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Felt like writing

From: Subhajit Mandal good_dn@...
Date: Sat Jun 25, 2005 8:41 am


I am impressed by the work you are doing. There are two things I wanted to say.

1. The pictures must be used. At this state of poiverty and low life.......does
the filling of the stomach comes first or your dignity? Rich people have no
heart. Its only through these pictures can you convey to the real world the
actual state you are living in cause we in some remote country otherwise will
not know what is going on and those wiht no heart might just look at the
pictures and donate something. As crude it may sound but this is the only way of
publicity that can get you donations.

2. The only way I can think of helping you is through forwarding this
mail........and creating awareness......If there is anything I can do further do
tell me.....I a boy of 20 have visions and if the visions earn me a lot of money
I will not forget you.

May GOD be with you......Although I don't beleive in Him....but I am sure He is
in your HeaRT

sam@... wrote:

Re: Felt like writing

Dear Subhajit Mandal,

I'm not against using pictures to show some thing. Pictures are messages and can tell a lot, but the problem is when they used it in wrong way. They tried to show that all the refugees are poor and they only need money and this isn't true. I even don't think that these pictures are for registered refugees. I want the UNHCR to tell the truth, UNHCR isn't there to help the poor but only to help the refugees even if they are rich, and it does nothing with money. There is another organization working to help the poor and no one else used human-buttons but only the UNHCR did that. I even don't think that the UNHCR have the right to ask for donation because it the responsibility of the governments to support the UNHCR financially, UNHCR asking for donations to reduce the contribution of the governments. Each $1 comes to UNHCR save a government $1. These human-buttons working to help the governments not the refugees!

It'll be great help if you forward my article and if you contact the UNHCR to tell them about your opinions.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.



From: subhajit mandal good_dn@...
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 07:56:37 +0100 (BST)

Subject: Re: Felt like writing

You can surely publish my mail if ytou want to.
I have no idea as to how the money flows or how much
of it passes on to the rightful people.
But yes one thing I would surely stick my voice to and
that is all the money that comes irrespective of the
source, must go to the needy, the refugees WHO

on the contrary its these rich refugees who must be
contributing to the welfare of the downridden one
cause they are from the same boat.

Do kindly send me the web page address where you have
written about the distress of the refugees and I will
forward it to all my friends.