Sunday, February 18, 2007

Asking Help

Sender: Mohamed Kalim k_mhd_@...
Date: Fri Jul 22, 2005 11:57 am

Dear Sir,
I am a Burmese Roingya Muslim from Arakan State. Because of heavy
discriminations Rohingyas in Burma by junta I fled to Bangladesh. Later I
entered into Saudi Arabia by holding a fake document. Later I got a domestic
workpermit here, but I was signed on a paper on the agreement of to submit a
passport which is a dream for me. But for a legalization my stay I signed n that
paper. Now it is more then 9 months that my work permit is expired. My employer
also forced me to get a passport from any where. So far A bought a fake pasport
from a person (Bengli) I fond him outside od Bangladesh conselor office at
Jeddah. When I submitted the passport the immigration arrested me by telling I
am a fake maker of Passport. The next day they brought me to a court for
judgement. I explained to judge as how I got the passport, why i bought from
where. I also told him as it is not reliable for our Burmese to get a legal
passport here. we claimed Burmese and asking forcibly passport is injustic for
us. But the judge tell me nothing and signed on a paper, after that I was taken
into the prison again. Two week later a Saudi National came to me ask my will
for release. On his assistance made me release but all my documents remained at
the office. The person who help me for release told me I must to submit a
passport if I want my work permit again with renewal. In this process, I needed
to give an amount bribe money which is out of my capability. But I ask some of
my friends and they borrowed me for my relese. Now I have owed debts and
otherwise need to give them a passport. Both are impossible for me in this
illegal status.

Finnaly I need your assistance by any possible way to recognize me refugee
status or to get passport for my crisis. No way I fond for myself except you. I
also know you sympathy will enough for me to survey myself and my other family
members who are inside Burma and depen only on me. We are aslo denied
citizenship rights in Burma since 1982. As stateless people getting a passport
is totally imposible for us without your concern. Plsease help me in you way to
what is possible.

I am counting the day for your reply.

Thank you very much for serving on human beings.


Mohammed Kalim