Wednesday, May 24, 2006

your posting on yahoo groups

From: chris@...
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:11:23 +0100
Subject: your posting on yahoo groups

Forgive my posting, but what are you doing cross posting into yahoo groups that are NOT topic related to your thoughts?

What exactly is your problem? It feels to me that you are of the impression that firstly, the UNHCR owes you money and etc, and secondly, what is with your obsession re 'human buttons' (the photo links that the Official UNHCR website uses)?

As well as being factually incorrect about the Muslim woman having to wear a veil (show me where it is written in your scripture that a woman has to cover her face - it does not say that! That's a misnomer propogated by the loony fringe of islam, the same ones that won't let women vote, drive cars and make them walk behind the man) your comments regarding the photographs used are insulting and do nothing to support your campaign.

The pictures used are representative of the people who the UNHCR are representing, they do not have to represent the actual people in a particular crisis.

I would also think that the use of as a domain name is rather suspect too - you are not an official representative of the UN, the UNHCR nor any other UN affiliated organisation, and the use of their name could be viewed in rather suspicious terms.

I read your webpages with interest, but there are no factual statements, no evidential proof, just someone who has a thing about the pictures and how money might be distributed!

The e-books, whilst being of some limited interested from a human perspective, do not really add any support or creedence to your supposed campaign!

Stop posting into groups that are of no interest to you or your campaign

From: sam@...
To: chris@...
Subject: your posting on yahoo groups

Dear chris,

UNHCR an organization created by the community to coordinate the efforts the community is providing to help and support the refugees in the world. No body authorized the UNHCR to use pictures of the refugees to collect money! Also UNHCR is responsible to show the real problems of the refugee to the public (not only our poverty). I know that there are many kind of help but unfortunately we got nothing and in more UNHCR has many wrong policies and procedures. I started my mission before years to improve the performance of the UNHCR, as I’m refugee have good experience with the UNHCR and as human rights activities. The human-buttons is just bad policy and it must stop, what UNHCR get from these human-buttons is worthless if you compare it with the contribution of the governments.

About the women in Islam, I didn’t spoke it must wear vial but I spoke that in Islam and in our community we have tradition to protect women from show themselves publicly, what the UNHCR doing now is exposing women without them permission to collect money and that abuse for their human rights as human being. In my opinion that caused harm to our cases as refugees. There is another point, the info about the refugees must stay confidential and the UNHCR doesn’t have to share any info about a refugee with 3d party without permission of the refugee. This is legal point and those refugees or who represent them have the right to take legal action against the UNHCR but I think that those people not registered refugees with the UNHCR so it’s misleading act and must stop.

I wanted people to think and ask about the subject and that’ll bring more understanding. I didn’t speak that all the women must wear veils, but I’m against abuse there right as human beings. The woman was wear a tradition vial according to the custom in here area, but using her as human-buttons is abuse for her rights. No one have the rights to use pictures of people like this! Do you know that only the UNHCR doing that on the Internet?!

I like to publish your message on my blog with your permission.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.