Sunday, July 23, 2006

10th day

Iraqi refugees running from the war in southern suburb Beirut

Dear friends,

Today is the 10th day of the war. It's became hard to write every day, I hope you'll forgive me for not contact you individually; I'll try to send you messages when it's possible.

The bombing continues in the south and north of Lebanon in Tripoli and in the east in Baalbak. There were many casualties between the civilians. We expect the war will continue for long time. The only good news came from prisons, the government of Lebanon decided to release illegal migrants from prisons and many of them are refugees. The UNHCR announced that it'd help the refugees whom need shelter by moving them to public places like schools; we heard that UNHCR will take the refugees to Tripoli. We found this very strange because Tripoli is far from Beirut and UNHCR doesn't have any existences their, also Tripoli is under bombing and the way to Tripoli (80 KM) is dangerous because of the bombing. The refugees were not happy of that because now any human is able to enter any public school and live there, we don't need the UNHCR for that. Among the many thousands of the refugees in Lebanon only 41 refugees agreed to go to Tripoli. My friend told me that the UNHCR wanted to get rid of the refugees by sending them to Tripoli! Many refugees still sitting in front of the UNHCR office.

New photos are here:

In the past 2 days my friend who is Iraqi refugee like me, borrowed car from his friend and we helped many refugees to move from the south suburb to garden in Beirut and the UNHCR's office. I also visited refugees in car parking under the ground where hundred of refugees sought shelter there. The life stopped in the southern suburb but the life is normal in Beirut and eastern of Beirut.

I'm sending my thanks to all friends whom send me messages and prayers. I hope I'll have the chance to send you messages.

Peace upon you.
The truth warrior
Osam Altaee
Beirut 22/July/2006