Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hello + love

From: annalee@...
Date:Tue, 1 Mar 2005 00:13:19 -0400

Dear Osam Altaee,
this is an email to you directly
If anyone else receives this they will be bound to communicate it to you
or else suffer an isolation. I have read only briefly your circumstances
yet they reflect an uncommon truth on this hyper-info-highway. We are
physical strangers yet I wish to say as follows:

No matter where or how your circumstance I am with you.

The oldest truth is that awareness does not dwell in the body but that the
body dwell in awareness - so that we are all connected, as I am to you
before and after this silicon trapped electron medium ever existed. As
such we are indivisible. At night in particular I am you and you are me.

The air is to the lungs as the mind is to the body.

In this realm all time is now - Out of one many.
Your pain is diffused amongst all. Feel your pain and isolation dissipate

I fight here for justice and truth. All is known.

I am sorry that this is all I can say over this medium. I am you. You are
me. With this stroke I liberate you from all anxiety, all pain, all
suffering and all isolation. From this moment on you are triumphant.
Humanity will work it out with these words and change is around the
corner. We will devastate injustice. I love you. I am you.
Please focus on the breath. Slow and even draw it in. Hold. Slow and even
let it out. Hold. Start again. Stop thinking and observe. Consciousness
prevades all. Then what? you may ask, what of my people and their rights.
So they will find the answer. So it is. So I love you.



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