Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We would like to help

From: 5wc@..
Date: Fri Oct 29, 2004 7:01 am

Dear Osam,
I just ordered your ebook, and I'm browsing through it now. Nice way of startinga writing career!
As President of the Fifth World Council (5WC) I would like to help your effortboth as a potential writer, who perhaps with a little help can become a NobelPrize winner for Literature one day, but also to get the truth out about thephoney United Nations. We are fully aware that the UN is nothing but a phoney,and they use poor refugees like yourself to collect money for their own fatwallets! Some of the best paid bureaucrats on the planet are UN officials, andnobody voted these jerks into office! We despise them, and we also know that thelast thing they are about is freedom.
The Fifth World Council (5WC) is a rebellious but lawful organisation that hatesthe UN and all it stands for. Our members, whether they be Fifth World nations(cyberstates) like TTF-Bucksfan, hippy communities like the Yonderfamily RainbowVillage, multinational organisations like NewRoot, or individual Fifth Worldnationals, all agree that we have to get rid of the UN, and substitute it withan organisation that is truly sensitive to the needs of decent, andfreedom-loving people.
I'm not a Muslim, but I do agree with you that exposing that woman, and withouther knowledge or consent, is not something you should do to a refugee, whetherhe/she be Muslim, or not. Here in America where I live there are also people whowould object to that who are not Muslims simply because one's basic Right toPrivacy is undermined. In the Fifth World we understand 12 Basic Rights, but themost fundamental among these are Privacy, Life, and Liberty.
Here's what I would like to do: I would like to place a clickable image of yourbook - not you! - on our website, so people can go to your website and orderyour ebook if they wish. Even if they don't order, you are still doing a greatservice by spreading the truth about the hypocrite UN, and we can only admireand support your effort as much as we can. We have a lot of traffic to our FifthWorld Portal, so it is very likely that this idea will help you, and perhapseven help pay for the maintenance of your websites. This is the website where Iwould like to place an image of your book:
If you are confused about what we are about, read this 5W Wiki (encyclopaedia)article about the Fifth World Council:
If you like my idea, let me know, and all I'll need is the website (URL) youprefer visitors to the Fifth World Portal to go to when then click on the imageof your book.
Yours truly,
Cesidio TalliniPresident of Fifth World Council (5WC)King of TTF-Bucksfan
PS: Perhaps the Fifth World Council may end up doing more good for the refugeesthan the UN, and were are a small and virtual, not territorial, organisation!


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