Friday, July 22, 2005

pictures of victims

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Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 10:27:56 -0700

Dear Osam Altaee,
I am sorry, but I can not agree with your stand on using pictures.
My daughter is extremely busy, a mother of four, and she has a job, and
she is going to college. So she never gets to watch tv news or read
anything like anewspaper, etc. The only news she gets is on the radio as
she drives to and fro. Yesterday she was here and saw a picture I had
saved and asked me about it. I told her it was a baby killed in the
bombings of Iraq. She was immediately interested. I told her all about
the terrible bombings, etc and showed her other pictures of children
injured and killed by them. Her heart was changed in an instant, and she
became, like me, ashamed of our country and wanting to do something to
stop it and help the victims.
People are brain wired to respond to pictures of other human beings. It
is good to put a face to the stories. It is giving proof of the claims.
I believe I am a person with great empathy, so in a way I am suprised that
I do not understand your views. I believe we should post pictures of the
victims everwhere!
Sincerely, Leah Hanson


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe Osam has an issue with them using pictures of victims. I believe the problem is they are being used in untruthful manners. His example was a picture from 13 years ago being used to portray a crisis 2 years ago that didn't really happen. I also believe the problem is these victims haven't given permission to use their faces, which is an issue for Moslems specifically and Moslem women especially. If permission was given, I'm sure Osam wouldn't have an issue with it. As he said, they're not going to take the time to ask permission or anything else. He would know, since he's been a refugee for some time now. Another point he made was that they are using these pictures to mislead donors and potential donors to believe that refugees are poor people that are desperately in need, in order to get donations. Being a refugee has nothing to do with being poor but the pictures of poor people generate lots of donations. Then they are not dishing out the donations to the refugees properly.

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