Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Art of Balance

Sender: Wild Goose
Thu Aug 11, 2005 4:53 pm

Life is all about compromizes and balances. Problems happen when such
compromizes are put in the wrong place and for the wrong causes/priorities
leading unbalanced situations, abnormal reactions, crisis, difficulties, mysery,
hardship and tragedy. If we apply Newton's laws of phyisics to politics, we may
conclude that things tend to stay the same (stay still if it is still, and/or
stay moving in the same direction and speed) unless changed by an external
factor (power) destabilizing the original status of the system. The other
global law which applies here is that to every action, there is a reaction equal
in quantity and opposite in direction. The last law I would like to refer to is
the law of change and dynamics of change leading to movement in a direction
dictated by the measures of power and influence from the area of higher
influence (influencer) to the area of low power/influence (influencee).

Well ! This is not necessarily a law in physics, it also applies to politics,
scoiology, and psychology. It applies to individuals, groups, peoples and
nations. It applies to businesses, industries and economies. It applies at times
of peace and war. It applies to all kinds of encouters, friction, confrontation,
acts of war, acts of terrorism, ... etc. So use this concept for your own
internal brainstorming and in your attempts to understand what's going on.
However, it is often necessary to take yourself out, above and beyond the issue
you are analyzing to be able to see and appreciate all viewpoints of all
parties. Don't support someone who lost an eye till you see his opponent who may
have lost both eyes !! Be reasonable, rational, and think common-sense. Don't
be emotional and don't take things personal. Also be careful to paint people,
actions, and things as black and white, because there is complete specturm of
colors and shades of gray between the black and white.

Best wishes