Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Your Website Dear Sir,

From: mrbnpet1@...
Date:Fri, 4 Nov 2004 11:29:00 +0900

I read your campaigns and everything. I appreciate your work and your
mission for the refugee. Just one thing I would like to ask; why are you
using unhcr as your web site?
Doesn't it belong to the UNHCR of the UN?
or is UMACR affiliated with UN or what? Please inform.
thank you.

Best regards,


To Whom it May Concern:

I herewith support the fight and struggle for man/woman to achieve
freedom, peace and justice.
How can I contact person in charge for communication coordination?

With warm regards,

From: sam@... .
Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2004 9:15 PM
To: mrbnpet1@...
Subject: Re: Your Website Dear Sir,

Hello Ika,

Thanks to contact me. I'll try to answer your question.

I think you're asking about my domain names:
and these sites don't belong to the UNHCR of the UN, but
its belong to individual persons. They just liked to help me so they paid
for these domains. And if like to know why I used them so the answer is
simple; I did because nobody took them before me. This is the rule on the
net. When I needed to have website I thought to have a domain name with
UNHCR and I searched the net and I found these names are available for any
one, so what is better than UNHCR's since I'll speak about UNHCR and I'm
refugee, only one is best and that was so I have it also the is in England because my friend who paid for it lives there.
If you ask why I use the name of the UNHCR the answer because that I'm
registered refugee with UNHCR in Lebanon and I have document with my
picture in my pocket with there name and their stamp on it and it's like
identity for me in real life so I can use it !
on the net if I want, simple isn't it?

UMACR isn't affiliated with any one, only me is there working on the
project UMACR and you had contacted me already, as I'm the person in
charge of the UMACR project. UMACR isn't organization but it an idea I'm
working to give it life but there are some people don't like it or like me
to continue in what I'm doing now so it's didn't have life now!

I hope my answer is enough for you if you have more questions please just
send me and I'll answer you.


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