Sunday, February 18, 2007

Human Buttons

Sender: Joe Marty josephmarty@...

I appreciate what you're doing, but I'm curious as to why you started your
campaign against "human-buttons". Do you know someone who has been in one and
is mad about it? You mention that they have raised a grand total of under $1
per refugee, but I'm sure you know that the 20 million dollars doesn't just get
split up and given to individuals. It buys clean water, food, shelter, etcetera
to save the lives of the refugees. If I had the choice of being given clean
water and shelter to live, or not having people see a picture of me in the bad
situation that I'm in, I know I would choose to be given clean water and
shelter. I could care less if people see me, that being the least of my
problems, and since I'm with 20 million others in the same situation.
So, why is it that you don't think it's a good idea? Would it really be worth
losing 20 million dollars worth of life support to have your picture be kept
private? Have you talked with people who have been in these pictures and are
mad about it or something? And if you have, have they taken into account that
it's helping not only them, but 20 million other refugees who are in need of
help? Or are you saying they are not really in need of help at all?
Thanks for the work and the time you spend. Hope to hear from you.
From: sam@...
Re: Human Buttons

Dear Joe Marty,

I don’t know personally any person on these human-buttons; the UNHCR didn’t speak any thing about these humans at all. I searched much to fins any thing about them, I just found some info about the Iraqi women and I wrote that in my article. I hope you’ll ask the UNHCR the same question and I hope they’ll answer you.

They didn’t publish any fingers about the amount they’re collecting from these human-buttons! The $20 millions came from privet donors not from the human-buttons but I thought that those whom gave these donations did that because of these human-buttons because the UNHCR didn’t publish any thing about the money they received from these human-buttons. I hope you noticed that they used these human-buttons to ask for $10-100 and I don’t think it’s possible to solve our problems with that! The UNHCR clamed that their budget (1 billion$) isn’t enough so how could for $10 or $20 to solve a problem they wasn’t able to solve with millions?!

Please, notice that I’m speaking about refugees not poor people, we need to solve the problem of being a refugee not poor. When the community created the UNHCR they gave it clear target and that was to stop a human being from being a refugee and the community considered the refugee statue as an exceptional situation and it’s not possible fro human being to be in that situation for long time. The UNHCR must coordinate the efforts of the community to help the refugees to have normal life and to stop continue living as refugees. This is the idea. Now who is responsible of provide the refugees with their needs like clean water and food? The answer is all the community and the governments not the UNHCR. The UNHCR is not responsible for that and for the moment it doesn’t do any of that.

UNHCR is working now with the governments and many partners to provide the refugees with what they needs. There are more than 600 partners working with the UNHCR beside the governments. Most of the work done by programs financial by governments not the UNHCR. The work of the UNHCR is very limited. The UNHCR is just the coordinator not the major player. This is one of the truths that have been kept secret. I’ll write more about this point in the future.

To understand what the refugees need you must understand why they’re refugees at first place so you can help them. The UNHCR working to show us (the refugees) as poor people just need some dollars and this isn’t true. The refugees are the same as the other people where they’re living. For example they’re poor in Africa and rich in Europe. They’re all subject for the same economic situation. Here in Lebanon the refugees working and have the same wages as other workers! Everywhere is the same, the refugee doesn’t need to be a rich. UNHCR doesn’t exist to make refugee live as millionaires! It existed to help them to live as normal human beings poor or rich this don’t make any different.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.