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From: olatundearoloye@...
Date: Tue Jun 21, 2005 4:51 pm

Your Message and links were posted to my Group, presumably by you.
It would be "off-topic," but people need to know that there is a World out there
that requires them to look beyond their narrow-minded and selfish concerns.

This is why the refugees are in the mess they are in today.
Those who are ignorant of Higher Reality Truths will say, "Oh, those poor
refugees! Pity them! It's not their fault!" Oh yes it is.
Every wasted moment contributed to the tragedy. Each person who died or became a
vagabond because of whatever crisis of War, Famine, Plague, Natural Disaster, or

People like myself try to rally appropriate effort BEFORE disaster hits, only to
find ourselves laughed down and shouted down. Our efforts mocked and vilified.
Later on,people ask the stupid question,"WHY DID GOD LET THIS HAPPEN TO US?" Or
have you not read the messages in my Group, OBJECTIVECHRISTIANITY?

It is not right that aid intended for refugees should be stolen, and to make
matters that much worse, the very same people whose images are used to obtain
the aid get a small fraction and even nothing. It happens all the time. The
refugees should know that, and come up with far better ideas than begging and
relying on others to just go out of their way to do the Right Thing. How many
of the refugees were themselves engaged in feeding, watering, clothing, treating
and housing refugees before they needed the same?

This is what my religion is about.

All Natural [Materialistic] Human beings are in a SPIRITUAL condition directly
analogous to the condition of refugees. You can probably no more heal yourself
supernaturally thanasick refugee can healthemselves medically for a similar
reason - you have not earned the spiritual "money" to afford the necessary
treatment. You are in the same spiritual analogue of that situation the material
refugee finds themselves in for the very same reason: when you should have been
preparing for the time you would need these didn't.

You need to remedy that situation, and you will be in contact with people who
need the sort of spiritual help only I am currently labouring to supply. Those
dwelling in nice safe stable societies will never be able to muster up the will
to make the Hard Choices and Quality Decisions to manifest the SPIRITUAL POWER
needed to end these sorts of crises, not only in their own lives, but fo rall
Mankind for ever [Luke 8:14].
The conventional Christian ministries are part of the corrupt system that has
caused these crises and will never tell the refugees The Truth that will make
them free. they too are the servants of Oppression.
I have no restriction on my mouth: no one can fire me or shut down my church if
I don't toe a Party Line.
I have nothing to gain or retain, while the refugee has nothing more to lose,
and can as well spend his or her time in doing a few simple but powerful
spiritual exercises that will enable them to take control of their lives and
spend them as they see fit.

I am quite serious in what I say.
It is my understanding that you are in communication with people in peril of
their lives, who have lost family already, all their property, societal
position, justice, even their health.
I say that I have a real solution to all these problems- one that works HERE IN
This is not about "Trust in Jesus because he will make it all better in Heaven
one day!"
You have seen with your own eyes how "Jesus" treats those who trust in him.
"The meek shall inherit the Earth- this is usually a very small piece of it-
about six feet deep."

I do not have time for "My Kingdom is not of this World," and I do not think
that you do, either.
If you are prepared to mean business, you know where to reach me.

-Olatunde Aroloye

From: sam@...
To: olatundearoloye@...

Dear Olatunde Aroloye,

You spend much time to write me your message and tell me your opinions, I agree with many points in your message. I just like to comment on some of them.

I don’t think that the refugees are responsible for their situations, my as humans some time they have little options but mostly our choices are limited. Like for any human, some refugees have better chances than others. I felt that you mixed between poor people and the refugees and also between the victims of natural disasters. According to the UN51 convention the refugee means some one has real fear from prosecution, not from disasters. At any way this definition has been widen to include different situations. There is big misunderstood for the meaning of refugee. People think that the refugee means some one poor but I can tell you that not all refugees are poor; mostly they’re like others in the communities where they’re living.

“How many of the refugees were themselves engaged in feeding, watering, clothing, treating and housing refugees before they needed the same?”

Here in Lebanon all the refugees depend on themselves to get their life needs, the help from the UNHCR is very little and limited.

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.