Friday, July 22, 2005

on refugees

From: rameshindupalli2000@...

dear friend,
i recieved you in jesus winesses e-mail.i was surprised about your thought which never come to many peoples minds.As they believe they are donating
to help suffering people. this goes same with funds by charities in under developed nations.

these charity organizers act as kings in needy peoples areas,by giving
25%only as donation out of generous donations offered by many good donors, as poor needy have to depend for daily bread no
complaints will come up front.if it happens by a person like you, these classical beggars will persecute until they getawy from them far away. sorry to mix with refugee issue and charity issue
together.please,be in touch with me and my prefered

may God and Good,
support you for the,
dignity of human life.


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