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Date: Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:57 pm


How can we Help

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Date: Thu Jun 16, 2005 10:14 am
Subject: How can we Help


I have read some of your work on the internet regarding the distribution of
so-called "aid money" and how little it actually amounts to. This is a problem
the world has acknowledged and somehow ignored for many years I think. It is
easy for us to just put down the UN and say that the entire set up is a joke
which cares little for the needy and does less to help those whom they claim are
life's lesser civilisations.

We have, for years been exposed to pictures of starving, sick and dying children
in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and some parts of the Eastern block and yet
nothing is being done about it. We now have celebrities as you mentioned a few,
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, and others who are taking positive
steps and even these are not enough

I would like to know, how we, the simple lay people who work hard for a living,
can safely say we are contributing in a positive way to the refugees and our
brothers and sisters and their children who are sick and starving and dying
without being heard? Please let us know how we can help.

God bless you for your efforts.

Mary Rose Chambers
Dubai, UAE

Thanks for joinning my group.

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Date: Tue Jun 14, 2005 5:50 am
Subject: Thanks for joinning my group.

Hi there,

Welcome to my group. From what you wrote it is really interesting. I used to
write my dairy every day. I just quit it. don't know why, maybe I have no
inspiration. I write about people, love, life, culture. I love reading, and
learn a lots about culture and traditional. I just love it.

Write me more back. Ok?

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To: aunlamun@...
Subject: Thanks for joinning my group.

Dear Lek,

I’m happy with your invitation to post my writing in your group, but I’m sorry to tell you that I can’t post in a group more than one time. I have specific strategy to work on the net. We can speak and discuss any matter we like by using our privet emails, and you can post my replies in your group or via any means you like and also I have the right to do that same. I’m dealing with hundreds groups every day and I hope you’ll understand me. I’ll be glad to answer any question or to discuss any thing with you.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


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From: aunlamun@...
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 19:10:45 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: Thanks for joinning my group.

Dear Sam,

Before I'm giving you my permission to publish my message, just one queston. How come? Why do you like to? I mean, I don't mind, but nothing is intersting. It's just messeages to friends because I'm away from my family, friends and everyone. It's so lonely to be in this country. The reason I write to keep myself occupied and remind myself when I get older and because of I love to write. That's all.

You sounds a very busy guy sitting down in front of the computer. Do you eat?

Talk to you later.

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To: aunlamun@...
Subject: Thanks for joinning my group.

Hi Lek,

I got lots of messages from friends and I like to publish them to show people that I have many contacts with friends around the world and also to compose some kind of community on the net. But unfortunately I’m so busy and can’t find the time to do that now.

Please could you tell me more about you and why you’re lonely?

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


To: sam@...
From: aunlamun@...
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 02:55:10 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Here is the reason.

Hi Sam,

I came far away from Thailand to United States and live in the country side of the country. It's too peaceful and very quiet state where is nothing for fun. In winter is terribly horrible. It's cold like Alaska. (I have friend came from Alaska last year to live in Maine. She said the winter is the same. Always cold) My house is too big for two people. I spend time usually a whole day for cleaning my house and I have few friends here. We see each other maybe once a month and we live far away from each other. People here are not quite friendly especially they don't love each other. They don't care each other. Just go to work, see each other at work and then go back home. No real friends like people from my country. Co-workers are like your family because we spend time at work more than family. That's why I'm so lonely and miss my parents, my relatives and old friends in Thailand. Hopefully I can get home this year. I haven't come back home for 2 years. My husband can't afford to buy a ticket for me. I work really hard here, 2 jobs, 6 days a week, taking care of my husband, cleaning. Not much time for myself. I just want to keep myself occupied. Otherwise I will go crazy one day.

Now, I just quit my job a week ago and try to find a better job. Hopefully I will get a new job soon.

Well, why don't you tell me more about yourself. Actually you can read my old messages from my group. It's like a my diary.

I know you are busy. Don't need to write me back if you don't have time.

Thanks Sam,

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To: aunlamun@...
Subject: Thanks for joinning my group.

Hello Lek,

It’s nice to hear from you again. It’s strange life; I thought people are happy in USA. I was dreaming to live there and work more for human rights. We always have time for friends and we like to meet and chat. Maybe because we live close and sleep in one room. All my friends here in Lebanon are Iraqis and refugees. I like to leave and live in Europe and find work to help me in my activist for human rights, now I don’t work. I’m Iraqi refugee live in Lebanon, you can read more about me in my site: and you can read my ebooks.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


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Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 18:52:42 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Not much.

Hi Sam,

How r ya? Well, nothing much at all. I'm just back from working at the clinic. My free-lance job, interpreter. It's very challenging job, good pay too, but only free-lance or on call. You have to be ready 24 hours when they need you, like today I don't have a ride. So I have to call a taxi to go to work. :(

I read your e-book. It's very interesting. I also forward to all my friends to read it too. Good job! You're very smart guys. Hey, the picutes of a guy who was taken at the cave,is that you?

Why don' t you apply to come over here in United States? For refugee? Check this site, you can apply online too, and check the rate for the fee. It's too many forms. It's very independent here. You get more freedom, and we have so many laws and rights for people here. Better than Thailand though. That's what people like to be in this country.

Talk to you later Sam.

From: sam@...
To: aunlamun@...
Subject: Thanks for joinning my group.

Hello Lek,

What free-lance job? I like to know more about that if possible. Yes, the man in the cave is me. I lived there for many years, I missed that place. You’re good reader to read all my ebooks so fast and thanks for your feelings about me.

I don’t think it’ll work to apply online for visa and its need money also which I don’t have much for the moment. Actually the UNHCR must help me but they’re don’t like me. I loved America when I was small because the movies, specially the western movies. I call it dreams land and I think many people think so. Maybe one day I can see America who knows the future. I’m happy to read your message and I hope we’ll stay in contact.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


Thank you

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Date: Sun Jun 12, 2005 12:49 pm
Subject: Thank you

Dear Osam Altaee,

I am from Georgia(Caucasus). I registered at hippy_museum and I received your
You are the strongest person I have ever seen. I have read your wonderful
articles and now I am reading your book "The Truth Warrior". Just tell me how I
can support you or how I can support your website. I will advise everyone I know
to read your articles and I will spread them in my country. I have opened
hippy_pacifist group at Yahoo against every violence and war and I would be very
grateful if we could co-operate.
Thanks for such wonderful paragraphs. You really are The Truth Warrior.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Anna Giorgobiani

keep fighting on Alloh`s ways

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Date: Mon Jun 13, 2005 4:56 pm
Subject: keep fighting on Alloh`s ways

Subhanalloh, syukron for telling much to us about the truth.
May Alloh strengthen you under His Guidance.
Never feel alone, coz you have our prays.
Be wise and keep Shabr, Innalloha ma`asshobirin.

i wrote to

Date: Sun Jun 12, 2005 12:27 pm
Subject: i wrote to


i am a muslim femal medical doctor from istanbul Turkey

i have seen your invitaion to donate refugees ont he web pages.i think these
pictures are an abuse of refugees’ dignity and humanity.i do not think that
those people want to express themselves as poor people who could be saved when
we gave tehm money.

what are you doing for this people ?only give food?only show their poverty
photos to public and pick money?

i am a moslem woman.when i put myself instead of the mother holding her kid int
he photo,i feel my human honour has been abused

please clear these kinds of photos..

we all know that refugees have many difficulities because of poverty..but we all
know that they are human and we all know that they deserve respect also, as well
as money

show some respect
sena saydam

Your Post to the Old Scouts E-Mail Group

From: civact6@...
Date: Sat Jun 11, 2005 9:54 pm
Subject: Your Post to the Old Scouts E-Mail Group

Hi Osam Altaee --

In my duties as Facilitator of The Civic Action Free University, I note that you
have recently subscribed to the Old Scouts E-Mail Group and posted a message
about what you consider to be "...illegal and humiliating actions of the
UNHCR,...using photos of refugees as banners and human-buttons to collect
money." You also indicated that, "...refugees allege that UNHCR staff is
selling most of the food items they are supposed to be supplied."

This note is to let you know that The Civic Action Free University operates
three other E-Mail groups where concerns such as you espressed might be more
appropriately and effectively placed. These are:

1. The International Training and Service Teams' Forum, at:

2. The Immigrant and Refugee Services Teams' Forum, at:

3. The World Educational Civic Action Network, at:

Could I suggest that you consider subscribing to one or more of the three Groups
listed above, in order to post your concerns in forums best suited for the type
of subject matter about which you are concerned ??

As an additional note, let me invite your attention to the main web site of The
Civic Action Free University. It is there for the specific purpose of providing
useful information and resources for civic action, community service,
development, and revitalization for worldwide uses and applications.

You will find it at:

Please consider this a cordial invitation to yourself, your friends, neighbors,
fellow refugees, and all other persons of good will and constructive intent to
utilize the full range of the Free University's services and capabilities to
accelerate your success in building a new, more prosperous, happier, and
life-affirming future.

I hope you will find this information to be useful. If you have questions or
neeed additional information, please let me know.

Best wishes, Dave Matthews
Facilitator, The Civic Action Free University
E-Mail: civact6@...


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Date: Sat Jun 4, 2005 11:12 am
Subject: share_your_christian_writings_essays_poetry@yahoo groups

Sendr: James
Subject: share_your_christian_writings_essays_poetry@yahoo groups

Mr. Osam Altaee

Greetings and Peace unto you my Friend.

I am the Moderator for the Christian Site to which you posted your urgent Cause.

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is James.

I am a 34 year old Christian, though I did not become one until I was 26 years
of age.

I am unsure if you are Muslim or Christian or Coptic, but it is no matter.

I have read the Holy Quran twice, and I am quite educated on the Arabian
Pennisula and her fascinating and storied history.

No true Christian believes in the harm, suppression, or killing of our Muslim
Neighbors for any reason, just as no true Muslim believes in the harm,
suppression, or killing of their Christian Neighbors for any reason.

I believe what you have to say about the U.N., for it is a failure as an

Many people around the World believe America is a Land rich with Milk and Honey,
but it is the hardest Land in the World to be a Man of God. Greatly are Men of
God persecuted, even with poverty, here in America.

This is why we must place all of our Faith and Hope in God Alone.

To me, Jesus is my Savior, Who died for my sins to be taken away from me and
cast as far as the East is from the West. I have learned, by God's help alone,
how to walk in His ways. I see hate and greed and apathy and vengance and
bigotry and self-righteousness every where I walk; my only Peace in this is that
Christ promised to be with me in His Holy Spirit even unto the end of all

I would like to ask you to search your heart with the help of God and write an
Essay or Poem on your real feelings and testimony in the midst of your trials
and submit that for publication on the Yahoo Group site. Give the Glory to God,
put down your sword, pick up your pen, and ask God to give you such Words that
would give Him Glory. If you do this, I will post what you write.

Based on the format and ground criteria I set forth for posts to the Group Site,
your current posting does not measure. You are not the first I have had to
decline, but my Heart is with you and the plight of any Refugee. Post
TESTIMONY, write from your Heart, Glorify our Lord! That I will Post!


From: sam@...
To: beowulf_1970ish@...
Subject: Re: share_your_christian_writings_essays_poetry@yahoo groups

Dear James,

Thank you very much for your long reply and for your time. I agree with all of your opinions in your message but I believe that we need to do more than just pray and just hope to help our brothers the humans in this life, we need some work, we need to do some thing, even if it small or unnoticed able. I'm doing my portion, so could I ask you what can you do to help and to bring peace and respect for our humanity?

I'm just asking people to send messages to the UN asking them to remove these human-buttons; I like to hear your opinions about that.

Peace upon you.


From: beowulf_1970ish@...
Date: Sat Jun 11, 2005 8:35 am
Subject: Re: share_your_christian_writings_essays_poetry@yahoo groups

Mr. Osam Altaee,

Yes, you may post my reply to you.

It is blessed to find another Man for Peace in God with all Neighbors.

I am sure I am not telling you anything that you do not already know about the World. But I imagine you, as I, know that we will never find our Hope in Governments. Governments are pathways to power and control for evil, avarice men who think only of obtaining privileged status and great wealth at the terrible expense of the Innocent (Godly and Godless Alike) in their path for more.

May I presume that you are Muslim? If so, know that I am from the People of the Book, truly. You are my Neighbor, my Friend, and a Man who has a Faith in God.

I long and weep for a day when many of my fellow Christians, as they call themselves, will truly live by the teachings of Christ Jesus. You see, just as with Muslims, there are those whose Faith is a lie upon their lips; for quickly they say one thing and yet do not live out their Faith when the time of choice between right and wrong is upon them. Jesus spoke of those like this; He referred to them like lukewarm water (Neither cold and refreshing nor Hot and invigorating). Jesus said those like lukewarm water will be spit from God's Mouth as worthless.

Many men pick up the banner of Christ thinking they do His Work, but their Hearts are not right towards God and really they do their own work in God's Name. Jesus warns them at Judgment, that because of their wickedness, He will state that He knows them not and away with them into the eternal fire and torment that awaits the Devil and his demons.

We as Christians and Muslims should work to bring Peace, Friendship, and Tolerance between ourselves, between our Faiths in Almighty God. I pray that one day, we as Men of God can gather in Peace with the bread and salt between us, as our Women fellowship, and our Children play without fear, mistrust, jealousy, hatred, nor wickedness in our midst.

I believe Jesus came and was persecuted and killed in Sacrifice for the sins of men, and to bring the Peace of God into the World.

I long with all my heart for there to be peace between Men of God, and that in Faith, we can pray for God to remove the evil men who persecute, oppress, and harm us from their positions of power. I pray that God will have mercy on them too, and teach them to submit to God, to turn from sin and seek the Lord.

It is so wonderful to find a Brother in Peace. I will pray for the Refugees to whom you give a voice.

In Christ's Great- Great Love,

James McCoy, Jr.

"I never will understand all the good a simple smile can accomplish."
Mother Teresa

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From: flarpgirl@...
Date: Thu Jun 9, 2005 8:22 pm
Subject: hi

this poems called friendship
by:samantha j c

friendship so pure and real,friendship so near but far, friendship in the depths of the nights, friendship the bond of love, friendship the thing you feel in your heart, friendship something that is in your soul, friendship so dear and near, friendship holds you tightly, friendship makes you sad, friendship maks you cry, friendship makes you happy, friendship is based on how you feel, friendship builds a stronger hope, friendship you should never leave, this poem is for all that have a friend they love and no most i have my friend hes a great friend thats sam

this next poem is lifes journey
by;samantha j c

lifes journey so tough and hard but so dear to your heart,lifes journey something you go and feel in the heart n soul, lifes journey the path to heaven to hell to happiness, lifes journey something you go and seek everyday, lifes journey something you do for peace, lifes journey something thats there in ur mind, lifes journy a warm feeling in you, lifes journey is good or hard but real, lifes journey is like music from the heavens, this poem is based on life in myway i feel about life thats why i wrote it

ok if you wanna know more poetry then just ask you shall have more poetry thanks sincerely, samantha j c

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Osam Altaee

From: tentmaker7@...
Date: Sun Jun 5, 2005 9:27 pm
Subject: Osam Altaee

Is this another one or your pages osam or someone else’s? I am googling your name and looking at what you have done on the internet.
Is this a picture of you or someone else? Where did the picture come from?
From: sam@...
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 12:38 PM
To: tentmaker7@...
Subject: Re: Osam Altaee

Hello again,

I think you sent me message before.

The is mine and I'm the creator of the UMACR
organization, but actually it's doesn't exist in real life, it was just an
idea and a message to tell people what the refugees need. I found the
pictures that you asked me about on the net, I think it was on
and I felt it expresses our situation as refugees. I used the black plastic
in my life to put my things and cloths when I move and I used the blanket in
the jail and in the army when I was in Iraq before. This picture effected me
much and the feelings in the eyes of the child from behind the fence always
bring tears to my eyes, I lived these feelings and even today and even when
I write this message. I think this picture shows more than the pictures used
by the UNHCR. Please feel free to ask me what you like.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


From: tentmaker7@...
Date: Mon Jun 6, 2005 10:34 pm
Subject: RE: Osam Altaee

Well, brother, I have been doing a lot of reading about the Middle East
lately and America's involvement which is not good. I have been seeing how
America supporting Israel is not good. I am a Christian and do a lot of
writing about Christian things. I have been seeing lately that God is going
to involve Lebanon and Syria in a positive way in the future. Mount Lebanon,
in the Bible speaks of this. So I have been trying to get political
information regarding Lebanon and Syria.

As far as your internet involvement, are you saying basically that you did
all that writing 6 years ago, have left it up and basically have done
nothing during all this time?

What do you hope for your future? What are you trying to do? How old are
you? Are you still trying to escape? Can you go back to Iraq?

The url for is still up. So do you pay each year for
the domain? If you are not doing anything with it, why keep it up? Do you
correspond with a lot of people via internet? Do you have any writings on
your computer which you have not posted? Speaking of computers, what are you
using? Do you have your own? Thanks, Gary
From: sam@...
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 6:04 AM
To: tentmaker7@...
Subject: Re: Osam Altaee

Dear brother Gary,

The political situation here is open for any possibility but I don't think
it'll be much worse since the Lebanese tested the civil war before and they
don't like to be in its fire again. Every thing depend on USA and Israel and
how they'll push in the future to eliminate Hizb Allah, I'm watching and I
hope it will not be worse than it's now.

About me, I can't return to Iraq now for many reasons, one of them because
of the UNHCR and the UN, I'm afraid that they'll try to stop me like they
did here in Lebanon before with police. Now I'm 42 years old and I hope to
find some where save in Europe, if not I prefer to stay here because I'm
save in my place but the problem I don't work now.

About my sites and the Internet, I think you mixed between the dates of my
life and the dates of my sites! I started to use the Internet as I'm doing
now directly after the 11SEP attacks on USA. That event opened my eyes on
many things and changed me completely. I registered my first domain name on 2002 and the on May6-10-2002. I wrote the about me
page last year. I'm using my sites for many things like showing may pages,
help people to download my ebooks and also in my campaigns via yahoo groups.
I don't pay for the sites because I don't have credit cards to pay online,
but I have friend who lives in UK helping me in that and the UN sent here
treats to stop her from helping me, this is another reason prevents me from
going back to Iraq.

I'm working on new article about the UNHCR and I hope to finish it soon but
the time isn't enough now. I'm using used PC PIII, I bought it with help of
my friend in UK and it's helping me much now, but I use the net shops to
access the net.

I hope I answered you, please contact me again if you have any question.
I wish you nice time and the best in your life.
Peace upon you.

From: tentmaker7@...
Date: Wed Jun 8, 2005 7:34 pm
Subject: RE: Osam Altaee

So what do you do all day? How do you eat since you have no job and you say
you are not getting UN aid? Are you free to walk around since you go to net
shops. Are tourists from the West save in Lebanon? I'd like to go on top of
Mount Hermon one day. Are people in Lebanon free to climb this Mountain or
is it strategic and therefore dangerous. I may have asked you before. What
is the percentage of population between religions in Lebanon? What group(s)
have been driven out during the civil war? What are your religious beliefs
presently? Have they been the same all your life? Peace, Gary

From: sam@...
Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 1:18 PM
To: tentmaker7@...

Subject: Re: Osam Altaee

Dear Gary,
I'll try to answer your question briefly:

"So what do you do all day?"

SAM- Working on PCs in my room or in the shop.

"How do you eat since you have no job and you say you are not getting UN aid?"

SAM- if you're asking about money, since 2002 when I lost my work because of
the UNHCR, I lived without work depending on financial support form friend
abroad. I'm spending now nearly $100 per month.

"Are you free to walk around since you go to net shops?"

SAM- I can go everywhere if the police or the army don't arrest me because
I'm illegal resident. Mostly they used moving checkpoints on the main
streets to check cars. I need to be careful when I leave my area and go to
another area via car. I don't have problem with that because I don't have
work so I don't need to leave my area and use cars, some time I spent months
without using car. I mean by car ant transportations method like taxies or
buses. I love walking and I crossed Beirut walking many times. Before I use
bike to move around. I know Lebanon now very well and I can avoid
checkpoints and that kept me save all these years. When I was working before
I used to live in the place where I'm working to avoid using transportation.
The big danger for us as illegal residents in Lebanon is public buses and

"Are tourists from the West save in Lebanon?"

SAM- yes, never I heard that some thing bad happened for any tourist in past
11 years of my life in Lebanon. Tourists are good financial income for the
Lebanese so they care about them a lot.

"Mount Hermon one day. Are people in Lebanon free to climb this Mountain or
is it strategic and therefore dangerous. I may have asked you before. What
is the percentage of population between religions in Lebanon? What group(s)
have been driven out during the civil war?"

SAM- I don't know where is mount Hermon. And I can't give you correct
answers about the other questions but you can search the net for correct
answers, sorry. One thing, the Lebanese and any one have legal residency in
Lebanon able to go to any place in Lebanon.

"What are your religious beliefs presently?"

SAM- I'm Moslem.

"Have they been the same all your life?"

SAM- yes.



From: tentmaker7@...
Date: Sun Jun 12, 2005 10:36 pm
Subject: RE: Osam Altaee

So you are now a PC technician working for yourself in the cave? Why don't
you go back to Iraq now?


From: sam@...
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 10:19 AM
To: tentmaker7@...
Subject: Re: Osam Altaee

No, I don't live in the cave now, I left the cave at the end of 1999 (last
century) when the army tried to arrest me but I escaped by a miracle. Now
I'm living in shared rooms with other Iraqis. I'm not PC technician, I'm
human rights activist using the Internet as field for my activist and the PC
is my tool.

I can't return to Iraq because to avoid the persecution of the UNHCR and the
UN and maybe another parties. I feel that if I'll return to Iraq I'll finish
in Abu grebe or with built in my head! I'm afraid that the UNHCR will try
what they tried with me before in Lebanon but with American tanks in Iraq.
There are more minor reasons but I don't have the time to discuss them all.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


From: tentmaker7@...
Date: Thu Jun 16, 2005 10:24 pm
Subject: RE: Osam Altaee

I'm afraid I really don't understand your situation and you don't make it
very clear. Perhaps you could write an article explaining to everyone. You
seem to give the UNHCR and UN a lot of power that I do not see. The UN does
not own Iraq nor Lebanon. But you make it sound almost like you are refugee
FROM the UN, as if they are out to get you. I don't understand this. I can
understand them being mad at your ads on line, but tough. When you connect
the UN with American tanks, you sound like a crazy person. Here in America,
the UN is almost considered an enemy to the USA. The American governments
usually do NOT like the UN. So to me and to most Americans, when you make
statements like that, you make yourself not credible in our eyes. I hope you
understand that. If you want to reach people in the USA, you must get out of
your mindset and get into ours. Remember, Americans are brainwashed by
propaganda everyday on television. You must know what they are being fed if
you are going to try to undo their brainwashing. Understand?


From: sam@...
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 7:05 AM
To: tentmaker7@...

Subject: Re: Osam Altaee

Dear Gary,

You're right; my situation is very confusing even for me! Some time I don't
believe myself and don't believe that what happened with me is true. I tried
to explain must about my station in my writings but I fell strongly that I
need to write more. There are a lot in my head but I don't have the time to
write it. Now in my head there are many articles, one of them has this name:
'War of truth' it's about the war that the UN declared on me and I'll show
many documents and I hope that'll help people to understand more about me
and my situation.

"You seem to give the UNHCR and UN a lot of power that I do not see."
They have a lot of power against the helpless people like me and like the
refugees, but they don't have power on Americans just for example. They
excluded me from the help that the community providing for the refugees and
they asked the government of the Lebanon to arrest me. The can do the same
in Iraq, they can just ask the American or the new Iraqi government to
arrest me because they can claim that I compose a threat for them, exactly
like they did in Lebanon before and I have official document from the
government stats that they arrest me upon request from the UNHCR because I
interrupted the work in the office via sending them emails!!! It's hard for
me or for any one to understand how sending emails to an office belong to
the UNHCR speaking about the problems of the refugees could interrupt the
work in the office! This is their work to look for the problems of the
refugees and what I sent in my emails is articles about our situation as
refugees living in Lebanon. I didn't send them invitation to look for my
sexy pictures!!! I'm sure that they'll do any thing, not only the UNHCR but
also the UN itself and I also have official documents from the UN stamped
with the UN's logo on paper sent to my friend in UK via formal mail.

"When you connect the UN with American tanks, you sound like a crazy person"

Yes, that what I myself think, it's craziness, when the police arrested me
in the office of the UNHCR and investigated me; they released me in my place
where I live in the same day. But after one month a punch of the police and
the army raided my place (the company that I was working for and live in), I
wasn't there but a friend told me about. There were 3 officers one of them
was major general and there was 3 cars full of policemen and solders. The
people in the place were astonished because this was very big force and not
normal. Here in Lebanon the Lebanese have much pride in front of the
foreigners and it's not usual to send such force to arrest in Iraqi refugee
just because he use the Internet. The force was from the security of the
government, which is the top security forces in Lebanon, and it's job to
protect the government top persons like the president and the ministers.
People are afraid of that force. If the UN successfully pushed this higher
authority to send me that force to arrest me so they can send me the higher
authority in Iraq if I'm living in Iraq. And who is the top authority in
Iraq now?! The American tanks!!!

"Here in America, The UN is almost considered an enemy to the USA."

Yes, I heard that a lot, but I'm not politician and I just a humanist. I
care about humans as humans not as governments or parties. Your government
has problem with the UN just because your government has only 1:15 of the
UN. We all know that the governments like to have all the power in its hand.
I hope you'll understand the idea.

I care about humans, not only about Americans or Arabs or any other
nationality and I'll not wear other dresses. I just have my humanity and I
like to deal with the others humanity not with their nationalities,
religions or parties. If they'll not accept my humanity I'll not accept
their politics.

I'm happy to discuss these subject with you and more topics if you like, but
I'm busy with other work and I hope you'll understand if I'll be late, I
respect others opinion as I respect mine. Hope to hear from you soon.



From: tentmaker7@...
Date: Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:03 pm
Subject: RE: Osam Altaee

You speak of your plight as a refugee. What do you know about the
Palestinian refugee problems? Are you a spokesperson for them also? If so,
what have you done? Thanks ,Gary


From: sam@...
To: tentmaker7@...
Subject: Re: Osam Altaee

There are 2 organizations belonging to the Un and working with the refugees, the first one is the UNHCR and the 2d is the ANRWA. The ANRWA is working only with the Palestinian refugees. UNHCR is working with refugees from other nationalities. The Palestinian refugees don’t like to resettle out side Palestinian and that make their problems different from ours. I’m working to improve the performance of the UNHCR, I don’t have any experience with the ANRWA, and I’m spokesman of nobody.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


getting to know you

From: gary@...
Date: Sun Jun 5, 2005 8:39 pm
Subject: getting to know you

The Williams just sent part of your testimony to me and I went on line to look
at your testimony. I will read more at a later time. What I read seems to end in
1999. That's a long time ago. Can you direc to to some things more current? I
read your poem "I know." Who is the God you speak of in that poem? Where do you
live now?

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