel line of activism that you've chosen to thread and would like to have further information on your thoughts, ideals and actions. The West African Students' Union (WASU) is really hoping to be convinced through your mail as to why we should be part of your crusade to make the UNHCR to halt it's 'attack' on world refugees. Don't forget that we are in a sub-region that had passed through some devasting civil wars in recent years and our region is home to lots of refugees whose welfare the UNHCR offices in West Africa have seemingly shoulder to improve.
We shall be glad you could auspiciously oblige our request.

In students' solidarity,
PP: West African Students' Union (WASU)

Com. O'Seun A. R. ODEWALE mpin., mcsn., macs.
Secretary General,
The West African Students' Union (WASU)
C/o Civil Society Focal Point, ECOWAS Secretariat,
60, Yakubu Gowon Crescent, Asokoro District,
PMB 401, Abuja(910001)-NGR


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