Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm on your side! A couple of questions about your project

Sender: Alexey Leonchik
Mon Sep 5, 2005 6:03 pm

Don't you think that these 20 mln USD pro year you despise will not save some
human lives from starvation?
I absolutely agree that all those donations are conducted in the most immoral
way, as the matter of self-promotion, for the donators. Still, this is one of
the methods of collecting money, and, may be, it should go on, but we should -
and would - struggle for the adequate morale of such campaigns.

I think we should demand that those people who would like to donate -
celebrities and not - do that without any promotions and publicity accompanied.
It is their personal business, and if no one knows about their spendings, that
would be more just.

Next, all these money collected by the private sponsors, should be administered
by the elective committees of the respresentatives of the refugee camps. This is
inevitable that thefts might continue, but at least some kind of control will be

Dear Osam! After the scandal around the "Food for oil" Program I can assess and
believe to which extent the UN in general is corrupt. I will be writing and
demanding the questions.

From: sam@...
Re: I'm on your side! A couple of questions about your project

Dear Alexey Leonchik,
Sorry to be late in my reply, I was in Roumiah prison, the police arrested me at 31/Aug in the office of the UNHCR because I was photographing the office then I spent 55 days in prison for entering Lebanon illegally. You can see the pictures and read my article in my site it’ll be part of my new campaign.
I agree with you and I’m working to win their friendship if they’ll stop persecuting me and agreed to speak with me face to face or via emails. I’m waiting for your opinion about my new campaign.
And about your second message, I agree with you completely, I’m just asking for little respect and some understanding for our feelings, with our respect to every one in the world and for the efforts to solve our problems. Please, I hope you’ll tell me if you’ll receive any reply form the UN.
I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Peace upon you.


From: Strannik
Subject: Re: I'm on your side! A couple of questions about your project
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 14:37:38 +0200
Thanks for your answer! I completely believe that people should be
given respect and not be subjected to humiliating treatment as it
often happens with refugees.
PLease publish the message on your blog. You can do that with all
future messages!
WE will keep in touch!