Saturday, February 17, 2007

requesting humanrights to see my problems

Sendr: abdifateh
Date: Sun Jul 3, 2005 12:36 pm

iam refugee in eritrea
iam somali
my brother is sick up to 99 up to 200
general health of eritea give him
we take medical board to unhcr protection in asmara
she take medical board one name is sadio
sadio is working unhcr but eritrean wamen
she said go in to camp massawa
and iwill tell you when come to answer in head office in geneva .
we comeback to camp 2003
we come of unhcr office in asmara and asking the medical board of my brother
than she said idont seen but iam asking to anther protection names reachel
reachel there is not any document in your document
maneger kabbe bernande said now sadio there is not her but i will tell him
now go to your camp up to now there is not answer from unhcr in asmara
now iam requesting humanrights to see my problem of my brother.
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