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Date:Mon, 04 Oct 2004 12:33:59 -0500

you have sent a message asking to be added to the waata_chis
discussion list concerning the Yahgan language. I always check out people
before adding them. All references to you on the WWW concern your books-
you don't seem to have any interest in native american languages. I have
to conclude that I am the target of a mass mailing. I'm not happy with
this, since actually I'm somewhat sympathetic to many of your ideas which
I read.

Hey, lots of people try to make a few bucks off their pet projects. The
problem is that this is exactly what the UN is doing too, as well as many
supposedly charitable organizations. One sets up a problem and asks for
monies to be sent. And nobody is the wiser if some or all of the money
never makes it to the supposedly intended.

I myself have discovered a church-based fraud of major proportions dealing
with Somalia refugees. An old ex-girlfriend from this church married a
Somali immigrant, who has been funnelling aid money, all in the name of
helping minority Christians in Somalia. Since the shit hit the fan there
more recently these people have disconnected all their phone lines and
won't answer e-mails, and their organization people here in the US didn't
want to answer any questions I had. First I thought- gee maybe they were
there and have been killed (whether or not they were legitimate). Then I
saw the guy on TV news here a couple of weeks ago pretending to be a black
Muslim farmer whose family he said were slaughtered by the Janjaweed.
Funny that this supposed farmer had such good English, with New Jersey
accent patterns to boot. That was the last straw for me.

I don't know whether these folks are independent criminals or are working
for governments or the UN. All I know is that even if there is genocide
going on there there is also all this criminal activity- and good TV
public relations to get people to open their wallets. Even if the US
government is not directly responsible, it is clear they must be aware of
all this. What a bunch of horse manure. Probably the Somali government is
just as bad- a nice land grab by the militias whether they directly
support it or not.

I'm sorry you are as upset about all this as you are- the one thing people
never seem to conclude from all their observations is the real truth. Shit
floats. Good people never rise to the top, only the selfish, the criminal,
or the crazed, if they have charisma and either good personal skills or an
organization. Power, money, freedom from laws applying to their own
behavior are their goals, and they want the people on the bottom to pay
for it, and like it. Many if not most of these folks get a real kick out
of taking candy from babies- head games, organized psychodramas around the
innocent, blackmail syndicates (very highly organized and big numbers of
people involved, not the isolated individual blackmailer TV and books
would have you believe). A recent report by a California think tank
estimates that the Russian Mafia alone controls assets worth AT LEAST half
a quadrillion dollars. They looted the former USSR and used the money to
buy into the "free world". Now they are everywhere in the US- insinuated
into corporations, organizations, government, educational institutions.
Not a really new thing, but with the power of a former state behind them,
giving them unprecidented access everywhere.

Putin in control in Russia, Austrians and Germans in or potentially in
important political positions here in the US. And so on. They are eating
up the former smaller criminal groups- the US Italian mob, for instance,
are going to jail or marrying into the Russian families. Hollywood is now
filled with money from these people being laundered by stupid low quality
movies that never see a theater, an old trick since big budget (or
supposedly big budget) projects are perfect. So are big government science
projects (or in Universities), and so on.

This is true everywhere- it doesn't matter what the country is, the
religion, the gender, the race. People are alike in this regard. Only the
details vary. Even if we got rid of all these folks (hard to do since they
control the money and the communication lines) their ranks would just be
refilled by the next generation. Only by changing human nature itself
(pie-in-the-sky genetic engineering, since its obvious from experiments
like Socialism and Communism that talking solutions based on upbringing
won't do squat re power structures and psychology) will this change. Maybe
one day.

In the meantime don't be a party to this crap. If you really feel strongly
take a bold stand without giving in to the easy path these people took.
And stop trying to get on inappropriate mailing lists without first
looking to see what the heck they are about- I'm trying to save a dying
language, without a penny in outside help.

Jess Tauber


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