Wednesday, April 25, 2007

For Information

Sender: mark golding
Mon Nov 7, 2005 1:43 pm

Terror and the political manipulation of terrorist acts to control world opinion
are the tools of hegemony. When the dominant force is corrupt we must not only
stand firm to oppose, but act in unison to expose the resulting lies and deceit.
We must do this to protect those who will succumb.

I would like to present 'Children of Iraq Association' an organisation dedicated
to exposing the ugliness of children suffering physically and mentally by war; a
cancerous war in Iraq that is slowly but inexorably choking the advances in
humanity gained through hundreds of years of killing and destruction. By
exposing the despair of innocent children we hope to polarise the minds of many
to support global change in ways that promote peace and unity as essential to

Now is the time to deliver a nana-probe of hope, targeting the expectations of
those who have chosen to divert the course of human advancement by aggression
and dominance. This political cancer is fuelled by wealth and desire. Therefore
to overcome we must isolate and de-motivate the architects by devouring their
energy and terminating those functions supporting the growth of this pre-cursor
to world power.

We must act quickly to unravel this complex tapestry that forms the actions and
guiding doctrines of corrupt world power. We can only do this by motivating
ourselves into a dynamic movement where each strand is able to dissect the
growing filaments that propel this disease forward. Our ability to move ‘en
masse’ has and will be severely restricted. Laws have been also been enacted to
restrict communication and monitoring by stealth is prevalent.

To be dynamic we have to communicate and to communicate we have to be dynamic.
We have to use the infancy of the mobile revolution and the WWW to our
advantage. These are the tools of integration and response that a support
network needs to push through change that will demolish this abnormal growth
that threatens survival.

The choice between hegemony and survival has never been so starkly posed.

Mark Golding