Saturday, February 17, 2007

I want to act...I have issues to express as well...I am based in

endr: Rabelani Daswa rabedaswa@...
Date: Sat Jul 2, 2005 4:04 pm

I am a member of the newcheguevara yahoo group...I saw your email sometime
ago...I did not go through it very well untill today when I realised that the
issue is very sensetive and crucial to be dealt with right awy..
I do not know how much support you have got on thenet yet but my adddituon to
your campaign and fideya against corruption and inhuman reap offs is that we
should unite and go against it in a united way..not only muslims in particular
but also all the humanitarieans utalitarians of the world so that we may even go
physical and practical.

Work through the Amnesty International and other relavant government offices
across the world.

Let me hear from you first and then we can work from there.....

peace in the world.
rabe daswa