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Sender: mark golding
Mon Nov 7, 2005 1:43 pm

Terror and the political manipulation of terrorist acts to control world opinion
are the tools of hegemony. When the dominant force is corrupt we must not only
stand firm to oppose, but act in unison to expose the resulting lies and deceit.
We must do this to protect those who will succumb.

I would like to present 'Children of Iraq Association' an organisation dedicated
to exposing the ugliness of children suffering physically and mentally by war; a
cancerous war in Iraq that is slowly but inexorably choking the advances in
humanity gained through hundreds of years of killing and destruction. By
exposing the despair of innocent children we hope to polarise the minds of many
to support global change in ways that promote peace and unity as essential to

Now is the time to deliver a nana-probe of hope, targeting the expectations of
those who have chosen to divert the course of human advancement by aggression
and dominance. This political cancer is fuelled by wealth and desire. Therefore
to overcome we must isolate and de-motivate the architects by devouring their
energy and terminating those functions supporting the growth of this pre-cursor
to world power.

We must act quickly to unravel this complex tapestry that forms the actions and
guiding doctrines of corrupt world power. We can only do this by motivating
ourselves into a dynamic movement where each strand is able to dissect the
growing filaments that propel this disease forward. Our ability to move ‘en
masse’ has and will be severely restricted. Laws have been also been enacted to
restrict communication and monitoring by stealth is prevalent.

To be dynamic we have to communicate and to communicate we have to be dynamic.
We have to use the infancy of the mobile revolution and the WWW to our
advantage. These are the tools of integration and response that a support
network needs to push through change that will demolish this abnormal growth
that threatens survival.

The choice between hegemony and survival has never been so starkly posed.

Mark Golding

i agree with you

Sender: j st. hilaire
Thu Nov 3, 2005 7:11 pm

Thankyou for taking the time to construct this site. This is a good way to tell
people about this problem. I feel like a refugee in my own country (USA, New
Hampshire) I live in poverty but accept my fate and encourage anyone that is
being abused by the "Helpers" (so called) to resist. Please email me a events
I am a Christian living as 'Jesus the Christ' did.

j st. hilaire

'human buttons'

Sender: stephe meloy
Wed Nov 2, 2005 1:41 pm

I think youre missing the point with regard to the 'human button' posting you
put on idp.

The West has been using images of abuse as a standard way to encourage people to
donate to these causes.

I take no issue with you thinking this is not a good idea.

But you seem to have no understanding as to why this is done. You appear to be
acting as if the refugees pictured have been singled out specifially. Which is
not the case.

I would suspect the UN's rationale is that people need to see how bad things can
be in order to understand the need to donate funds to help.

And my understanding is that these campaigns do work.

There has been one major change over the past 10 years or so. There has been a
drive to show happy contented people in the images as opposed to people dying.

The whole problem with charity donation in the West is one of compassion
fatigue. We are bombarded with so many calls for help that eventually the brain
begins to naturally filter these events out. This is a natural process and one
that needs to be understood in order to be resolved.

I believe that far greater than the issue of whether refugees are made into
donation buttons on the net is the issue of HOW and WHY they are displaced in
the first place. (

Your own site uses enormous amounts of the very images you condemn - I would
suggest that you could first remove the buttons from your own site if you feel
that they degrade and humiliate people.

BE what it is you wish to SEE. (B2C)

God Bless

ps if you havent done so already I would suggest that you might like to read
'conversations with god' by Neale Walsch

From: sam@...
Sent: None
To: 451@...
Subject: Re: 'human buttons'


Sorry to be late in my reply, I was in Roumiah prison, the police arrested me at 31/Aug in the office of the UNHCR because I was photographing the office then I spent 55 days in prison for entering Lebanon illegally. You can see the pictures and read my article in my site it'll be part of my new campaign.

I appreciate you spending your time to write me a message contains your opinions and I'm very happy to read your message and to reply in same time. First of all I just like to make clear that my campaign 'Human-button' isn't against using pictures to show the plight of refugees but against using them as human-buttons and the different is very big. Maybe you'll tell me that all are pictures, and my answer is 'true' but the message in each is different. Pictures are messages and used to tell some thing. For example my new pictures for my new campaign 'Urgent we need smile' are very expressive and show you exactly what is going on in the office of UNHCR every day and also show you our feelings, please compare them with any human-buttons on I want the UNHCR to show our real situation and our real problems and I hope they'll use real pictures of real refugees and I hope more the help of people will base on understanding more than just sympathy came from false pictures. I hope we'll continue this discussion if you like and I hope you'll contact the UNHCR to hear their opinions about this subject.

By the way the human-buttons on my sites are on them sites and I just linked to their location on their servers and you can check that.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Peace upon you.

RE: 'human buttons'
Mon Nov 28, 2005 2:51 pm
Sender: stephe meloy

I'm sorry to hear about your imprisonment.

Please feel free to use the email if you like - please remove my email address and contact details though if you publish it.

My understanding of the UNHCR button campaign is that they are trying to use less violent images deliberately because people in the West (and that’s where the campaign is aimed generally) have reached saturation point with calls for money. And there has been a backlash, as I said, over the past 10 years to not use images of people dying. This is part of a concerted campaign to ensure that the images they use, while evocative enough to stir peoples compassion, is not denigrating the people who have been photographed.

I still think you're missing the point re the buttons - sometimes we need to choose the fights we fight - because otherwise we end up throwing all our energy at fights we cant win or are less significant while the real bigs ones glide past us.

Aside from anything else you say “I want the UNHCR to show our real situation and our real problems and I hope they'll use real pictures of real refugees and I hope more the help of people will base on understanding more than just sympathy came from false pictures”. I thought your whole point on your website was that its wrong to use these images of real people in terrible situations. Either its one or it’s the other.

It seems to me that you’ve made your mind up already on this issue – and this is one fight I choose not to have.

All I would urge is that you think about the fact that “there is no such thing as right and wrong, only what works given what it is we say we wish to be, do or have” (‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Walsch)

Its very easy to see things in black and white and to be effectively blinded by the stark contrast when in truth the world is in colour,

God Bless

Stephe Meloy

e: 451@...

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve this world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us;
It is not just in some of us - it's in everyone!
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others!

Marianne Williamson (quoted I believe by Nelson Mandela in his 1994 Inauguration Speech)

From: sam@...
Re: 'human buttons'
Dear Stephe,

I’m happy to read from you again and sorry again to be late in my reply, I hope in the future I’ll be faster. I like to comment on some points in your message:

I think strongly that the UNHCR doesn’t has the right to ask fro donation at first place because the as it mentioned in the UN51 convention; the governments of the world are responsible for support the UNHCR directly or indirectly via many programs that aiming to solve the problem of the refugees in the world. I’ll work to stop UNHCR from asking for donations in the future after they started to change the human-buttons with a new design that doesn’t have any picture for human on. You could look on their main website they’re still using the old human-buttons in their inner pages and in some other website that belong to local UNHCR branches. I fell this is the first step in the correct way and clear proof that I was correct when I asked them to stop using human-buttons, I’ll continue to achieve all my targets with great thanks fro all the people whom support my campaign I sent messages to the UNHCR.

I want to make clear that my campaign ‘human-buttons’ was about the human-buttons not about using the pictures of real refugees, there is difference about button and picture. The human-button is one of their sites used to collect money not to show some thing about our situation and I hope you’ll understand the difference. I myself used pictures and I hope they’ll do the same. I mean use pictures to show our situation as refugees not just poor people. The UNHCR exist to solve our problems and to find us a permanent solution as it mentioned in the UN51 convention but I see some thing different. The UNHCR are happy with our current situation and it using us to collect more money when we all know the money isn’t part of the permanent solution and what happened in Egypt and Yemen last month is big proof for what I’m speaking about.

I hope we’ll continue this discussion and I hope we’ll hear some thing from the UNHCR, more positive than ask the police to use force against refugees!

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Peace upon you.

Your message of freedom

Sender: Jo
Fri Nov 4, 2005 12:34 pm

Hello, Sam, and welcome to CWG4Freedom!

In reading your message, I am quite sympathetic to your plight, and that of all
who want for freedom.

Also, I will do what I can to relay your plea to others, in hope that we might
join all voices in outrage against the exploitation of human beings, anywhere
and everywhere!

If there should arise a means by which you might speak to a very large group of
attentive ears, would you be interested?
If so, please advise me by email, and I will try to make that opportunity

For now, I wish you good will and safe-keeping.

Your newfound American friend,


Sender: saikou oumar sall
Wed Sep 28, 2005 1:07 pm

I want to know about returning to Ivory Coast when you are a failed asylum
seeker in the UK. I am muslim by religion and julah by eyhnic and i am from in
the rebles zones and i do not have family and relatives in Abidjan. I am also
not very well. I have medical problem. I want know if the government support
afiled asylum seekers who are alredy returned to Abidjan from the UK this year
2005 or no one failed asylum seeker has been returned there and the political
system in the country between the rebles and the government about the 30th
October election.

knowing you better

Sender: Anna Montiel
Wed Oct 5, 2005 6:39 pm

I would like more information about yourself, and if possible more information
concerning what you posted on your message board.As an American citizen I am
interersted in other cultures and other religions.I feel that each of us here in
this planet are here for a different porpose.And we need to understand that not
everyone has the same ideas.I am also tired of the many lies that some of this
Americans say to get what they want.This really isn't a free country.If I could
go live in another country I would by all means.I look forward to hear from you,

Peace Mission

Sender: Adam Rice
Mon Sep 26, 2005 1:41 pm

Dear Osam,
I came across your website while doing some research for a project I am working
on for the non-profit organization "Breaking the Ice". As activists for mutual
respect and understanding between all peoples, we share the same vision as you
for a peaceful world where everyone lives in harmony. Congratulations on the
wonderful work you are doing!

Our approach at Breaking the Ice is to bring people of opposing viewpoints
together and put them into situations where they must learn to depend on and
trust one another. Last year, a group of 4 Israelis and 4 Palestinians trekked
for 30 days across Antarctica, climbed a mountain that had never been climbed
before, and claimed it in the name of peace.

This year we are going on a journey through the Middle East with people of
various nationalities and religions, beginning in Jerusalem and ending in
Tripoli, Libya. We have the gracious endorsements of the Dalai Lama, Kofi Annan,
Shimon Peres, Michael Gorbachev, and King Abdullah of the Heshemite Kingdom of

Our goal is to bring a story of hope to the rest of the world. Breaking the Ice
is currently recruiting candidates for our 2006 Journey to the Sahara
expedition. I would very much like to know more about you and your background,
and discuss the possibility of your participation on our journey.

You can reach me with any of the contact information below. Please let me know
the best way to contact you.

Wishing you peace always,
Adam Rice
Chief Operating Officer
Breaking the Ice
Berlin, Germany
+49 160 9109 1626

From: sam@...
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2005 12:29 PM
Subject: Re: Peace Mission

Dear Adam Rice,

Sorry to be late in my reply, I was in Roumiah prison, the police arrested
me at 31/Aug in the office of the UNHCR because I was photographing the
office then I spent 55 days in prison for entering Lebanon illegally. You
can see the pictures and read my article in my site it'll be part of my new campaign.

I'm currently a refugee living in Lebanon and also I'm activist for human
rights and peace. I like to cooperate with you and to know more about your
project, please let me know how I can help you. I appreciate much what you
think about my work.

I like to publish your message on my blog with
your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Peace upon you.

(no subject)

Sender: Steven Davis
Sat Sep 17, 2005 6:30 am

I am Steven Davis and I am in full support of what you are doing. If there were
more people like you in America we would have already kick Bush and his fascist
cabinate out of the White House before he could have a chance to be re-elected.
I am 15 years old and am a member of March for Justice. I would like to thank
you for your quest.

Best regards and good luck,


Re: abuse of dignity, subsistence allowance.

Sender: Gerome Ghidinelli
Sat Sep 17, 2005 8:52 pm

Osam, I am an American interested in your strife via message Board of
Cameron Richardson. (I met her a long time ago at some party!) I'm sure she
doesn't remember me. But you are right when you say it is an abuse of Dignity.
Usually Supervisory Staff deny benefits concealing other work done badly!
Just recall this is really an opportunity for an ambitious Person to pitch in
and get to work! Warrior, make room for All!

P. S. Hope you all get your deserved monthly benefits!

Human Buttons

Sender: Adrian Grant
Tue Sep 13, 2005 2:49 pm

I have just read your appeal through the Kingdom Vegetarians messagebaord (I
have yet to udnerstand what the link is).

I have to tell you that your intended campaign will fail - for a very simple

You would be wrong to imagine that this idea is new or that it is unique to
UNHCR. The same process has been used to find adoptive parents for children
(even within "rich" countries), raise money for third world charities (eg World
Vision) etc. Whether you like it or not fund raisers have found that this method
works. So your campaign should be against ALL the ways this fundraising tactic
is used. If you do not like it you will have to address the deeper issue - not
just the example you happen to be familiar with.

Now the first result of your desire being fulfilled would be that the funds
available would go down - and so you DO have to answer the question as to where
else the funds would be found - OR you will have to say why you will be content
with the reduced volume of funds available.

Sadly the world is as it is - not as you might wish it to be. By all means seek
to change the world for the better - but don't be naive in the process.

Looking at the matter more deeply of course I would agree that the ends do not
by themselves justify the means in a blanket way, but it IS legitimate to ask
the question "Do THESE ends justify THESE means?". I think I can see how you
might find the "human buttons" somewhat offensive - but I have to say I find the
regimes which created these refugees even more offensive and if the human
buttons help to encourage people to vote, even with their wallets and credit
cards, against those regimes, then the small amount of offence caused will have
been worth it. A second consideration is this: have you asked the individuals on
those buttons whether or not they are so offended by the process that they would
prefer not to have their plight highlighted in this way? IF they are featured
when they would prefer not to be, then I would agree with you.

For example I am disgusted by the way that newspapers parade the grief of people
caught up in disasters. I could accept it in the context of the newspaper
creating an appeal to help that person directly - but not merely to demonstrate
the depth of feeling - we all grieve at loss.

YOu obviously have a lot of energy and a substantial contribution to make. I
urge you to channel your energies positively and constructively and NOT to stand
on your dignity too much - never mind presume to stand on other people's.


Sender: bill schmalz
Mon Sep 12, 2005 5:02 pm

it is good thing you live here,i'm sure you can help America with your
knowledge,i have a plan to destroy Osama,arm everyone in our cities and towns
with hightech weapons,i could teach them skills how to knock down an armed
terrorist by learning how they think,sure i like peace but this war must end

united nation and unhcr

Sender: antonio
Mon Sep 12, 2005 6:30 am

hello my friend,

i don't know why you've sent me this message concerning the united nation and
the unhcr, but im happy to have received it, i found it very interesting and i
do believe you......but the question is, what do you expect people to do about
it, apart from not sending any money to them?

i don't have much else to say, but i would like to hear from you again.



Sender: Angel
Wed Sep 7, 2005 6:27 am

I'm sorry to hear about your currant sitch.
Our goverment is bullshit and has been for a while
I'm just one girl but if I can help in some way
Cash excluded{as i am broke w/3 kids}
let me know
Sleep safe and warm,

Thank you for writing

Sender: Mirko Montuori
Wed Sep 7, 2005 2:32 am

Hello Mr Osam,

I am Mirko Montuori, an italian student in Political sciences and international
relations. I got your message on my webgroup and I would like to thank you for
it. I have read your story and I am really sorry for all the troubles you had in
your life, especially under Saddam Hussein. I am part of an italian liberal
webring, called Tocqueville, and I own a blog ( I am
also activist for a political party here in Italy, Forza Italia, and coordinator
of the group "Students for freedom" in my university. And, I am organizing for
the next year a simulation of UN activities in Milan (MILMUN), which will be the
first edition here in Italy. We will have soon a website. I would like that your
story could be known here, and that the of us understand the unbelievable
conditions of people like you, before under a dictatorship, then as a refugee.
Many european countries don't have laws about people like you (Italy has not
too), I think that letting now stories like yours our opinions and uninterest
can change. I really hope so. I ask you then if I may write an article for my
blog and then for the review in my university about you. I will give you a
translated version before, of course.
I still thank you for your good job and whish you all the best!

Hope to talk to you soon,

Mirko Montuori
-- ha scritto:
Dear Mirko Montuori,

Sorry to be late in my reply, I was in Roumiah prison, the police arrested me at 31/Aug in the office of the UNHCR because I was photographing the office then I spent 55 days in prison for entering Lebanon illegally. You can see the pictures and read my article in my site it'll be part of my new campaign.

I'm very happy to read your message and to read your words about me. I like we will become friends. I'll look to see your blog tomorrow when I'll go to net shop. I'll be happier if you'll publish any thing about my activities or me on your blog or via any means you can. I like to know more about you and your activities for freedom and also about the 'simulation of UN activities in Milan' and if possible I can participate in it by any way you like. I'm waiting for your opinions about my new campaign 'smile'. I wish you the best in your life.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Peace upon you.

Re: Thank you for writing
Wed Nov 23, 2005 8:31 pm
Sender: Mirko Montuori

Dear Sam,

I am really sorry for what you are living and about the fact you were imprisoned. I just want you to know that your fight for freedom is something I really appreciate and I will try to do my best to let you know about your vicissitudes.
I am only 21 years old, and I am studying Political sciences and International relations in Milan, where I founded a student group called "Studenti per le libertà" ("Student for freedoms"), of which I am the coordinator. I am also the director of a student magazine which will be published soon in all Milan universities.
And, I am part of TocqueVille blog's net, made up of italian people who stand for freedom and feel right to fight against totalitarisms.
I am telling you this because I would like to help you through these poor ways, it's all I can do, but I am really glad to do it. Of course you can publish my emails, you are already a friend to me! I really wish you will have the chance to come over to Italy sometimes, maybe for Milan International Model United Nations.
This simulation of UN activities (e.g., Security Council, WTO, UNDP and UNHCR workshops...) will be held next may in Milan for the first time. It is addressed to students, but there will be experts taking part to conferences. Actually, our main problem is money, currently we are looking for more sponsors in order to make all this true. But we already have the partnership of Bocconi University and ISPI (Institute for Studies of International Politics). I will let you know about future developements.
I whish you all the best and hope to hearing from you soon.

Mirko Montuori

Post re UNHCR Human Buttons

Sender: Sophia Mubarak
Sat Sep 10, 2005 9:16 pm

Thank you for your post on the wisdom mystery school, and I am rethinking what
is appropriate to post
I have gone over your website and the important messages and will forward this
on to
Hope Caravan @ and UFPJ United for Peace and Justice, and I
believe if you
posted with the website of Global Exchange...Code Pink...and a few others. I am
not set up
anymore to forward all this stuff to websites or groups, as my entire website is
on a 3.5 diskette, due
to the fact that I have never set up another website and no longer wish to serve
as any resource database
for free, to any one....and do not wish to get absorbed in political activism
which distracts me
from the book I am writing and what I have learned in the past 5 years, since I
graduated from
a top graduate school in US on peacemaking, conflict resolution, transformations
in consciousness.

Great Website. Keep up the work you are doing. (I am 65 years old now, and
really do not have the
health to get out there and do all the work I did before. I wish you well, and
hang in there. great exposes, and real info not diluted by US or UK publishing
requirements or editing. GO GO GO...

to be in contact

Sender: Barry Circle Tillman
Tue Sep 6, 2005 8:50 pm

Dear Osam Altaee,
While I am focused on certain things, I know we will meet. I am hosting a
powerful spiritual and political ceremony for Sept. 13 in Washington, D.C.
Please attend or let me know if you have a friend in the D.C. area to help
connect energies of spiritual leadership. Please call me if you can. I feel you
and want us to connect somehow. My name is Barry Tillman in New York. Call 1 845
246 1373 or send me your number. Persistence. Bless yourself. Thank you, Barry

(no subject)

Sender: andrea cervantes
Tue Sep 6, 2005 6:59 pm

Hello Truth Warrior! Is a placer to read about you. Your e-mail and all this
information get to me throgh a group into Keanu.I`m 18 years old almost.I`m a
college student, i`m studying psicology, I`ve seen your page and if I can help
some how please, but please just let me know. I`m living in Colombia,
barranquilla. Regards, Andrea.

I'm on your side! A couple of questions about your project

Sender: Alexey Leonchik
Mon Sep 5, 2005 6:03 pm

Don't you think that these 20 mln USD pro year you despise will not save some
human lives from starvation?
I absolutely agree that all those donations are conducted in the most immoral
way, as the matter of self-promotion, for the donators. Still, this is one of
the methods of collecting money, and, may be, it should go on, but we should -
and would - struggle for the adequate morale of such campaigns.

I think we should demand that those people who would like to donate -
celebrities and not - do that without any promotions and publicity accompanied.
It is their personal business, and if no one knows about their spendings, that
would be more just.

Next, all these money collected by the private sponsors, should be administered
by the elective committees of the respresentatives of the refugee camps. This is
inevitable that thefts might continue, but at least some kind of control will be

Dear Osam! After the scandal around the "Food for oil" Program I can assess and
believe to which extent the UN in general is corrupt. I will be writing and
demanding the questions.

From: sam@...
Re: I'm on your side! A couple of questions about your project

Dear Alexey Leonchik,
Sorry to be late in my reply, I was in Roumiah prison, the police arrested me at 31/Aug in the office of the UNHCR because I was photographing the office then I spent 55 days in prison for entering Lebanon illegally. You can see the pictures and read my article in my site it’ll be part of my new campaign.
I agree with you and I’m working to win their friendship if they’ll stop persecuting me and agreed to speak with me face to face or via emails. I’m waiting for your opinion about my new campaign.
And about your second message, I agree with you completely, I’m just asking for little respect and some understanding for our feelings, with our respect to every one in the world and for the efforts to solve our problems. Please, I hope you’ll tell me if you’ll receive any reply form the UN.
I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Peace upon you.


From: Strannik
Subject: Re: I'm on your side! A couple of questions about your project
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 14:37:38 +0200
Thanks for your answer! I completely believe that people should be
given respect and not be subjected to humiliating treatment as it
often happens with refugees.
PLease publish the message on your blog. You can do that with all
future messages!
WE will keep in touch!

What do you want us to do??

Sender: bigwitch@...
Mon Sep 5, 2005 2:05 am


I'm hoping that in writing this in english, which is my native language, I
do not in some inadvertent way disrespect those who do not speak english as
their first language.

I can only say that I, and many like me, have sent money to organizations
not out of pity - which is a hard thing to accept - but in high hopes that the
money will be well spent paying for decent housing, medical bills, etc., which
we wish like anything that somebody would pay for us. I have sent money in
order that God's love might be manifested for someone I've never met. I have
sent money in high hopes that somebody's life might be a bit better.

I am so sorry that this is offensive. I will think long and hard before I
do this again.

One who only wishes well to all.

your letter

Sender: tina G
Sun Sep 4, 2005 3:30 am

I was very moved by your letter and you brought many things to light that,I
myself, knew NOTHING about.
I do hope things do get better and everyone can live togather without judgement
of one another and do what is right for ALL people.
your friend-

im kind of interested to know more

Sender: god servant
Sat Sep 3, 2005 6:20 pm

any malaysian man will be interested in your story... FYI i assembled malaysia
is one of the nation which held its own refugees too... long story short, i want
to get to know you and perhaps more problems and topics regarding this matter
will be concluded by us..........


Sender: eternity
Fri Sep 2, 2005 10:25 pm

join us in this group,.. if you think like us.. and you belive we can have a day
that all nations live together in peace and happiness...
This group is aimed for gathering people who are seeking for a world without
war... people who dreamed for a day in peace...if you are the one who does not
agree with the war... enjoy this group. and send us your openion about a life
without war...

from a Muslim girl

Sender: Mina
Fri Sep 2, 2005 10:50 am

Dear Sam,
I'm a Muslim girl from Iran. Although we were in war for many years, we both
know that it wasn't our people's fault. Thanks God it's over and we are like
brothers now. It was a big misery for your people after that to face American
forces. And lately bombings are shocking for every human being who hears about
Keep on the good work Sam. Hope you will be successful in the way you have
chosen. I always ask God to finish the misery over your people.


Beirut, Baghdad, and Syria

Sender: Alex Strick van Linschoten
Fri Sep 2, 2005 7:46 pm

Dear Osam,

I am writing to you from Beirut, and I want to ask whether you might be
interested to meet with me some time in the next few months. I am a student in
Damascus (2 years study completed in London) at the university there. I am
writing a book about Iraq and Afghanistan (I spent 3 months in Afghanistan last
year) and would be very much interested to talk to you about Iraq, UNHCR, and
your various writings. I leave Beirut on Sunday morning (4th September), but I
will return to Lebanon soon. My brother lives in Beirut, so I will be often in


Alex Strick

you're right !

Sender: louis
Thu Sep 1, 2005 3:25 pm

wht you said in your message is true. i have more information concerningthe
corrupt their staff are, if you need more information i'm ready to give them


thank you for ebooks and poem

Sender: Helen Wang
Thu Sep 1, 2005 1:10 pm

i got your ebooks and poem. thank you. i am sorry to know about what happen
in your world. you are doing what meant for you to do. Please allow it more
time and patience and thinking. they will help you find more truth. more
surprising truth. all meanings for all you have gone through.

God Buddha and All Higher Beings up there will bless you all, and the rest on
earth will (eventually will) appreciate your efforts for demonstrationg the
important lessons about life

Helen from the East


Sender: yasmien
Wed Aug 31, 2005 10:55 pm

hello iam from iraq i just wanted to write for u to say something very
important:may be someone could be poor and weak in his out appearance or his
unability to make something in this non-mercy life but may be this person has a
hudge strength in his heart and a pure heart worthes this whole world .my warm
greeting to you and all the iraqis in this world and i ask God to help them
wherever they are and to give them courage and help them to see happiness in
their life just once not more

pure heart mends the broken past
strengthens the weak present
lightens the coming future

a different angle

Sender: moutaz
Wed Aug 31, 2005 6:51 pm

dear osama (or sam) whatever u'd like 2 call urself....i think ur either a
little bit sesitive due to the long years u spent away of ur country rn the
circumstances it's going through now..or ur exaggerating i'd like 2 remind u
that these pictures r not taken 2 humiliate arabs or muslims an give a bad image
about them an how they live...but rather taken 2 show the whole world the
sufferung of these people an how much they need help so that they believe in
their case and satrt contributing.......this is called "MEDIA" my dear friend.
personally i don't find these pictures a disgrace for any country may suffer
hunger an poverty after long years of economical banning an devastating wars
even some countries in europe have this problem (not so gravely ofcourse).
sorry but i think u should change ur prospective of seeing things



Sender: Cindy Coons-Al Dejanni
Wed Aug 31, 2005 10:04 am

Asalam Alakum, Ya Osam, I've read some of your web site, it was sent to me
through yahoo groups. I am married to an Iraqie refugee for 5 years now. We live
in Kansas City, Missouri in the USA. We both work. We are not rich but we do ok.
I have helped fill out his paperwork immogration papers for him and many others.
I have taught him the questions and answers for his citizenship test and help
others study for theirs. Next week he will go to a swear in ceremony for him to
become an American citizen. He will no longer be an Iraqie Refugee. I am doing
my little bit to help the Iraq Refugees.
I've been adopted into my Iraqie family. Tell me what else I can do to help
other memmbers of my family.
Cindy Al Dejanni

press interview

Sender: sahar mandour
Tue Aug 30, 2005 6:32 pm

hello usama,
i met you at the hall of assafir newspaper and i promissed you to keep in touch.
i'm interested in your actions and respect it, and therefor i would like to
interview you and get what you have to say published.
but, on the other hand, i had an emergency call, i'll have to leave tomorrow to
cairo for a week or 10 days maximum.
i'll surely call you as soon as i come back to have our meeting fixed.
i'm writting you now just to keep you informed, and sorry for the delay, it's
out of hand.
thank you for everything, and hope to meet up with you as soon as we both can.
sahar mandour


Sender: Peter Allan Bontuyan
Mon Aug 29, 2005 7:20 pm

Hi, I have received your e-mail through our Yahoo!Group WWB2005.

I see your point that UNHCR's donate buttons can humiliate and even paint a
wrong picture about our refugee brothera and sisters. I just would like to
suggest presenting an alternative to these buttons to further strengthen your
advocacy - showing them that there is a better way of presenting the challenges
faced by refugees around the world.

Many people still are not aware of the real state of the lives of refugees, and
I commend you for working to enlighten us about this. I now know that refugees
are not necessarily poeple
who have lost their material possessions but people who have lost a homeland.


from the Philippines,

deatils regarding help

Sender: amod
Mon Aug 29, 2005 1:53 pm

dear friend,
i went thru the site,and really felt so bad for whats been happening
in the name of helping those in a teacher,and i would like to know how
can i help u,in this campaign,or help anyone those in need of anything.i assure
u i will try to do my best to my fellow brothers.i need ur guidence.hope god
will help u in ur noble work.hoping for ur reply soon.

with prayers,

Translation Assistance

Sender: ahmet yeniay
Sun Aug 28, 2005 10:37 am

Greetings Mr. Altaee;

My name is Ahmet Anıl Yeniay and I am a American Culture and Literature
graduate from Başkent ـniversity located in Ankara, Turkey. I came across
with your activities by a newsletter among university graduates leading me to
your website indirectly. What I want to offer is although I am not a
professional translator
I would like to translate your e-books to my native language which is Turkish if
it would be of any help and support to your cause, the point is that I am not
requiring any fee or any sort of material charge for this process nor I think
someone should and would like to take your permission before attempting the
actual process if it would be right and useful. I hope you succeed in what you
believe in.

Ahmet Anıl Yeniay.



Sender: Sorina Marinescu
Thu Aug 25, 2005 9:13 pm

Hello Osam....
My name is Sorina, I'm 34 and I'm teacher. I live in Romania and reading your
lines about refugees I had flash backs ...
After the comunism, the entire world was using pictures from romanian orfanages
and poor people waiting in line for a piece of bread or a bottle of milk ...
Romania is still very well known because of the bad parts not because we have
great people, too
Anyway ..what I'm trying to say is..I've read your lines, the one fron the
website, I liked them very much and I promise to read your free e-books, too!
I just wanted to let you know there are people who understand you and they like
the way you write!
Good luck! and God help you!
Maybe we can talk someday....:-)
Sorina Marinescu
PS..sorry for not being very coherent but I know you've got the idea:-)..thank

view on human buttons

Sender: jignesh
Sun Aug 28, 2005 8:32 pm

Dear Friend,
I am a law student in india.. I received a mail regarding human buttons. My view
is that the pictures used are infact nothing but real and no words or other
material can express and communicate to the world more effectively what these
pictures can in just a glance. Moreover internet donations have to be quick and
handy for users. I think the pictures serve both these purposes. Your campaing
is misdirected.



Sender: Peter VanGee
Tue Aug 23, 2005 5:40 pm


I've seen your messages in different yahoo clubs.
I am an American and would like to know how I can help.



Sender: Beyza Sümer
Tue Aug 23, 2005 1:03 pm

For justice and understanding we've got to levy the level of
can we expect justice from the unjust? We're starting a new web site..when it's
fully open we'd like you visit us.

With my best wishes

Your work

Your work

Sender: Chrissy Strassburg
Tue Aug 23, 2005 6:41 am

Greetings, I recieved your email through the Center for Non-Violent
Communication Santa Barbara, ca. Newsletter. I just wanted to tell you how
comforted I am knowing that there are still people in the world using their
resources in a postive way..taking chances for positive social change. Keep me
posted and maybe one day there will be a way that I can help you.

Chrissy Stassburg

nice effort

Sender: Dr.Fareed
Mon Aug 22, 2005 6:08 pm

I just happen to see your site. I have not read any of your material yet, but in
due time i might. I do aggree with one thing about the role of UNHCR workers
against refugees is really not justifiable even there are cases here with Afghan
refugees. I would be checking into your books please feel free to contact me
regards to any input that might help you. Take care and keep up the good work.
With warm regrds.


Sender: jane
Mon Aug 22, 2005 6:29 pm

Well, what a piece of work.If that's really what is going on then thats
outrageous. Continue the good job. Every big organization definitely needs
"watch dogs" like u, not for thier benefit but the benefit of people like us who
are being ripped cuz of thier good will.


Sender: MuhammadUmer Raja
Mon Aug 22, 2005 7:42 am

I have read your message and i want to give the whole credit to you to done a
wonder full job. allah will help you in this world and in the heaven also.I pray
to god that it will give you more will to do such a do such a marvelous job.If
you need any helpi will be always there. in the end i wish you best of luck.
With best regards.


supporting u

Sender: muataz
Sun Aug 21, 2005 4:40 pm

hi mr.sam in fact really i appriciate so much ur effort in peace and refugees
where ever specially in developing countries any how keep moving i completly
support u man ..also i will read all ur ebooks ..keep in touch sam

I am very touched by your life story!

Sender: Deborah Doane
Sat Aug 20, 2005 1:34 am

Dear Osam,
I am Deborah Ann Doane. I am from New Orleans Louisiana in the United States of
America. I have been touched by your sories. It brought tears to my eyes. In any
way at all.....How may I help out? Please e-mail me personally. Either at or Thank you for writing about
the truth!!



Refugees and trauma

Sender: Vanya
Mon Aug 22, 2005 4:49 pm

Dear Osam,

I am very much impressed of what you did, do and will do for the future.

I have a favourite quate "Let us be the change we want to see in the world" of
M. Ghandi and you and your work is example of change.

I would like to ask you for a suggestion if you know good researches, articles
or theories on the topic of "refugees and trauma" and recommend to me some

I thank you in advance and wish you truthful days to come,

Vanya with greetings from Sofia, Bulgaria

your post at Kola's Place

Sender: Gogeyi Agasgv
Fri Aug 19, 2005 9:04 pm

Thank you for joining my group. I have sent out a mass e-mail to all my
contacts with a copy of your post. If there is anything that we here at Kola's
Place can do to help, please don't hesitate to let us know. I commend your
efforts, we need more people like you that are willing to fight for someone
other that themselves. May the Creator shine favorably upon you.

Gogeyi Agasgv


Sender: Jane
Thu Aug 18, 2005 3:50 am

Hello! I have donated to UNHCR, thinking that I was doing a great thing.
However, your work has changed my perspective. You are very brave and your story
is so amazing to me that I find it hard to believe, but I give you the benefit
of the doubt. Another source that has changed my idea about the United Nations
and UNHCR is the movie "Hotel Rwanda." Since then, I have doubted the power of
the UNHCR to help refugees. Oh, and I have benefited greatly from your
clarifications on who really is a refugee. I agree that the cause of the diease,
not the symptoms, must be treated. I hope you find comfort in my email and that
you will continue your pioneering work.

On 8/25/05, sam@... wrote:
Re: educated

Dear Jane,

Your message made me happy. You'll know more about the UNHCR in my next campaign, I hope it'll be ready next week. I'll continue my mission and I hope you'll send your opinion to the UNHCR and I hope they'll listen to what you speak. Please could you tell me more about you?

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 16:09:18 -0700
From: Jasmine Cho
Subject: Re: educated

Dear Sam,
You're welcome. Feel free to post my message on your website. As an
extension of my message, I want to say that perhaps the UNHCR is benefiting
*some* refugees with direct aid (treating the symptoms), and that is a noble
thing in itself. However, you are correct in that they should not compromise
the perception of refugees by using those photos as advertising. In
addition, I think that UNHCR should stress that they are helping only with
direct, short-term aid, if that's what they are doing.

On 8/27/05, sam@... wrote:
Re: educated

Dear Jane,

"I want to say that perhaps the UNHCR is benefiting *some* refugees with direct aid (treating the symptoms), and that is noble thing in itself."

Sorry, I don't agree with you, every one has responsibility to do his work that he has been paid for correctly; I don't see any nobility in their work at all. Those whom fro work for UNHCR are workers like any one else I knew them well in the past 10 years of my life. I think the nobility is for the community who created the UNHCR and supports it with many things not only the money. For me, you're noble because you care not because some one paying you salary. I'm very sorry to be so angry with them because of what I see daily in the office of UNHCR here in Lebanon.

"UNHCR should stress that they are helping only with direct, short-term aid, if that's what they are doing."

The mandate of the UNHCR is to find permanent solution for the problem of the refugees as the status of refugee is exceptional and it must stop as fast as possible. The UNHCR must work to bring back the refugee to the normal life by finding permanent solution (like repetition, integration or resettlement). The UNHCR isn't responsible to provide the refugees with their daily needs. The 51UN convention burdened that responsibility to the governments where the refugees are living. Here in Lebanon we depend on ourselves, we must find work and shelter. A local organization works to provide the refugees with some help but it limited and for refugees whom in urgent need. UNHCR works to find resettlement in 3d countries only for refugees in Lebanon. I hope we'll stay in contact and continue this discussion. By the way did you contact the UNHCR to ask them about what we're speaking about? I hope they'll answer you!

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Peace upon you.

Help you...

Sender: Lena Rai
Thu Aug 18, 2005 5:15 am


I have read quite a bit of your blog and page with your contents of your ebook.
I am more than intrigued on your purpose and would like to offer whatever help I
can. I am an author and vocalist who believes in such causes especially human
rights! I have a yahoo group I would like you to join that may help you spread
you word and if you have a picture I can use I can also create a tag for your
site for others to see on your email or website. I would be more than happy to
help in anyway that I can and would be more than intrigued for you to inform me
of more of your knowledge. Thank you for your time and hope to see you there!

God Bless,
Lena Rai

thank you

Sender: stacey
Thu Aug 18, 2005 3:41 am

What you are doing is awesome, and even if i am not a refugee, I thank you from
the bottom of my heart for what you are doing. Being a human rights activist
cannot be easy and maybe you don't get enough appreciativeness and support for
what you are doing. If you have a list of signatures that support what you are
doing or you would like me to sign a petition please let me know. Anything for
human rights is what I support. For all those people who are refugees and who
might not be able to get to your website, I also think it is safe to say they
say thank you as well. Keep fighting the good fight.


From: SAM@..
Re: Thank you

Dear stacey,
You’re right, it’s very hard to be activist for human rights in place with people don’t try to understand you, and they just think you’re a troublemaker. At any way I’ll continue my mission till I achieve my targets. I don’t have petition or signatory list, I mostly asking people to send message to the UNHCR to remove these human-buttons, it’s be big help if you’ll send them some messages. Please could you tell me more about you?
I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My opinion

Wed Aug 17, 2005 1:17 pm


I read about your human button campaign. I wanted to write this message because
you seem like a good person and have had a lot of effort to write this website.
I want you to know that I didnt know anything about these things before your

I cant comment about your campaign against UNHCR, because I cant possibly know
what you have been through and what is the truth without studying more about it.
What I can do however, is tell my opinion about these human buttons.

I can truly understand how you feel about the pictures. If the pictures offend
the ones they are trying to help, theres certainly something wrong and UNHCR
should respond accordingly. I agree with you there. However, I must also try to
say how the ordinary people who see these pictures on the street or internet
react/feel (this is based on my feelings and assumptions and what I have seen in

I think they dont see them as humiliating against refugees, as refugees
themselves see it. At least I dont personally think that the pictures would make
us all see refugees as only poor people. The most important thing, in my
opinion, is to help each other. If intention is good, Im ready to forgive some

However, as I said, refugees have the full right to say that the pictures are
offending and should be removed. And UNHCR should do so. That is their goal
after all, to help refugees and not make them sad. All Im saying is that, with
this message for you Im trying to let you see another side of the matter. I hope
you will answer to me and tell what you think!

I wish you everything good for the future!

18 year old male from Finland
From: SAM
Re: My opinion

Dear 18 year old male from Finland,
I’m happy to read a message from Finland for first time; most replies came from coteries speaking English. I respect your opinions and I didn’t find them far or different of mine. I noticed that you use this word many times in your message ‘pictures’. My campaign isn’t about using pictures of refugees, but it’s against using them as human-buttons. The human-buttons aren’t pictures but they’re web page components do specific job, mostly to drive the users to another pages. In this case these human-buttons work to drive or lead people to donation pages. I hope you’ll see the difference.
Pictures show some situations and tell some messages, but the human-buttons are just working to drive people to another pages. The buttons are able and will function well without any picture of human beings on them, maybe better with just text like “click here to donate” or “make donation” so why the use text and human face together? I’m against the human-buttons not using pictures to describe some situation, I my self use pictures. These human-buttons must be removed and replace by buttons with text only. I hope you’ll send your opinion to the UNHCR and I hope they’ll reply to you as I did.
I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 23:22:49 +0300 (EEST)
Subject: Re: My opinion
Thank you for your reply! You can post my email to your blog.
"My campaign isn't about using pictures of
refugees, but it's against using them as human-buttons."
I didn't realize this before. If I understand right, you don't want the
pictures to be affiliated with collecting money? Still, I have to say that I
don't understand what is wrong with it. I don't even see it very different
to have pictures on site that shows the bad situation, and then have the
same pictures in the buttons that ask for donations. They both lead to the
same; people getting interested and hopefully helping. Then again, Im not a
refugee myself (but trying hard to understand your viewpoint!). When people
see the person they are giving the money (of course not the exact person in
the picture) and not just a faceless organisation that does something
somewhere, they'll do it more gladly. For a lot of people giving the money
is a thing they can easily do. Sure the money doesn't solve all the
problems, but it helps, right?
PS. I read other peoples opinions from your blog, and one of them said he
doesn't like the way you use Yahoo Groups as posting channels.. I don't like
it either. I think it is in conflict with "I thought the people in the west
respect the law, as they're civilized!" and you talking about democracy in
general. Maybe you didn't know that spamming in most countries is illegal

From: SAM
Re: My opinion

Dear Joose,
I’ll post your message on my blog when it reaches its turn; I have lots of messages waiting to be published on the blog. I’m happy to explain more about my campaign.
“you don't want the pictures to be affiliated with collecting money” yes exactly because they abusing our humanity and deceiving people and that harm our case. It’s complicated to explain that but I’ll try to explain with simple words. Did you try before in your life to borrow some money from some one or from a bank? Let speak that you want to borrow money from a bank and above the interest the employer in the bank ask you to kiss his hand or to serve him by some way, will you agree on that? You have the right to have the loan if you give them guaranty and to pay interest but nothing more if they’ll ask for some thing more like doing them some favor, for example asking you for date or bribe. This is abuse for rights, isn’t it? Let us now return to our case, the community created the UNHCR as coordinator for the efforts of the community to solve the problems of the refugees. UNHCR has limited mandate and very clear jobs, no body asked the UNHCR to raise money to help the refugees. The governments and the UN have the responsibly to finance the UNHCR and it doesn’t have the right to ask for money publicly without approval of the UN general assembly.
UNHCR according the UN51 convention doesn’t have the right to work individually but it must do with partners like governments and other organizations. UNHCR isn’t NGO (not government organization) it represent many governments (more than hundreds) from this point when the UNHCR asking for donation actually by substitution the governments whom asking for donations because UNHCR is representing the governments. To understand this point, try to imagine that you’re working for company and you need a PC to do your work and your boss didn’t buy you a PC so you bought it from your own money!
At refugee day I discussed this point with point with Daniel Alkhal the protection officer of the UNHCR in Lebanon, he told me that UNHCR need long time to have money from the governments because of the bureaucracy and they need to provide lots of paper to have some money! Of cores they need to provide documents to have the money, I understand that they prefer to have money by using human-buttons than asking the governments, yes they doing the easy thing for them. The truth is the governments finance programs and don’t give the money to the UNHCR directly.
Using human-buttons by the UNHCR to collect money deviates the attention from our real problems. I spoke in details about that in my ebook ‘refugees farm’. If the UNHCR needs money so they must ask the governments if they really care about refugees not only themselves. At any way they start to remove the human-buttons and replaced some of them with new buttons without faces of humans and this sis the first step. I have new campaign and when they will change all the human-buttons I’ll start new campaign, I’ll not stop till they’ll give up all of their bad polices.
I’ll speak about your 2d point: “Maybe you didn't know that spamming in most countries is illegal too?”
We’re also civilized and we respect the law if it our law and it came with our democratic ways and unfortunately we don’t have any yet! I did studies to understand about Spam and I found that posting in yahoo groups doesn’t consider Spam because one point: Any email received from add-on list isn’t Spam. You asked yahoo to send you emails from their groups because you’re member in their groups and I didn’t post to your emails, I even don’t know to whom yahoo will send my message when I post into the groups that I’m member in. I feel the Spam became like terrorism, everyone have it’s own definition!
I hope you’ll contact me again and to continue this discussion, tell me please did you contact the UNHCR? I think they have the right to defend themselves and tell us what they think!
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Peace upon you.

your sam got a qwestion

Sender: alberto gorin
Wed Aug 17, 2005 12:20 pm

most of the time muslim world they condamp evry terrotist attack
from london to madrid not alll 9/11
comes to israelys is consider as non terroist attack
i know 3 arab american not only reqonize state of israel condemp attacks on

so basic line do you reqoanize state of israel ?
condemp attaxks on israel ?
yes or no
not as arafat yes if israel 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
than we have meeting than we discuse about it

jihad is that holywar to attack israelys al qada evry one
as i saw arafat say jihad jihad jihad

than if your a iraqie refugee in lebanon
we messaed it up we let al qada grow we made al qada
they are now in control they kill evry one blame it on us

I want to thank you for what you are doing

Sender: Janie Lee
Sat Aug 13, 2005 9:09 pm

It makes me just sick how some people use so called human rights issues to make
a profit for them selves! They don't care about any one or any one's human
rights all they care about is the money that is produced from it that they can
profit from. Janie.

I hear you!

Sender: christie
Mon Aug 15, 2005 12:28 am

I hear your anger and frustration. Perhaps I do not grasp the entire reality of
what it is you are saying, but I am on a similar quest....(of a much smaller
scale) and see the abuse of the "feed the sheep" (the docile
creatures that they are)Portraying things as they are not, in order to become a
powerful organization. One that keeps a larger portion of monies raised to help
"those in need"
I wish you well on your journey, Osam Altaee!


All the Best Osman AlTaee

Sender: Raghu Nandan
Sat Aug 13, 2005 6:37 am

Dear Friend,
I am Raghu Nandan from INDIA and I came to know about you and your campaign
through my group called UDiscover where you signed and posted a message to the
group. I really appreciate you for everything that you are doing because you are
experiencing the thing in real. And first of all thanks for mailing such an
important mail across the group. At least now it will keep spreading to the
world in this way.

I've been through your site and downloaded the free ebooks. Thanks again
for these valuable books in my collection. As you might not be aware about my
activities, I am mainly researching on Terrorism and related things as my
personal interest.

Every word of yours is very valuable to me. There is so much insight into
life that I can only thank you for doing such a Great and Good work. I wish you
all the best, all the success in this world and would promise that I will be
there when you need any help from your friend. Just mail me.

Best of Luck.

thanks and regards
raghu nandan

you e mailed me

Sender: Ming
Fri Aug 12, 2005 11:50 pm

I am some one by chance on another site that is doing a study of displaced
peoples( as I like to refer to them as). I am right now dealing wiht the most
poor of I will say caught up people that would never even have acess to a
computer. Imagine that? How do you feel about people like that so poor and
displaced they most likely will never get acess to a news paper let alone a
computer. If for some reson you feel better then theses people like this no
matter what race they are because they come in all races and colors then I say
to you THIS IS WHY YOU ARE IN THE PROBLEM YOU ARE IN. You see goverments are
made up of people just like you and me(maybe).They have to make decisions about
things that are over the head of most people. In the unseen way that I suggested
a possible reaction to a stament unseen BY ME, IS THE SAME WAY YOU GET THE
ups in a country and the population to make a refugge. You... Well let me put
it this way if this is not you then contact me agian in the same manner that I
found out about you. Rember you contacted me(refugges also forget time chain of
events and lie to) first and I would not even be writing you if you had not did
that rember that. If you are true i would lkke to hERE FROM YOU.

sam@... wrote:
Dear Ming,

I read your message and I'm replying, but I didn't understand your point of view, I hope you'll explain what you meant.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


Re: you e mailed me

I think I was very clear. AGIAN: How do you feel about diplaced peoples who will never get a chance to use a computer? Answer You didn't!

Also understanding my point of view is not really what the issue is as to state agian"THIS IS WHY YOU ARE IN THE PROBLEM YOU ARE IN". I said that.

I would also like to add in order to make peace when a goverment turns on their people you have to listen. For you this may be alright but for the young children that have to suffer the fate of wars and unrest, that they could not have had any thing to do with as to be labled the REAL INNOCENT. You cannot always have to understand where some on is coming from or as you said" My point of view". My point of view is of some one who could care and knows some thing that you are missing.
On another note the feeling of you attempting to bring me to a level of your understanding at the same time to let go of what I may think or have to say to do this. I am not your goverment leader I have done nothing to you but asked a queation about information that youn chose willingly to make public. You then have a certian obligation to respond to my my question or just dont , make up stories in your head that things were stated that were not. Wrtie me back a nasty or mean email never still not answering my question saying that I am the bad person like your govermental leaders. This is a pattern that people like this each show. This I what I study to maybe one day make a change for the sake of the children THE REAL INNOCENT!

You may try to answer the first question that I repeated in this email of you can just do what you do. This is your choice this is true you have a choice.

Think about it.

Sister Ling (not a nun)

your e-mail

Sender: JJ Jiang
Thu Aug 11, 2005 8:43 pm

Hi Sam, my name is JJ. I'm the treasurer of my high school's National Honor
Society. I'm very concerned about the conditions of refugees, and I have
created a fundraiser to help UNHCR. Right now I'm doing everything I can to
raise money to get to the refugees, but your e-mail scared me. Is there really
scandal in the UNHCR? I've thought about this for a long time, and if you could
sent me some valid information, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you, and good
luck in the future.


JJ Jiang

Re: your e-mail
sam@... wrote:

Dear JJ Jiang,

First of all you must separate between the UNHCR and the refugees. UNHCR is big organization and it doesn't work with refugees only. It's true the UNHCR had been created to solve the problem of the refugee before more than 50 years ago, but today UNHCR look for refugees, IDPs and victims of tsunami. They changed to charity organization!

Also you need to understand that not only the UNHCR working to help the refugees but it's one part of the global efforts to help the refugees in the world. There are hundreds of other organizations who working with refugees in the world. So please, could you tell me if you like to help the UNHCR or the refugees?

"Is there really scandal in the UNHCR" I can't give you document about that but I just can tell you an example. I asked the people of UNHCR to let me take part in the festival of the refugee day but they refused. I went to the festival and I made myself a moving model to show my opinions, you can see what I'm speaking on my site:

There I read on one of their show board that they pay salary for the refugees every 2 months! And this is not true. You need to come here and speak with the refugees face to face and listen to their complaints about the UNHCR.

Please could you tell me how you raise money? And how you send it to the UNHCR after that, do you use the human-buttons?
I'm working on new campaign and I like you to read it and to tell me your opinion about it, please notice it still draft:

URGENT, we need a smile

Dear fellow humans on planet earth,

In name of peace and human dignity, I beg your attention and some minutes of your time to read this message.

In past years, with my activities as activist for peace and human rights on the net, I received many messages asking about why some Arabs and Moslems hate so much the west. I published some of these messages on my blog and tried to give some answers in my book 'The truth warrior'. I know it's hard to give one answer or perfect explanation, but I think there is many things caused that hate. Today I'll speak about one point I noticed recently in the office of the UNHCR in Beirut.

The UNHCR is part of the UN and created by the community as coordinator for the efforts of the community to solve the problem of nearly 20 million human being labeled as 'refugees' in the world. UNHCR represent all the community and all the humans on planet Earth, but most people think the UNHCR is supported by the west, especially by the countries, which have high degree of democracy and wealth.

As I'm refugee lived and still live among refugees for more than 10 years at this moment, I heard much about the feelings of refugees about the UNHCR and the way it use to deal with the refugees and how that caused them to feel humiliated and ignored. I spoke about that in my books and my campaigns for years and I pushed the UNHCR to make many changes in the way they used to deal with refugees.

Unfortunately they returned to one procedure they were used before years and they stopped it when I launched many campaigns about it at year 2002, I published some of these campaigns in my ebooks.

UNHCR is humanitarian organization and according its mandate all of its work must based on humanitarian principles! We'll see if that correct. I'll tell you now about the new procedure of the UNHCR to deal with the refugees. The office is protected by the Lebanese police as any other embassy in Lebanon, the governments pointed many policemen armed with small guns and semi machine guns, those policemen located at the main entrance of the building and they don't deal with refugees but they just watch them, in more the UNHCR hired private security agency and that agency appointed 3 security agents (guards) with their official uniform but without any arms. They're working now to check the refugees before they go into the reception room at ground floor. 2 of them do that work (man and woman) the 3d agent is working as reception secretary. He has table, interphone, papers and pens.

If any refugees needs any thing from the UNHCR he must approach the office of the UNHCR, at the main entrance the security agent (from private sector security agency) will ask him about the reason for coming to the office then at most cases he'll let him to pass after he checked him with special device (metal or explosive detector) and the refugee must pass through special door (always it gives peeps). Then the refugee go into reception room where the 3d security agent will ask for his card and give him paper and pen to write his request and then the security agent will take the paper upstairs to one of the UNHCR's staff, meanwhile the refugee is sitting in reception room. The d3 security agent works as paper delivery he gives the paper to the people upstairs and then he must return back fast to the reception room where the refugees are waiting for replies from the staff of the UNHCR, the replies will come through an interphone in the hand of the 3d security agent and the d3 security agent will tell the refugee what the people in the upper floor speak.

The reply is one of 2:
1. The people of the UNHCR will see the refugee so the 3d agent will let him go upstairs.
That happing when the refugee has appointment, mostly when they called him via phone before days.

2. If the refugee came to the office without appointment so the answer will be "go and we'll call you"! This happing with give the refugee any chance to speak with any one of the UNHCR's stuff! The refugees must provide the UNHCR with phone number to call the refugees when the UNHCR want and the refugees must wait for call phone from the UNHCR and that wait unlimited some time it'll take years!

I don't know if you'll think all that is normal. Maybe you'll ask what all that does with peace. OK. I'll explain our feelings and I'll tell you how that procedures effect the peace in the world. You must put in your head that UNHCR deals with millions of human beings every day, and those humans are refugees live in bad situation and need urgent help mentally and physically, most of the refugees are feeble humans and any thing even if it is small in your opinion has big effect on them because it'll accumulate with many other small in their hard life.

We could understand all these security arrangement, we could understand the needs to spend all these money to hire privet security agency to deal with refugees, anyway these money was donated for refugees and the UNHCR spending it on refugees via private security agencies (UNHCR has the same procedures in every office around the world), and maybe the policemen with guns aren't able to protect the UNHCR! One thing is hard for us (the refugee to understand): Why the people of UNHCR don't like direct relation with the refugees? I noticed this for years and I published pictures. I hope the people of the UNHCR will answer this question.

It's hard to explain my feelings when I went there to the office passing the check points in the streets with big hope that I'll find some when to speak with and to discuss my problems. But I just found security agents know nothing about the UNHCR, he asked me to write my request on paper, I did and they on top phoned him to tell me that they didn't understand my request so I rewrite my request with English and then the replies came via the interphone "go and we'll call you!" I felt humiliation and ignorance, maybe I'm not human deserve to meet a human being who is ready to listen to my worries, to understand my problems, to tell me some thing, to explain me what'll happen. I'm a refugee registered for more than 10 years and when I went to the office of the UNHCR because I wanted to speak with on of the UNHCR's stuff not a security agent working for private security agency. That's happing for many refugees every day not only me.

What I could speak more, we spent years waiting for answer and when we need to speak with those whom work for UNHCR we find only security agent! And sorrowful those security agents aren't qualified persons to deal with refugees and in more they didn't swear on the CODE OF CONDUCT, it's some thing like oath of the UNHCR. This is first paragraph of the code:

UNHCR's capacity to ensure the protection of and assistance to refugees and other persons of concern depends on the ability of its staff to uphold and promote the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. We, the staff members of UNHCR, are personally and collectively responsible for maintaining these standards. Managers have a particular responsibility to uphold these standards, to set a good example, and to create a working environment that supports and empowers staff.
"We, the staff members of UNHCR, are personally and collectively responsible for maintaining these standards." yes with hiring a private agency to deal with the refugees! Those security agents are qualified to protect properties like banks, cars or villas for rich people, not to deal with refugees. Refugees are humans have problems and running away from prosecutions and dangers which threat their lifes and any information must kept secret even their names and to reveal any info to any one outside the stuff of the UNHCR will be resource for danger and will provide good way to track the refugees, for example the intelligence agency of Saddam has special department to collect info about the refugees in many countries. Those security agents whom working for private agency and didn't swear on the CODE OF CONDUCT could be good help for the intelligence agencies or any way ready to pay some dollars for any info about the refugees!

For those whom live in the west we're the refugees just like to speak the UNHCR represent you and it's working with your name, please help to stop such bad policies and procedures. UNHCR are dealing with more than 20 millions human being most of them in developed countries in Africa and Asia. Any humiliation or ignorance resulted from the procedures of the UNHCR will cumulate and will become haterness against you. Remember the scandal of the oil for food program and whom it has been used to help Saddam and those whom work for the UN, it's just an example. Those whom work for the UN thinks that they have the rights to do what they like and to deal with humans with any way just because they work for the UN. Unfortunately their deeds will reflect on innocent people whom don't agree on such policies and procedures.

Those people whom are working for the UN claim that they work for peace in the world, I just like to tell them: Peace isn't word you write on your building or on your websites, peace is way of life, whole life, peace is the way you used to deal with people, peace is respect fro other humanity, peace is justice, peace is to be honest, peace is what you give to people expecting to have it back, peace is smile you give to a human being in need when you can't help him any thing more than a smile.

We're the refugees whom live by our own selves (without help from UNHCR) are aware that the UNHCR has nothing left to help the refugees after all these expenses on security and accommodations for the staff but we don't understand why it's hard to have a smile form those whom working for the UNHCR. I'm starting this campaign hoping that those whom working for the UN and the UNHCR will read and understand and I hope the people every where will support this campaign with sending smile to the UNHCR maybe they'll give some for the refugees, just hope.

I'm still think (if I'm wrong I hope some one will correct me) that all refugees have the right to approach the office of the UNHCR and meet one of the staff who had swear on the oath and has qualification to deal with refugees. The refugees have the right to ask the UNHCR (not a private security agency) any questions related to their situation and problems. The refugees have the rights to have answers with smile not via interphone in hand of a security agent look like jailer! We're not criminals, we're refugees.

For those people whom care about peace and human rights, please send smiles to these emails.
--- end of the new campaign---

I don't know what kind of valid information! But I have document from Lebanese government about arresting me in the Office of the UNHCR upon a request from the UNHCR because of my activities on the Internet, I also have threaten letter from the UN for the same reason. Why do you think the reason for the UNHCR to deal with me this way because of my activities on the Internet? I hope you'll ask them and I hope they'll answer you!

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


Human Buttons

Sender: Lynn Bruner
Thu Aug 11, 2005 8:00 pm

Hello 'osam altaee'! I would like to respond and hope that you hear my words as
I have heard yours. It is very horrific that many people living in
industrialized countries cannot fathom the type of anguish that many refugees
face. These same people are good natured but it many ways ignorant of the
things they do not know or understand. As a mother of four, I can not stand to
see any child hurt. It is not an effort to humiliate any one human being by
showing these pictures. As someone who has seen this pictures, I can say that
each one affects me by humbling. There should be no shame in a reporter trying
to tell the rest of the world, "Look, this is no joke. This is a child, a human
being. Wake up, and let us help these people." Thank you for taking the time
to hear my words.
-- wrote:
Re: Human Buttons

Dear Lynn Bruner,
I read all the messages I'm receiving from people regard my campaigns and I mostly reply to many of these messages. I respect your opinions and I just like to explain some thing. I agree with you on using pictures to show plight of people like refugees and it's good to write an explanation like you did, but what is the message on the human-buttons? I don't see any message except a request for money. If you don't see the human-buttons on my sites or the site of UNHCR so will you understand that these people are refugees and will you understand why they're asking for money? The human-button itself doesn't contain any message or explanation, meaningless. I hope you'll think again and just look at the human-buttons and try to read the message on them. I hope we'll continue this discussion if you like.
I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Subject: Re: Human Buttons
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 13:03:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Lynn Bruner lynnsca1984@...

Hello once more 'osam! I just wanted to get in touch about our talk. I am located in Southern Alabama. We have been hurt hard by Hurricane Katrina. Our county was declared a disaster area as well.

I am writing out of curiosity this time. I must admit that I am curious about what you think of the pictures and coverage of the New Orleans evacuees/refugees. New Orleans is much like a second home to me. I have also spent much of my thirty nine years in Mobile and Biloxi. We have only recently gotten power and I really will not complain because there is so much destruction from friends, family, and neighbors along the Gulf Coast.

Hurricanes are an act of nature but no one can completely understand the devastation until they have experienced it. That is much like your refugees. Unfortunately, we have known for years that if a Major Hurricane hit New Orleans then it would completely destroy it. That came as no surprise to us. It will be a surprise if the death toll does not reach 100,000.

As I thought of our conversation, I could not help but realize that if there were not so much media coverage, there would not be so many countries or individuals willing to help. Living so far away, how do you feel about this? Have you ever been to the region?

I will give you permission to print my words and would love to hear your response.

-- wrote:
Re: Human Buttons

Dear Lynn,
Sorry to be late in my reply, I was in Roumiah prison, the police arrested me at 31/Aug in the office of the UNHCR because I was photographing the office then I spent 55 days in prison for entering Lebanon illegally. You can see the pictures and read my article in my site it’ll be part of my new campaign.
I heard about the event while I’m in prison, and when I went out of the prison the news about the hurricane was finished. I felt sorry for the victims and for all the loses in soles, it was a tragedy from our mother the nature but we must respect her and rethink about how we spoil our nature. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any pictures about the Hurricane Katrina, but I just want to tell you some pints.
I’m not against using pictures to show plight of people (situation) but I’m completely against the human-buttons for the reason I wrote in my campaign. I believe that many people in the worlds need help and need some one to show their plight publicly, but I hope this will happen with some respect.
I noticed that you used this term to describe the statue of the victims of the hurricane “evacuees/refugees” and this is big prove that any human could be a refugee whether they’re poor or rich. I don’t think the people in New Orleans are poor with our standers but they became refugees when they lost their homes because of the hurricane and they were in urgent need for help even if it for temporary. I don’t think that there is any shame in that and even in showing their pictures in the media but do you think it’s good idea to use some of their pictures as human-buttons? We’re humans and we all need help for any reason but that don’t give the right for any one to disrespect us even if he do that to help us. I’m just asking for some respect, that’s all.
I hope you’ll tell me more about the situation their and I hope God will give his mercy to those whom passed to the haven and the comfort for those whom lost their relatives and friends. I hope no one will abuse their rights like what happing with us.
I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Peace upon you.

more informations

Sender: mohammad imtiyaj khan
Thu Aug 11, 2005 7:21 pm

i am a student, in india. i just happen to go through the web page and i
found it very effective & eye opening. thank you for the effort you have put to
bring joy to the fellow sufferers. i also want to join you in your effort. what
i need to do provided that i can use internet as a medium since i am far away
from you.

Art of Balance

Sender: Wild Goose
Thu Aug 11, 2005 4:53 pm

Life is all about compromizes and balances. Problems happen when such
compromizes are put in the wrong place and for the wrong causes/priorities
leading unbalanced situations, abnormal reactions, crisis, difficulties, mysery,
hardship and tragedy. If we apply Newton's laws of phyisics to politics, we may
conclude that things tend to stay the same (stay still if it is still, and/or
stay moving in the same direction and speed) unless changed by an external
factor (power) destabilizing the original status of the system. The other
global law which applies here is that to every action, there is a reaction equal
in quantity and opposite in direction. The last law I would like to refer to is
the law of change and dynamics of change leading to movement in a direction
dictated by the measures of power and influence from the area of higher
influence (influencer) to the area of low power/influence (influencee).

Well ! This is not necessarily a law in physics, it also applies to politics,
scoiology, and psychology. It applies to individuals, groups, peoples and
nations. It applies to businesses, industries and economies. It applies at times
of peace and war. It applies to all kinds of encouters, friction, confrontation,
acts of war, acts of terrorism, ... etc. So use this concept for your own
internal brainstorming and in your attempts to understand what's going on.
However, it is often necessary to take yourself out, above and beyond the issue
you are analyzing to be able to see and appreciate all viewpoints of all
parties. Don't support someone who lost an eye till you see his opponent who may
have lost both eyes !! Be reasonable, rational, and think common-sense. Don't
be emotional and don't take things personal. Also be careful to paint people,
actions, and things as black and white, because there is complete specturm of
colors and shades of gray between the black and white.

Best wishes

well done

Sender: Abby
Thu Aug 11, 2005 6:46 am

i'm 13 and i live in Australia. i would just like to say that your website is
fantastic. it is very informative and i hope you acheive what you are aiming to
acheive. i also agree that understanding is the way to bring peace and freedom,
because when people understand, they will know why they should care, and once
they care, they will want to help and do something about what is going on.
From Abby

i definitely agree

Sender: lazaro fajardo
Mon Aug 8, 2005 12:41 pm

i do share and emphatize as i also symphatize with the condition of all those
who are in refugee camps and have been used and 'humiliated' through so many
ways by the power that be, that includes UNCHR. It's quite sad to think that
they who have 'sworn' to assist and help people who have been affected directly
or indirectly or displaced are being 'used and abused' as well.


Sender: rammohan
Mon Aug 8, 2005 7:28 am

Truth is having many shades. The problem in Arab countries is not UNHCR or Bush
or anything else. It is terrorism and the origin can be linked o religion ISLAM
too. I ahd never a FATWA issued by any IMAM so far against terrorism and taht
tells it all.

The government formation in IRAQ is hampered by whom, the so called Osama and
his cohorts. Your actions are only helping them and not the democratic
development of the country. It will take some time and all have to be patient.
If you directly or indirectly support the terrorists by such books you are
playing their ball not for any civilise society.

Anyway you re writer, so write few more books and amke money and live happily in
some forign lands as now you are doing.

Just stop complaining ! Please give us a break

Sun Aug 7, 2005 8:56 am

Good Morning,
To get directly to thê point, you are complaining about the usage of refugees
pictures to gather money. In my opinion these pictures represent only a
description of the reality and they are very helpful to help you and other
refugies.But what i find funny is your doing of mathmatics. In fact you are
expecting to distribute the money gathered as gifts to refugies.Oh please! These
amounts are used to finance social activities as medication, health...But they
were never mended to get distributed.

Hoping that the refugies situation all over the world will get better one day, I
think that your postings aren't really helping.

Have a nice day


Sender: Sivapragasam Sivapalan
Sat Aug 6, 2005 9:35 am

Dear Brother,

My name is Sivapalan, A Srilankan by birth, Mechanical Enginer by profession,
Refugge by status, now living in Norway. Your words abot TELLING THE TRUTH is
really encouraging.


Sender: Elena Feick
Fri Aug 5, 2005 9:32 pm

I recieved a copy of your e-mail forward through YRUU(young religious unitarian
universalists) in my region. I am the social action co-ordinator for my region,
and justice has always been important to me. I've been sending/writing letters
through a local Amnesty group for a while, and mostly focused within my own

As I'm getting older, I'm starting to focus more globally, and the issue of
"human buttons" that you bring up interests me. I am wondering if you've any
suggestions for further reading before I go and do anything. In the meantime,
I'm going to attempt to ask the UNHCR some of my own questions.

I want to thank you for informing me thus far on this issue, and bringing it to
my attention. I also want to ask if you can think of anywhere I should look to
find further information, particularly if there is anyone I can contact - off
the internet. I've learned not to trust the net as my only source of
information, and I prefer to find there is an organization I can phone or walk
into their office with questions, or send a slow-mail letter at the very least.

and interested,
Elena Feick
From: SAM
Re: ...questions...

Dear Elena Feick,
I ‘m interesting to know more about Amnesty and how possible to be member or active with Amnesty?
You asked me to advice you about further reading, if you like to read more about the UNHCR so I recommend my ebook ‘Refugees farm’ it’s available for free on my sites. I’ll wait for the answer of the UNHCR; nobody told me that he received any answer for the UNHCR since I started my campaigns before 3 years. I hope they’ll answer you!
I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Sender: Elena Feick
Re: ...questions...


yes, you can use my message. check out if you are
interrested in knowing more about amnesty international. It won't give
you information on what the group I'm with specifically does, but it
provides excellent information on current human rights abuses
world-wide, and it is pretty fair.


ps - I read somewhere on your blog that a person had compared aid for
refugees as a "gift horse", and I would wonder if that means they
believe human rights, and protection of human life, are "gifts" or
"privileges", rather than "rights" for which we all must stand? And if
we take a stand, but create our own transgressions in the meantime,
isn't that a mistake? Because aren't we then condoning the abuses,
even seemingly minor abuses, of the rights of the individuals we claim
to be protecting or helping?

From: SAM
Re: ...questions...

Dear Elena,
Those whom work for the UNHCR think the help providing for the refugees is gift so the refugees don’t have the right to ask for any thing and they must accept what they have without any complaint. Any refugee will ask or make any complaint will be exclude from having any help from UNHCR like what happened with me personally, they didn’t exclude me from any help but also asked the police here in Lebanon to arrest me because of my activities on the Internet. They invited me to the Office of the UNHCR and then they called the police to arrest me. I have official documents from the government indicate the arrest happened upon request from the UNHCR. Also I have letter from the UN head quarts sent to my friend in UK about my activities on the net and they threatened us about farther action if we will not stop. Now I live in fear of their prosecution and I wanted to know the opinion of Amnesty about that. I tried to contact the Amnesty but I didn’t get any official response.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Friday, April 06, 2007

your refugee pleadings

Sender: Kristen tenistias@...
Date: Thu Aug 4, 2005 2:13 am

OK. So not all refugees are dirt poor. Granted, most are not dirt poor. And,
as you have acess to certain items, you are not dirt poor. But some are. So
why do you complain that you didn't get any money? What would help more, giving
$0.97 to each refugee, or giving $100 to those who need it most? And as for the
"Human Buttons"... come on. It's advertising. It's reaching into people's
hearts and ripping at their arteries. Without the human element to guilt them
into it, most people wouldn't donate. Without the human element to show off and
explain it, most citizens would deride the use of governmental monies to fund
relief efforts. Without the human element, refugees are someone else's problem
- some faceless, nameless group somehwere out there. Yes, they could go out and
get a more recent picture. But then people like you would no doubt be after
them to pay royalties on that picture, and accuse them of exploiting refugees
whether they paid the people or not. They may as well use a photo they have on