Sunday, February 18, 2007


Sender: dave justanotherfool77@...
Date: Sun Jul 17, 2005 10:34 am


I'm just writing to say that if what you say is true it sounds as though a major
atrocity is occuring with you and you seem very militant in pursuing this cause.
I can do nothing to help you. You as a reasonable individual must know this
correct? Who am I kidding ...
This submission is going to make me get more spam and you are probably tied to
some sort of insane porn spam nutzo loop. But tonight I just don't give a shit.
You see .....
I really would love to be apart of an organized effort that is interested in
justice and truth....but such an organization really doesn't exist because
everyone has an agenda and an approach which is sub-human and completely evil.
This is why we all will be getting showered with nuclear bombs in the very near
future ...bombs which come from the very organizations which pretend to be
interested in protecting common people and who pretend to really give two shits.
(aside from Godly intervention) This is a problem that goes way deeper then
politics ...greed ...and even patriotism...
It is spelled out on the backs of all who seek truth and attempt to seek out a
civil rationalism through a form of honest heart felt communication. I will
never sell my soul and I am just a father ...(my greatest accomplishment)
My greatest legacy is within the eyes of the beautiful children who I father and
love dearly. I am held down by personal vices ...but still hold to the truth of
who I am and what I am here for. I have 3 babies that are wonderful special
human beings and carry my blood. I pray they will not stray from the blood that
is within all of them. That blood is ...and an ability
to see through all of this complete fake, pious , self righteous , and most of
all ...lying ..system!
I have no cult agenda angle ...
I am a human being who has lost the ability to see the forest for the trees ....
I have a mental disability ...
I am lost in a pile of mazes and quirky redundancy ...
But I still KNOW in my being ...that you are all out there plotting
...conspiring ...and attempting to break me down.
I may be dwelling with one of your evil conspirers ..
You don't fool me ...
If paranoia is my gateway to truth then so be it...
It isn't paranoia when the evidence is overwhelming!
So tonight I take your pills ..
Eat your lies with honor ..and trust ...
And consume the consequences proudly ...
And only God knows what any of this means!