Wednesday, July 20, 2005

[Art-of-the-Refugees] How are you all doing?

From: rboneza@...
Date:Sat, 27 Nov 2004 16:21:03 +0100

Hei Sam

How do you intend to fight the UNHCR. I am not against that but if you as
individual want to go to court with UNHCR, that will be a very long
process and a lost case in advance. Just be carefully about what you are
intended to do, that organisation is one of the biggest agency in the UN.
it has responsability to million of refugees. of course there are
internally problems or mangement problems on the field. But a single case
cannot jeopardise the missions of emergency around the world. the basic
idea is that mostly the refugees or asylum problems or stituation cannot
be imputed to UNHCR but to the respective governement of a country. that
means the agency is not responsable of you being a refugee. I will advise
you to work creatively with the UNHCR and other NGOs to better the
conditions of the refugees there. If you believe that the workers there
are corrupted so it will be better to contact someone else in the agency
(Complain about the UNHCR in the UNHCR). I know that is likely to work.


Rais Neza Boneza
Transcend Africa
Director T:AP Refugees Project


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