Sunday, January 29, 2006

Be Informed

From: Barneyb@...
Date: Thu May 5, 2005 12:34 pm

Hi Osam

The truth lies in what you see, before I continue I want to just say I got your mail from a group Moutainview however I do not represent this group and are on my own but interact with many.

This group of people is beyond any norm and thinking on this earth and be Ready we are in the Celestial summer at the moment and the world is leading to a big disaster and its on our doorstep so for now do not worry too much about things happening it is written in all Biblical (Koran) and ancient scriptures, however things out of normal mans control will start happening and it started already in the 1990’s . I am from South Africa and yes I am a White person not that it matters but seemingly we are all in the same boat, our people are already slaughtered and genocidically removed for some reason but we tend to keep hope because without hope there is not much to live for. I attach a link but the images is very graphic. Not for Children. . So for the latter we all know where the UNHCR Funds goes to and its used to build huge prisons all over the world even in America and the middle East the Master plan of the Illuminate and ORDO SECLORO NOVO this is the name for world Control, a company called Mondex has already made 100 billion Chips the size of a rice grain and every man and woman and child will have to get inserted with this in the right hand or forehead so The properties of this chip is GPS Global positioning system on every living human also a cashless society no paper money also this chip powers itself with body heat and if removed it breaks and poisons you so you will then die. This is already used in USA EU and ASIA now its Africa and the middle east. Also know that the JEW control this ORDER and is everywhere in the world, The methods used now is to create hate through various ORGs right wing and leftwing and This would then make them the Good cop again so this world is all a game of Control. People like us should not hate each other and instead talk because its OK to be proud of who you are and what you belief in is truth and this is what it is, so therefore people all over the world is preparing to live off the land again including me, This means to be self sufficient even in the desert and to survive. My Idol is Lawrence of Arabia and this man showed Arabia again to be proud and stand up for whats right and honourable and did not Invade or Concour nor force integration this is honour and pride is not for fools but man with honour and this is what is hated the most.

For me I am trained in Special forces Militarily and Im an Artist, Painter, Filmmaker, Photographer, I live of the land with no money and was trained by the Bushmen in Botswana and in the Army, But like not many I am given some talents and one of it is Dreams and Prophesising so I see many things and can not talk about all but for some men might think I need to be institutionalised if I say too much but for now fight the New World Order its Evil, and will corrupt even honourable with money (Money is the root of all evil) and the tool to oppress.

Keep Well

Name concealed