Tuesday, July 18, 2006

6th day

Dear friends,
Today is the 6th day of the war on Lebanon.

Yesterday I didn't write any thing because of the electricity and because I lost the connection to the Internet, the cut hours became more and I hope we'll have electricity for some hours every day so I can work on my PC and the food in the fridge stay good for eat and also to have water, mostly we use artesian wells drill between houses. I think this is good in current situation because Israelis airplanes attacked water facilities and that caused to stop pumping water in main system, so all we need is electricity to have tap water but unfortunately it not good for drink and I think this will become big problem to have drinkable water if the war stays for long time.

New photos are here: http://www.unhcr.biz/war/6th_day.htm

The night of the 5th day and the day also witnessed the most violent night in the war, the Israelis used special bombs to drop down the building and also they used special missiles that dig in earth to find tunnels or shelters under the ground because the Israelis think the Hiszb Allah leaders are living under the ground. But today and last night was quite except some intermittent bombing every 2 or 3 hours, which enabled some people to find what they need of essential materials like food or fuel.

I'm living now in the camp of Palestinian that located in southern suburb of Beirut, exactly in Burj Albrajineh district, nearly 500 meters from Hhart Hraik where the Israelis are bombing the Hizb Allah's headquarters. The camp is the only inhabitant place in the southern suburb of Beirut and maybe you'll think that why the people of the camp stayed when every one in the surrounded areas left their homes, the answer is simple, because the majority of the camp inhabitant are Palestinian refugees and there're some Iraqi refugees are living there like me and my friends and we don't have another place we can go to if we think to leave the camp. The Lebanese whom living in the areas around the camp have relatives and they left to live with them or they left to live in schools or temporary shelters provided for them by the governments, but we the refugees and specially the Iraqis which compose nearly %90 of the refugees in Lebanon, there are nearly 15000 Iraqi refugees in Lebanon. There are nearly 300,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The ANRWA is looking for the Palestinian refugees and till today I didn't hear about any emergency plans to help the Palestinian refugees and the same from the UNHCR that looking for the non Palestinian refugees, at any way nothing new, we used to live by ourselves and without any help from the UNHCR, but one thing is painful, why those whom working for the UNHCR got very high salaries when at war time and when we need them, we don't find them. Today I called the office of UNHCR but no one answered me! They're still in their homes!!! Notice the office is located in Beirut in safe area where many embassies are there so there isn't any kind of danger, but it still closed because the workers of UNHCR don't dare to leave their homes!

Toddy and for 2d time I heard in local news that one Iraqi killed because of the bombing in south of Lebanon.

Our big problem is the fears from bombing the camp; the Israelis didn't bomb any camp in Lebanon till now. Our other problems are the shortage in food, water for wash and drink, electricity and finally the garbage. There was company called Sukleen working in Beirut for collect the garbage from houses and move to dumps outside Beirut, now this company stopped since the first day of the war because all the workers are Syrians and they left to Syrian because of the war. People in the camp still throw garbage in the place where they used before the war and now it accumulated and started smell, I think if the war will continue for long time, the garbage will be source for diseases.

The funny thing in this tragedy and suffering is my blind cat, since the first morning of the bombing she became anxious and some time nervous. She started to spend hours under the cooker, she didn't go the re before the war, maybe she thinks it's safer there under the cooker because it has the lower roof in the room and it iron so it'll protect her from the Israelis bombs. LOL, poor cat, she is blind and got mange and now she is afraid from the bombs.
I hope I can publish this message tomorrow. I don't have connection now and also all the net shops in the camp, the shops in the southern suburb are closed is I'll try to go to the eastern Beirut and look for net shop to publish this message.
Peace upon you.
The truth warrior
Osam Altaee
Beirut 17/July/2006