Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I disagree with you entirely

From: tom@...

Dear Osam Altaff

I have had a look at the UNHCR website and find nothing wrong with it.
They are trying to help. Why are you attacking them when all they are
doing is trying to help? Of course money isn't the only problem faced by
refugees but there are many for whom money will help. Why don't you help
refugees yourself instead of expending all your time and energy on
attacking people who are doing their best to help others? If I was a
refugee needing help I wouldn't mind at all to have my photo used - I know
those people are trying to help and I would be glad to think my photo was
being used to help other refugees all around the world. What on earth are
you on about, I really don't understand your approach and I disagree with
it entirely. You need to go out more.

Tom Watson

From: SAM
Re: I disagree with you entirely

"They are trying to help"

Yes, true they are trying, until when they'll stay trying!!! I hope they'll do some thing not only trying.

"Why are you attacking"
I don't attacking them. I'm using my rights as human being to express my opinions. And since I'm refugee for more than 10 years so I have good experience about out problem as refugees, and that what I'm doing now, telling our problems. Using pictures to collect money is big problem and humiliating action in more it's illegal. According to the principles of the democracy, every human being have the right to express freely his opinions and work to correct what he thinks is wrong since all that done with peaceful ways.

"Why don't you help refugees yourself"
I'm helping the refugees now with my campaigns. I pushed the UNHCR to made many changes in Lebanon and also I helped the refugees who was ignored by the Government of America for more than 3 years, the details in my ebooks and my campaigns.

"If I was a refugee needing help I wouldn't mind at all to have my photo used"

do you think they'll ask you if you're refugee? Or do you think the refugees have any rights? My friend if you're a refugee so you'll be lucky if they'll deal with you like they're doing with their pets!

The problem is bigger than these human-buttons, I'll explain more in my next campaigns. I like to publish your message in my blog and I'll hide your email if you like.


From: tom@
Subject: Re: I disagree with you entirely
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 17:41:55 +1100

Hi Sam

Thanks for your reply - I would be happy for my email to go on the blog
without my email address.

It is good to know that you welcome opinions different from your own - that
we can discuss these things and agree to disagree.

I still think you are attacking them, in the sense of criticising them for
what they are doing. I really don't know about the legality of having one's
picture used by an organisation. Morally speaking, I would object to having
my picture used by someone to make money for themselves, i.e. if my picture
helped make a profit for another INDIVIDUAL or PRIVATE COMPANY. If it is a
non-profit thing, I don't think I would object. It doesn't really do me any
harm because no-one knows who I am, and even if they did recognise me it
would not affect my life - there is nothing inherently sacred about my
image. We are only on earth for a tiny little fraction of a second - the
blinking of an eyelid - and life is too short to get worried about whether
one's picture is being used by an international aid agency. I would be
inclined however to worry if it was being used by someone else to make money
for themselves - I would want some of the moeny for myself!.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Tom Watson has had experiences as a refugee, he has credibility in the statement, "If I were a refugee, I wouldn't mind having my picture used." However, if he has not any experiences as a refugee, then how could he have ANY idea whasoever as to how a refugee feels on this matter? His assertion seems presumptuous.

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, "Trying is failing". Another saying goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". I agree with both. Tom, you sound like the typical citizen, educated but ignorant regarding those that are different from you--different culture, religion, circumstance, etc. There is obviously a problem with these human buttons if Osam has gone through all these efforts to spread this knowledge. We have to remember there is a cultural difference between Americans and Moslems. For Moslems there is a VERY BIG issue with publishing pictures without permission, especially those of women; not to mention they are being published in an untruthful manner. It may not make sense to you, but you are not Moslem, nor are you a refugee. You know not the customs and values of these people, nor do you know the obstacles they face daily. The bigger message, outside of the human buttons, is that there is obviously something wrong when an organization that is supposed to be helping a certain population of people, is NOT helping them. Osam has been registered with this organization for a long time with no help. He is not alone. This is a major problem.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam, The Truth warrior.

The truth is; I find your e-mail in my inbox, I did not request it, that's called SPAM, you seem to be very good at it by the looks of things. How is that any different from having one's picture used without one's permission?


6:22 PM  

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