Saturday, February 17, 2007

i need help

Sendr: ernest arinze
Date: Sun Jul 3, 2005 4:54 pm

there sir
im nigeria citzen seeking asylum in malaysia ,i was asylum on march 29.2005 i
was arrested on 5th may 2005 on my way to unhcr office to complain my sickness i
was present my ref card apointment to police he over look it told me here is
malaysia no UN power.i was send to lock up police for 14days i cant contact
anybody even UN send me to court geoge me as ilegal imigrant sentence
me 2months in maximum prison i have serve finish. i was realised now telling me
to go back to my country which i run away 4 police is still
sarching for UN asylum i dont know where to go ascape from this nation malaysia
bcz if i arest again it dubble my sentence plzz i need help to quit here .any
country that regard UN im ok to stay .i dont work here is out of people help i
eat .upon my suffer from africa i came from .now i enter jail 1st time bcz im
asylum in malaysia .plz i need help b4 i dei join my father past away .thanks