Sunday, February 13, 2005

Proof Reading of Refugees Farm

From: mydmermaid@...
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 19:56:13 +0100

This is Mayada from Egypt. I'll be happy to help u in proof reading ur book.
However, i do not promise a very fast help because i work and study for my M.A.
in English and Comparative Literature. I'll check the book and start working on it
as soon as possible. But I have just a small question; u said u r Iraqi, however ur name
is Sam which is not an Arabic name... so?

Hope to hear from u soon and good luck in ur project!


From: SAM
Marrhaba Mayada,
My real name in Arabic is: عصام the voice for my name as my mom pronounced is Osam.
I used Osam on my book the truth warrior Osam Altaee. The small children mostly calling me
samsam and some of my friends doing that also. One time I worked for Belgians here in Lebanon
and it was hard for the to pronounce Osam so the called me sam. I'm using SAM as my nickname.
I hope I had answered your question. You're welcome if you have more questions.

I'll be happy if you look in this page: there're links to
download the work for the ebook 'refugees farm'.
There are zip files contain the work, you can download what you like to read and to work on if
you like.
I'll be happy to hear your opinions and comments soon.

Thanks for your help.


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