Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thank You, Osam!

From: soblest@...
Date:Mon, 31 Jan 2005 07:47:57

Dear Osam,

I live in Tennessee with my husband and daughter. I received your letter
posted in the Yahoo group for Tennessee National Guard Families. If ever
there was a letter to compose for alerting Americans about what you have
been facing, this was the perfect choice you made. And I am most honored
and happy to have received your letter.

I have supported the freedom of Iraqi people and the mission our President
set on course from the very beginning, despite not having relatives in our
military. I have also been in communications with a 20 year old Iraqi
student living near Baghdad with her family. She has become like a second
daughter to me. I have worried and prayed for her and her family,
throughout. Osam, she has never seen life beyond the confines of the
inhumane leadership of Saddam, until now. She and all other Iraqi's
deserve nothing less than the complete freedom to pursue happiness, peace
and prosperity. And that has been my greatest wish, hope, prayer and
faith in God to deliver to all of you.

Throughout my course of supporting the deliverance of freedom, peace and
happiness to all of you I have been blessed with very many networking
connections. I will support your pursuit in every way possible, making
sure your efforts reach across our country. I have a personal website and
would like to have your permission to include links to your website, for
the purpose of extending support to you.

Two particular individuals I will be forwarding your information to will
be Tennessee's two Senators, Lamar Alexander and Bill Frist. I receive
regular emails from Lamar. I happen to live on the very street he lived
on while growing up through his childhood.

The subject of your efforts is one that is greatly familiar with the
Americans. Through the years, there have been many face-offs with
so-called humanity organizations, such as you speak of, who have operated
behind the same veil for their own means of support and survival. The
money always goes to the "Board of Directors" more than the intended
recipients. Our President is currently overseeing an appointed council
that investigates those organizations, bringing charges against them for
such activity.

I thank you for reaching out and finding ways to bring this awareness to
me. It will be a pleasure to assist you and support your efforts of
making this situation known to all Americans! I will pray for you. God
always has the last word, Osam. And it is always good. God always leads
the way and provides a path for one who wishes a wrong to be made right
and good. If it were not so, He would not have made it possible for me to
have received your letter. There is good reason behind your letter
reaching me. And I always abide when God presents situations to me.

Remain hopeful, with gladness. You will succeed!


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