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Sender: bob ralston shaqinnotstird@...
Date: Sat Jul 9, 2005 9:37 pm

Dear Sir,
With all due respect I find your rantings rediculous in the current relevent
state of affairs.
First of all the UN is a pack of theives and professional politicians and you
know it. They could care less about you or your all be it legitimate concerns
for the dignity of Muslim people.
But I have a concern. The religion of Islam is said to be the religion of peace.
So wise and smart.
If that is the truth then answer me a question my good man, why do these
terrorists continue to attack their own fellow muslim people and innocent
citizens of other countries ????
Why do the "Leaders" of these Muslim countries steal from their own people all
the aid and profits from business both legal and illegal?
Why do they allow terrorist training camps to operate in their countries?
Why do so few of the "Good" Muslims stand up and demand that people stop
committing acts of terrorism in their name?
Why don"t the people of the religion of peace expel these people from their
I will tell you why, because you actually approve of and condone their acts. It
is this reason that makes people care less and less about your concerns. Your
peoples lack of compassion and respect for your fellow human beings (especially
women) that makes your point sound so idiotic. Why would you care about this
Kurdish womans dignity? She was being gassed by Saddam and nobody in that
country gave a crap about her or her people. Least of all the neighboring
countries. They were completey cut off and left for dead. Not to mention the
status of women in your enlightened religion.... they dont have the right to
chose their own mate or seek education.... hey I have an idea, lets bring back
the dark ages and we can all be happy!!!!
If you are truly Iraqi you should be back in your country fighting for your
freedom and making a better world for you people. Maybe that would be more
useful than crying like a baby about pictures on the internet.
I mean really it all boils down to what you do after all.... not what you think.
For example.... as an American.... we were opressed by the King of England
because we wanted to be treated fair by the parliment and the King. They refused
and slapped taxes and troops on us. WE decided that we would rather be dead than
opressed. We fought for our freedom and won. Do you have any idea how that must
have felt to actually have been part of winning the right to chose your destiny?
WE have defended our freedom time and again to the point of helping out other
countries that we feel deserve the same kind of blessings we have enjoyed. We
stand ready to help anyone that seeks this for their country. We have fought and
died by the Hundreds of thousands for the cause of freedom in other countries
and we are still regarded as imperialists because we are so powerful. Have you
ever wondered what makes us so powerful????
I will tell you what it is.
IT is freedom!!!!!
So go and fight for your country.... go and do something that makes a
difference.... go so my fellow Americas can come home and stop spilling their
blood for your countries cause... go and give of yourself instaed of taking from is your chance your god is watching what you do ... do not
disappoint a man of honor rather than shame.
Remember the best way for evil to prevail is for "Good Men to do nothing"
So I ask you are you a good man????
Are you???
Prove it!!!!!
Sam wrote:
Re: Your e-mail
Dear bob ralston,

I agree with you about the UN.

Islam like the other religions calls for peace and love between humans, but the religion not every thing in the life. There are many things in the life control our behavior. We’re the Moslems don’t fellow our religion’s instructions as the same for the Christians and Jewish, like we some time work against the law for example. The Moslem is a human being and he became Moslem because he born for Moslem family. Do you thing the Moslems are the same Moslems whom lived before 1000 years and do you thing the Christianity is the same like what it was before 1000 years. We’re sons of the present and the past is just history. These whom kill now with name of Islam don’t represent the Islam or the Arab. If the regional is good to provide peace and good life for the humans so why the God created more than one religion? We have evil more than what one religion could overcome.

When you think about the terrorist you must think about the circumstances where they’re living and to understand what they faced in the past 100 years just look the history. They didn’t become terrorists just because they’re moles. I hope you can read my ebook ‘The truth warrior’ I spoke about this subject.

“Why would you care about this Kurdish womans dignity? She was being gassed by Saddam and nobody in that country gave a crap about her or her people”

That doesn’t give the right to the others to abuse here just because she was victim of Saddam or we all like Saddam. People in Iraq don’t have freedom to express their opinions at that time but many felt sad for what Saddam did.

I agree with you about what make America strong ‘freedom’ and we’re the Arabic like to have freedom especially in Palestine.

I’m peaceful man and I refused to fight in the Saddam’s army and I’ll not fight in any army. I don’t like to kill people and I don’t think that’ll make me bad man. I can’t return to Iraq now for many reasons and I hope to have the chance to help my people there but without fighting. I hope you’ll read more about me here:
I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


From: Bob Ralston

Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 10:33:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Your e-mail

Enough said.

If you truly want to make a difference for the 'True" followers of Isalm you should be willing to do whatever it takes.

If the muslim people do not stand up and expell these terrorists from their mosques and not allow them to preach hate and death then as you now see the terrorists will begin to attack muslim people more and more.... as you know if you won't stand up to a bully who is trying to intimidate you it just encourages him to do it more.

But this is basic common sense that you learn in the school yard as a child. Politicians want to do things using diplomacy and this fails ultimately because it assumes that the other party is honest and trustworthy. How many politicians that you know of match that description? Exactly....
So it is up to the people not the leaders to change the world for the better.
Starting with yourself and talking to everyone you know about what must be done to stop this terrible trend towards complte collapse of civilization. Because if you cannot convince the muslim people to change this you will be completely taken over by the false muslims and we as free men will have no choice but to take action to protect ourselves as is our right to do from this awful and perverted attempt to dominate the world by death and terror. After all it doesn't take a brave man to blow up a bus full of kids and old people going to work or school does it?

It takes a coward who has chosen not to think for himself and instead will take orders from leaders who don't have the courage to do the very thing they ask of other men. Why do you think Osama Bin Hiding is on the run and why do you think he is hiding?

He is a coward and he won't put himself on the line as a human bomb to prove he really beleives in his cause... because in the end he only seeks power liek all other politicians.. he is no better than the people at the UN .

Worse maybe even but no better.

What does it gain the world if the muslim faith is promoted at gunpoint? What does it teach us? Only fear and resentment to start and then hatred and violence in the end. That is why muslim countries cannot function as democratic because people will ultimately chose to be free to decide for themselves.What a waste of human life this all is. No hope of a better tomorrow and a trail of death and pain left behind tears and anguish. No greater love has any man than that he should lay down his life for his brother Jesus said. What does that really mean? I think it means that if you are willing to sacrifice yourself for another persons benefit it shows true love for that person. Why must Americans die in Iraq ? Because we love the people of Iraq. Why do we love the people of Iraq? Because they are our brothers and sisters. Would they die for us? No not right now but if they were free to choose they might see the point..

It's a small planet nobody has all the answers but there is something in the air that is bigger than a religion or a philosophy . It is impossible to put into words but every act of love for your fellow man or sacrifice to make a better world for everyone says more than any book ever can. Don't you agree?