Tuesday, April 24, 2007

you e mailed me

Sender: Ming
Fri Aug 12, 2005 11:50 pm

I am some one by chance on another site that is doing a study of displaced
peoples( as I like to refer to them as). I am right now dealing wiht the most
poor of I will say caught up people that would never even have acess to a
computer. Imagine that? How do you feel about people like that so poor and
displaced they most likely will never get acess to a news paper let alone a
computer. If for some reson you feel better then theses people like this no
matter what race they are because they come in all races and colors then I say
to you THIS IS WHY YOU ARE IN THE PROBLEM YOU ARE IN. You see goverments are
made up of people just like you and me(maybe).They have to make decisions about
things that are over the head of most people. In the unseen way that I suggested
a possible reaction to a stament unseen BY ME, IS THE SAME WAY YOU GET THE
ups in a country and the population to make a refugge. You... Well let me put
it this way if this is not you then contact me agian in the same manner that I
found out about you. Rember you contacted me(refugges also forget time chain of
events and lie to) first and I would not even be writing you if you had not did
that rember that. If you are true i would lkke to hERE FROM YOU.

sam@... wrote:
Dear Ming,

I read your message and I'm replying, but I didn't understand your point of view, I hope you'll explain what you meant.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


Re: you e mailed me

I think I was very clear. AGIAN: How do you feel about diplaced peoples who will never get a chance to use a computer? Answer You didn't!

Also understanding my point of view is not really what the issue is as to state agian"THIS IS WHY YOU ARE IN THE PROBLEM YOU ARE IN". I said that.

I would also like to add in order to make peace when a goverment turns on their people you have to listen. For you this may be alright but for the young children that have to suffer the fate of wars and unrest, that they could not have had any thing to do with as to be labled the REAL INNOCENT. You cannot always have to understand where some on is coming from or as you said" My point of view". My point of view is of some one who could care and knows some thing that you are missing.
On another note the feeling of you attempting to bring me to a level of your understanding at the same time to let go of what I may think or have to say to do this. I am not your goverment leader I have done nothing to you but asked a queation about information that youn chose willingly to make public. You then have a certian obligation to respond to my my question or just dont , make up stories in your head that things were stated that were not. Wrtie me back a nasty or mean email never still not answering my question saying that I am the bad person like your govermental leaders. This is a pattern that people like this each show. This I what I study to maybe one day make a change for the sake of the children THE REAL INNOCENT!

You may try to answer the first question that I repeated in this email of you can just do what you do. This is your choice this is true you have a choice.

Think about it.

Sister Ling (not a nun)