Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Agre

From: Graham@...
Date: Tue Nov 16, 2004 5:02 pm

I agree that those pictures are degrading as well. When i saw the pictureof the cows holding up letters that spelt refugee that really blew my top. Thepictures that they're showing are humiliating and unnesscesary. They can justmake the cause known and still get support without showing such pictures.
I'm from Jamaica and i've seen on television when foregin countries willtalk about my country and show the worst parts of the it. I'm in working\middleclass and i DO NOT live in a zinc house nor do i have to go to sleep hearinggunshots. After Ivan i heard the advisory telling tourists not to come to ourcountry and when they showed pictures of the damages they only showed the worstdamages in the deepest parts of the country area. They didn't show the urbanareas nor the places where the hotels were which really infuriated me sincethat's where most tourist stay. If they had shown it the tourist would've seenthat Jamaica wasn't that badly damaged and I'm also angry that they used ourSTate of Emergency as another reason to deter tourist. Jamaica had made it clearthat it was only issued to keep looters off the streets and these looters weregoing after homes that were empty because the occupants evacuated so they posedno danger to toursits.
Sorry about my ranting but sometimes things like this really upset me. Isuppoort you 100% and believe the UNHCR sholud be ashamed of themselves. I mightalso send a message to my own government because despite being a Third Worldcountry Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean send our moral support for theprotection of refugees from all form of attacks and attack on privacy anddignity is no different. These pictures need to be taken down!
Wish you the best of luck with your work.
YoursSincerely, Sheena-kay Graham


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