Saturday, February 17, 2007

women's dignity

Sendr: Edward edwarda@...
Date: Tue Jul 5, 2005 10:43 pm


I welcome your focus in reforming the UNHCR and returning some dignity to the
refugees. however I find your critique of the display of their pictures
hipocritical and I cannot be silent when i see a sin. Please apologise to the
woman in the photo and remove her picture from your site. I understand that you
are trying to correct the sins of UNHCR by displayed and drwaing attention to
her photo - but one sin cnnot be used to justify another - whether it be murder
or indignity, we must seek to rise above hipocracy and the temptation to
monopolise the moral high ground. Perhaps you can replace the pictures with
links to the UNHCR sites, that way, when UNHCR stops displaying the pics, you
links will break automatically and the indignity need not be doubled by your
Still, thank you for your work.

"As I’m a Moslem and I am sure the UNHCR haven’t asked the
woman’s permission to display her picture publicly like they are doing now,
I am asking them to respect the Islamic religion and apologize to the woman and
remove her picture immediately. Also I am asking each Moslem person reading this
article to express their concern about this sin, which is being committed by the
UNHCR for the sake of this woman and her family. Every Moslem knows what sin is,
and it is also a sin to be silent when you see a wrong being committed. I am
asking each Moslem to contact the UNHCR and express your opinion as we are
guided to do by Islam. I’m asking Moslems particularly and all members of
other religions generally, to express concern about the abuse of refugees
because all religions are based on respect for the dignity of all humanity."