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From: rxn@...
Date: Wed Nov 17, 2004 12:39 pm

hi, my question to you is
1. What is the motive of your claim here? that the UNHCR is using the moneyinappropriately? if yes, they are, isn't it illegal - isnt there a way toquestion how donations are being used?
2. If you are not getting any money, as you say, then is there a legal way toredress this solution?
3. Did the UNHCR specifically mention that donations were to be given torefugees directly? or was it more like payment for their administrative work?
4. What do you propose as a solution to your problem, or the problems ofrefugees in general? What exactly can be done? do refugees need money? wouldthat solve most of their problems?

Date: Wed Nov 17, 2004 7:32 pm
Subject: Re: questions

I'll try answer your questions as I can, put please notice that you can also send your questions to UNHCR as well to have more answers.1. My motive is my understanding for principles of the human rights as I'm an activist fro human rights, I felt that UNHCR abusing our humanity as refugees by using some refugees' pictures to collect money as human-buttons or banners. It isn't about the way the UNHCR will use the donations. The good proposes don't justify wrongs acts! It's hard to find the way that the donations spend with because UNHCR is very big organization and it has branches nearly in every country in the world. But mostly the governments donate to financial programs that run by UNHCR and the governments have its own systems to track the donations and in this case the UNHCR not able to use the donations for another proposes. This fact don't apply to the privet donations which come from individuals because they aren't able to track small amount of money, specially the donations that UNHCR collect from these human-buttons differ from $10 to $100 and these money could be use for any thing. This is important fact; I call this money as 'untraceable money' or if you like the invisible money.2. I didn't receive any amount of money from UNHCR in my life and they even refused to give me a paper with AA size! To be honest they just give me two cups of drinkable water in one day when I was thirsty, and a small paper 10*10 CM, that's all what I took from the UNHCR in my life. You can ask them via this email: I don't know what you mean by "then is there a legal way to redress this solution?" I hope you'll explain more.3. I think it's better to ask the UNHCR about that because I'm not the spokesman of the UNHCR. I hope you'll ask them via these emails:,,Hqpr00@Unhcr.Ch,,info@usaforunhcr.org4. The solution as it mentioned in the UN51 convention is one of these 3 points: · 1 return the refugees back to there original country when it possible (like in Afghanistan).· 2 Integration the refugees in the communities where they're living now (2d country).· 3 Resettlement the refugees in 3d country.I'm working now to bring more understanding about some policies and procedures of the UNHCR and I hope that we will improve the performance of the UNHCR by changing what are not good in these policies and procedures.I hope I answered your questions and I hope the UNHCR will answer you. If you have more questions please contact me any time you like.


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