Friday, July 22, 2005

Your newest crusade

From: imagesun@...
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 16:02:07 EST

This is an organization that is at least doing something. Maybe not exactly
the way you would like it to be done, but something. Getting donations for any
cause is all a matter of marketing, and the UNHCR way of marketing for these
donations works. Your way of marketing would get you no donations. The average
person doesn't see these buttons of these refugees, whom are being uprooted
from their homes and stripped of all their money and personal belongings to be
humiliating, they see it as tragic, and would want to help. It sounds to me
like you would like the help and aid that the UNHCR could offer, but attached
is a shopping list of rules that must be followed, or the favor is an insult.
What you don't realize or understand is that it is internationally considered
an insult to look a gift horse in the mouth.

From SAM
Re; Your newest crusade

Yeas, exactly, they're doing marketing. It's business for the. Good business, selling other pictures!
Maybe it's true that some people in the west don't think it's humiliation, but what if this act is illegal, I thought the people in the west respect the law, as they're civilized! For me, it's not only humiliation or illegal act but also a wrong way to solve the problems of the refugees since these problems bring money. Now one will change a profitable business. Tell me please, do you agree to publish your message in my blog

Thanks for your time.


Anonymous Owner/Moderator of many Yahoo groups said...

Dear Sir,

The manner in which you are conducting your latest campaign, "Human Buttons" is rapidly detracting from your efforts. I refer to your posting to topic specific yahoo groups. Such postings have given you the reputation of a spammer whom takes no note and/or does not care when and where you post.
While I agree that human rights is an extremely important issue, you have joined and posted, or attempted to post in groups where your message is way off topic. If you wish to further your efforts for human rights, I suggest you consider/choose carefully when and where you attempt to post.

3:14 PM  

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