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From: beowulf_1970ish@...
Date: Sat Jun 4, 2005 11:12 am
Subject: share_your_christian_writings_essays_poetry@yahoo groups

Sendr: James
Subject: share_your_christian_writings_essays_poetry@yahoo groups

Mr. Osam Altaee

Greetings and Peace unto you my Friend.

I am the Moderator for the Christian Site to which you posted your urgent Cause.

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is James.

I am a 34 year old Christian, though I did not become one until I was 26 years
of age.

I am unsure if you are Muslim or Christian or Coptic, but it is no matter.

I have read the Holy Quran twice, and I am quite educated on the Arabian
Pennisula and her fascinating and storied history.

No true Christian believes in the harm, suppression, or killing of our Muslim
Neighbors for any reason, just as no true Muslim believes in the harm,
suppression, or killing of their Christian Neighbors for any reason.

I believe what you have to say about the U.N., for it is a failure as an

Many people around the World believe America is a Land rich with Milk and Honey,
but it is the hardest Land in the World to be a Man of God. Greatly are Men of
God persecuted, even with poverty, here in America.

This is why we must place all of our Faith and Hope in God Alone.

To me, Jesus is my Savior, Who died for my sins to be taken away from me and
cast as far as the East is from the West. I have learned, by God's help alone,
how to walk in His ways. I see hate and greed and apathy and vengance and
bigotry and self-righteousness every where I walk; my only Peace in this is that
Christ promised to be with me in His Holy Spirit even unto the end of all

I would like to ask you to search your heart with the help of God and write an
Essay or Poem on your real feelings and testimony in the midst of your trials
and submit that for publication on the Yahoo Group site. Give the Glory to God,
put down your sword, pick up your pen, and ask God to give you such Words that
would give Him Glory. If you do this, I will post what you write.

Based on the format and ground criteria I set forth for posts to the Group Site,
your current posting does not measure. You are not the first I have had to
decline, but my Heart is with you and the plight of any Refugee. Post
TESTIMONY, write from your Heart, Glorify our Lord! That I will Post!


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To: beowulf_1970ish@...
Subject: Re: share_your_christian_writings_essays_poetry@yahoo groups

Dear James,

Thank you very much for your long reply and for your time. I agree with all of your opinions in your message but I believe that we need to do more than just pray and just hope to help our brothers the humans in this life, we need some work, we need to do some thing, even if it small or unnoticed able. I'm doing my portion, so could I ask you what can you do to help and to bring peace and respect for our humanity?

I'm just asking people to send messages to the UN asking them to remove these human-buttons; I like to hear your opinions about that.

Peace upon you.


From: beowulf_1970ish@...
Date: Sat Jun 11, 2005 8:35 am
Subject: Re: share_your_christian_writings_essays_poetry@yahoo groups

Mr. Osam Altaee,

Yes, you may post my reply to you.

It is blessed to find another Man for Peace in God with all Neighbors.

I am sure I am not telling you anything that you do not already know about the World. But I imagine you, as I, know that we will never find our Hope in Governments. Governments are pathways to power and control for evil, avarice men who think only of obtaining privileged status and great wealth at the terrible expense of the Innocent (Godly and Godless Alike) in their path for more.

May I presume that you are Muslim? If so, know that I am from the People of the Book, truly. You are my Neighbor, my Friend, and a Man who has a Faith in God.

I long and weep for a day when many of my fellow Christians, as they call themselves, will truly live by the teachings of Christ Jesus. You see, just as with Muslims, there are those whose Faith is a lie upon their lips; for quickly they say one thing and yet do not live out their Faith when the time of choice between right and wrong is upon them. Jesus spoke of those like this; He referred to them like lukewarm water (Neither cold and refreshing nor Hot and invigorating). Jesus said those like lukewarm water will be spit from God's Mouth as worthless.

Many men pick up the banner of Christ thinking they do His Work, but their Hearts are not right towards God and really they do their own work in God's Name. Jesus warns them at Judgment, that because of their wickedness, He will state that He knows them not and away with them into the eternal fire and torment that awaits the Devil and his demons.

We as Christians and Muslims should work to bring Peace, Friendship, and Tolerance between ourselves, between our Faiths in Almighty God. I pray that one day, we as Men of God can gather in Peace with the bread and salt between us, as our Women fellowship, and our Children play without fear, mistrust, jealousy, hatred, nor wickedness in our midst.

I believe Jesus came and was persecuted and killed in Sacrifice for the sins of men, and to bring the Peace of God into the World.

I long with all my heart for there to be peace between Men of God, and that in Faith, we can pray for God to remove the evil men who persecute, oppress, and harm us from their positions of power. I pray that God will have mercy on them too, and teach them to submit to God, to turn from sin and seek the Lord.

It is so wonderful to find a Brother in Peace. I will pray for the Refugees to whom you give a voice.

In Christ's Great- Great Love,

James McCoy, Jr.

"I never will understand all the good a simple smile can accomplish."
Mother Teresa