Wednesday, July 20, 2005


From: Ann@...
Date: Sun Dec 5, 2004 3:20 pm

Thank you Sam for being you!
Dear Sam:
My name is Annie Armen. I am both the producer and host for Annie Armen Live (AAL) Talk Radio.
I respect, admire, and appreciate your mission of humanity, Truth, and how you come straight from your heart to our hearts.This is the reason why I am writing you this email, as I am all heart myself and as the mother of AAL Talk Radio,I make certain of bringing forth the truth, exposing all fraud, deception, lies that regrettably thrive in today'scorrupt society, all forms of abuse perpetrated on children, youth, and adults worldwide, and creating a LIVE forum where SILENT VOICES WILL BE HEARD.
The mission of AAL is quite simple: Stop the Silence Within, Stop the Abuse Throughout.AAL / AnnieBiotics was a vision of mine since the age of 10, and this program is completely independentof mainstream, corporate media for which I am most proud of. Just to give you an idea, I have invested morethan 50K in funds for over three years beginning with my television series production to finally bring it here.It has been a huge struggle, and never a dull moment - as this is my journey, and my vow to God that I will uphold my promise to him since the age of 10, and sealed my promise to him after surviving a horrible car crash(car completely totaled and raisoned on 09/23/04 right after my show) as He saved my life for this purpose.
Currently I produce and host 11 series on AAL.. You can view them underneath my picture on the show page.I've also included them below in this email to you.
I will be reviewing all your information more thoroughly, but from what I read, I am most proudto know of a fellow human being who will stop at nothing to bring forth the truth to protecthumanity! In case you don't hear this enough Sam, thank you for all that you are doing.Once my website is up, if you wish to link with me, please let me know. This is the leastI can do to help contribute to your noteworthy cause! Bravo dear friend as you are a TRUTH WARRIOR!
Most Respectfully,Annie Armen
Annie Armen, J.D.T.V./Radio Talk Show Host, ProducerANNIE ARMEN LIVEâ„¢ - "Let's Talk"P.O. Box 4399Glendale, CA 91222-0399(818) 731-0577آ آ Phone (Under Construction)
Listed Below are the 11 Series I Currently Produce and Host on AAL:آ
Sam, I always tell my supporters to continue clicking on AAL archives, and forwarding these archives to their respective network communities, far and wide.
Annie Armen Live Talk Radio carries ALL OF OUR VOICES, and it is about causes important to ALL of us.


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