Friday, April 06, 2007

your refugee pleadings

Sender: Kristen tenistias@...
Date: Thu Aug 4, 2005 2:13 am

OK. So not all refugees are dirt poor. Granted, most are not dirt poor. And,
as you have acess to certain items, you are not dirt poor. But some are. So
why do you complain that you didn't get any money? What would help more, giving
$0.97 to each refugee, or giving $100 to those who need it most? And as for the
"Human Buttons"... come on. It's advertising. It's reaching into people's
hearts and ripping at their arteries. Without the human element to guilt them
into it, most people wouldn't donate. Without the human element to show off and
explain it, most citizens would deride the use of governmental monies to fund
relief efforts. Without the human element, refugees are someone else's problem
- some faceless, nameless group somehwere out there. Yes, they could go out and
get a more recent picture. But then people like you would no doubt be after
them to pay royalties on that picture, and accuse them of exploiting refugees
whether they paid the people or not. They may as well use a photo they have on