Friday, July 22, 2005

[freecycleCambridgeMA] Human-buttons

From: fred.calm@...
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 11:00:57 -0500

Two points.

1. Your political message was inappropriate in a Freecycle email list.
(The leftist politics of the People's Republic of Cambridge are so
wacko that I'm not sure whether the message would find a sympathetic
ear or be rejected because it attacks a UN agency, the UN being one of
their sacred cows.)

2. The UN HCR is not the only UN agency to exploit and institionalize
refugees. UNWRA's even worse than the HCR.

Consider the noxious effects of confining people to "camps" and
calling their descendants "refugees" even after three and four
generations, of letting its ambulances be used to transport armed
fighters, of poisoning generations of schoolchildren with a
hate-filled curriculum, of providing a breeding ground for terrorists,
harboring terrorists and sanctioning terrorism.


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