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Your Rainbowroom post

From: goldenstar575@
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 00:42:33 -0500

Hello Mr. Altaee:

As have so many others before you, you have suffered much; and not for any wrong done by you! But do not look for peace or justice, because they are not to be found. As the days pass, you will look back and see these times as the good days. Evil shall grow on earth until it has run its full course, there is nothing, no one who can stop or change that.

There is much that could be said, but being from Iraq, you are most likely a muslim, and would not believe me. Most even here in the USA do not know or understand the truth, though they are free to do so (for now) but it is changing, and what people call freedom is passing away quickly. What you see now in Iraq is only changing one evil for another. Do not expect good or freedom to come from this change of power.

We have fallen even from what we were when I was young, many still look at the USA and think we have freedom here. But they do not see those freedoms crumble each day, they do not understand how fast this whole world is falling. What are we to do? Start yet another war? Against whom this time? And how many more of our young men and women must die for nothing in yet another war? The USA is already so deep in debt that it would take lifetimes of very high taxes to try and pay that debt. Yet many nations think we should come running to their aid, we should pay to build their nation up. They had better understand that the days of crying to the USA for help are over, it is the USA who will be crying for help before long!

The end of this world as we know it will soon come to pass, you may not believe that now, but no one will doubt it before long. I will not preach to you, if you want to know my beliefs, you can ask. You do not have to be very old to see that what I have written is true, or know much about the USA to see that is true too. I do not look down on your efforts, they appear to come from a good heart. But no one is going to make this world a better place except God himself! A person's eternal future is far more important, we live on this earth for a moment and pass away like a puff of smoke, but there is no end to eternity. If we must suffer for a time, it will be over soon, but if we must suffer after this, it will never be over!

At one time I talked of peace, freedom, liberty and so on, but they are not to be. Hate, anger and war grow with each passing day. The times we thought were so bad when I was young, are now called the good days, and longed for. I guess I should end this letter, before it becomes an e-book. If you would like to talk more, you are welcome to write.

Glory Christensen

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Subject: Your Rainbowroom post

Dear Glory Christensen,

I can agree with many points in your message, but I can’t understand your pessimism! With all the hardships in my life and living with nearly nothing, I never lost my hope and I still believe that one day we’ll have justice, peace and freedom. I don’t like politics and I don’t like it much. Maybe what you spoke about USA is true; when nations became very strong it’ll destroy itself. The history told us this, but I like the USA to stay strong and help in improving the life on earth, we need leaders and you, as Americans must play that rule now. I hope you’ll lead us to the safety.

We can’t give up on peace, freedom and justice because what else we’ll have. I hope you’ll be optimistic and work again for the best in the life. I like to know more about you and have cooperation with you.

I like to publish your message on my blog http://unhcr.blogspot.com with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.






From: goldenstar575@
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 15:24:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Your Rainbowroom post

Mr. Altaee:

You may use our letters in any way that will help you out. It is good that

you try to work toward peace and freedom, for yourself and others. You are

in an area that can sure use both, though I don't think you will see


Peace and freedom in Iraq, Iran and the area around them has been very

rare for thousands of years. It is a part of the world that too many want

and no one has been able to hold on too. It is the home of two of the most

famous empires in the world's history, and is where everything will come

to a head at the end of this age.

In the 1930's USA went through a bad depression, those who could see it

coming and prepared for it lived through it without too many problems, the

others suffered much, and some even killed themselves after loosing all of

their wealth. It is important to be able to see bad times ahead, and

prepare for them while there is still time to do so.

The "Great Depression" was a hard time for the USA, but it was nothing

compared to what is in the future for many parts of this world. We

approach the end of an age, now is the time to learn what must come to

pass and prepare for it. The USA will not be playing any part in what is

to come, one or more events will take place which remove us as a world

power. At this time no one knows what those events are, but it is not hard

to see this government crumbling around us. Maybe those who do not live

here cannot see it, but it is best they learn the truth and look to

someone else for help, it will not come from here much longer!

A nation rises out of nothing, does what God has planed for it, and

disappears back into the dust from which it came. That in itself, is

neither good nor bad. The USA has been able to help others during its time

as a world power, though it has hurt many as well. The work God had

planned for us is finished, we have played our part in world history. Now

others will arise, most from Europe; especially the part around the

Mediterranean Sea. Before long, this world will see the once great empire

of Rome rise again, even now you can see the nations that were under its

power coming together.

I look at the past to see what has been, the present to see what is, and

to God's Word to see what must surly come to pass. It is not hard to see

all of the pieces falling into place, this age will end shortly, though I

doubt I will see it I try to spread the word. Now is the time to prepare,

not after it is already too late! No one waits until winter to gather a

store of firewood.

The end of this age is a time like this world has never seen before or

will see again. It will not be a good time, many will cry out for peace

and freedom, but it will not be found. Even so, it is not wrong to work

for them. We should do whatever good we can for those around us, it may be

a few of them will remember in our time of need; if not, God remembers.

When I was young, even though there were wars and hard times for one

nation or another, it was a far better time. From talking with old folks,

they had the same thing to say. This nation, and the world as well,

continues to get worse with each passing year, not better. Now, even the

weather no longer follows the cycles it should. Long droughts occure in

years that should be wet, while other areas are flooded that should be


It would be easy to continue on for a long time with all that is taking

place around the world, but this is enough to show all is not well, and

will get much worse before we have any hope of better times.

This is not really a matter of whether there are good or bad times ahead

of us, but what will each of us do with the few days we have been given.

They can be used for good or evil, each of us must choose. Our life is

only a moment in time, here for a day then blown away by the winds of

time. God gives gifts and talents to each of us, how will we choose to use

them? These are the questions each person must answer after this life is

over. I know I spent too many years trying to hide in the background, and

let people do whatever they wanted. But to do so, is in a way to join them

in their deeds.

I do not spend much time in public, as little as I can most of the time.

The inter-net has become a way to speak up for what is right to anyone who

will listen. It is also a way that someone like myself can even speak to

the world, something impossible until a few years ago. Without the

inter-net and PC's, you and I would never have met, or the other friends I

have made around the world. Many looked at the inter-net as something

evil, but it will be what we choose to make of it. We can choose to use it

to spread God's Word, to try and bring a little peace to this world in the

same way others try to use it for evil purposes.

Thank-you for answering my letter, it will be good to hear from you again.

Glory Christensen.