Sunday, February 13, 2005

interesting but,,,,

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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 02:10:53 -0700 (PDT)

I read some of the pages..the format/spelling ect was fine for the most part....more of a journal diarie than a book although it could be made into a movie script, if it were not part of an overall problem virtually everywhere to some degree. Most people are grinding through their everyday routines, and only take the time to be entertained in a way that allows a mental "escape" from the tragedies withinn our being group.You obviously are committed to sincerity and fairness, and every bit helps. I have a humanitarian site and was actually surprised at how many have similar issues and concerns. I have taken a pure logic approach, as a way to be "all inclusive" . All religion, philosophy, cult, and movements have always been about the connection of our being group. Ironically we could not be separate if we lived to be 500 years and tried. All being groups have a thread to each other and a thread to "bliss" the vastness of vast and the smallness of small to the
center of self can nly be perceived as "blissful euphoric wonderment" and is the exact same for every realization of existence experience. There are 2 possible inevitable eventualities ...extinction or connection, the question is how much misery until one designation becomes irreversable...Everyone feels alienated and wants to belong...the rest is action<>reaction of power, vanity, greed and non-inclusiveness creates the "pain behind the eyes". as it increases in one of us so it does for us all...and as ones eyes are made to "twinkle" , we all perceive relief. Eventually brain wave mapping will prove guilt or innocence, as the technology is already in the works. This should help some but we have a long way to go still to evolve into a cummulative synoptic paragon. As humans we produce more than enough food and shelter, actually 1/2 the food ends up in waste...its too bad the power worm ones in our group are too weak to be sincere, fair and compassionate.
I hope this was inspiring and encouraging,
sincerely andy marez


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