Saturday, March 04, 2006


From: flarpgirl@...
Date: Thu Jun 9, 2005 8:22 pm
Subject: hi

this poems called friendship
by:samantha j c

friendship so pure and real,friendship so near but far, friendship in the depths of the nights, friendship the bond of love, friendship the thing you feel in your heart, friendship something that is in your soul, friendship so dear and near, friendship holds you tightly, friendship makes you sad, friendship maks you cry, friendship makes you happy, friendship is based on how you feel, friendship builds a stronger hope, friendship you should never leave, this poem is for all that have a friend they love and no most i have my friend hes a great friend thats sam

this next poem is lifes journey
by;samantha j c

lifes journey so tough and hard but so dear to your heart,lifes journey something you go and feel in the heart n soul, lifes journey the path to heaven to hell to happiness, lifes journey something you go and seek everyday, lifes journey something you do for peace, lifes journey something thats there in ur mind, lifes journy a warm feeling in you, lifes journey is good or hard but real, lifes journey is like music from the heavens, this poem is based on life in myway i feel about life thats why i wrote it

ok if you wanna know more poetry then just ask you shall have more poetry thanks sincerely, samantha j c