Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shame on the UN

Dear friends,

After nearly 2 weeks of the aggressive war on Lebanon, the refugees didn't receive any help from the UNHCR. The UNHCR announced that it working to provide shelter in public schools for those whom don't have shelter because of the war, and this is the only help the UNHCR able to provide now! The refugees found that announcement very strange because the public schools are open now for any human looking for shelter. I'm personally visited many public schools, public gardens and car parking under ground, which used by displaced people, no one prevented any human from seek shelter in any public place. More on that, many villages in save areas declared that it ready to host displaced people. The government of Lebanon, the red cross, many civil organizations and religious parties are working to provide displaced people with shelters, food, water health care and what they need like mattresses and blankets. So actually the UNHCR wants to move the refugees to public schools where other organizations are working to help the displaced people.
The refugees asking what the UNHCR is exist for? The refugees gathered in front the office of UNHCR in Beirut, trying to bring attention for their plight and looking for chance to ask those whom working for UNHCR an important question: what is their future if the war will took long time? Do the refugees need to live in public school for the rest of their life? Even if the war finish will stop tomorrow, many refugees have no place to go back. The war left many areas with complete damage and wide-scale damage in the fundamental structures.

New photos are here:

Since the refugees have access to public shelters in Lebanon and since many parties are working now to provide displaced people with their essential needs a big question emerges on every refugee's face in front of the UNHCR: What is my future? The refugees are waiting for the answer. Those whom working for the UNHCR keep themselves behind ironic doors and special Lebanese security forces are protecting them beside 2 private security agencies. What a pity for the refugees, instead support they found police to keep the refugees away from the office of the UNHCR! Why in your opinion the UNHCR needs protection from the refugees?! And who is protecting the refugees?
We're the refugees in Lebanon trying to bring your attention for our situation and the way used by the UNHCR to deal with us during this vital time because of the war. we don't have any chance to ask those whom working for the UNHCR any question now. Please help us by sending message to the UN and the UNHCR with proper way or via these emails:,,,,,
Peace upon you.
The truth warrior
Osam Altaee
Beirut 25/July/2006