Friday, August 18, 2006

The war end

Dear friends,

I'm writing this message at the first day of the cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon, the first day of peace that I hope it'll be permanent. Yesterday I heard the Israeli foreign mister spoke at press conference this "we discovered that war will not solve some problems" good, at least the Israelis understand some thing and agreed to cease-fire, the Israelis took one month to find that important fact "war will not solve some problems" actually war is good for nothing, I hope the Israelis will keep that in their mind while they bombing the Palestinians now.

People here are very happy to return to their houses but they're not sure about how long the peace will stand not only because the problems with the Israelis but because the fears of civil war if Hezbollah will refuse to give up his arms, and in the south there is another kind of fears from the unexploded bombs, specially the cluster bombs that the Israelis dropped hundreds of these internationally banned bombs, I heard one child killed today when one cluster exploded near his house.

The strange thing in this war, there is no winner in this war. We simply returned to the situation that was before the beginning of this war. A bloody destructive war was for nothing and brought nothing for any one; it just brought misery, sadness and pain for the dead of innocent children, women and old men. I hope we all understand the lesson from this war: war is good for nothing and violence will not solve our problems. More pictures are here:
Thanks for your care and peace upon you.
The truth warrior
Osam Altaee
Beirut 14/August/2006